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Andrew Lenahan Reliquary 2

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Since everybody seemed to like the original Reliquary [link] I've done a sequel. The third and final installment is also now complete [link]

This time around it's a Balinese stone head. The methodology is the same. Unlike the first Reliquary, I'm fortunate enough to actually own the artifact on which this painting is based.

As with the previous piece, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND viewing the large version, as much of the effect of this painting is in the brush strokes. Trust me on this.

Comments are welcome, as always.
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erally nice painting :) the detail on it is very spectacular, and the texture is terrific as well awesome job :)
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Very different from the styles I have come across. Definitely intriguing!
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Very different from the styles I have come across. Definitely intriguing!
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you are a great painter! I dont paint well...
I thing they are great~!
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That's definitely fun, less light than the first but the way you textured it is much more interesting. It looks like a rock sculpture that was eroded for years... love it.
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I was going through my favorites tonight and realized I never :+fav: this reliquary. The whole series is lovely. The Toltec one for it's liquid feel, so well done. I'm drawn to this one for the masterful texturing you did to recreate your stone head. My thoughts have been with the "ancestors" leading up to the Dia de los Muertos on Sunday. This one speaks so much of memories within our DNA. Timeless and evocative.
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Very nice. I thought it was a photo of an actual clay statue at first. Lovely colors.
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ah.. from bali?...such art!

i can hardly believe this is a painting, so skillfully the texture and depth is created....
the shadowing, the rusty colours.. it's beautiful..

so mysterious, i'm sure the original artist of the sculpture would say you did true justice to thier ork in this rendition!..

sorry i can't say much more, but much more intelligent minds have already weighed in... so, let me just finish with the fact i love this... it really speaks to me in a way i'm not quite sure how to explain..

thank you so much for leading me to it!

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I realy cant offence but I don't like pottery...
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Its more than i thought it would be at first. I must say i like old things but this isn't old its up to date. Its jast something that will be here with us forever made to look old.

Although its in stone its like its solid steel, 20,000 years old from the beging of time it was there from when the first woman was made/evolved the rust shows what harships she's had to go through but she puts on a smile thats almost rusted away now but it will still be there tomorrow when you need it most.

She is a woman the giver of life that brought you into this world and she looks you head on with the eyes of a tiger fearless from the ground up, ready to take on anything to help out her child her fellow man. All the same the hardships she's gone through and survived she keeps to herself because no one else needs to feel the pain the torment the absolute suffering that she has felt. Which is why she gives out the love she does and thats why she is compasionate as you see here now before us.

I stare at this and i see her womanliness and her strengh and the scars of rust all over her face of red and brown and back.

Once again the simplicity of the brush strokes brought this alive with the black background pushing her of the canvas and bringing her that much closer to a life that we know off all to well.

Keep this one the way it is. its wonderful i won't need a border or anything like that the red one would go well with gold but she needs to be left as she is simple and alone with her misery you see?

Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Great work :) (Smile)
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Cool texture of the strokes, but too dark :\ They make very interesting details though, and the shading is pretty deep Thumbs Up Nod
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whoa thats cool
nicely painted.... horns:
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you captured the texture of the terre cotta or clay really nicely...and the shadows are so subtle but still very much there. love it.
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zarathus Artisan Crafter
interesting..i like it.
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thlayliHobbyist Digital Artist
This one has a lovely amount of paint. The texture is almost clay-like. Again the palette remind me of terra cotta.
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It's amazing how this can be a painting, how you can create texture like that with a brush :) (Smile)

Also, the dark surrounding the object really adds to the total effect :) (Smile)
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Gosh! that is great. Looks like a clay statue. Strokes are really imoressive.
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awesome, the detail in that painting is very very good. keep up the good work. The colors used are cool too, it gives it a real dark feel to it, an old feel too.
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Jeah, excellent capture. Love the lighting.

"You and I are very alike, archeology is a religion."

Haha, sorry, I was just watching Indiana Jones. ;) (Wink)
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Quite amazing. Really, the shape and texture is beautiful.
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silentkittyProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, this is really nice. :D (Big Grin) You're right, it's much better in full view; the textures actually make it look like clay. I love the dark earthy colors you used, it works really well.

I wish that text was a little less prominent too, but other than that, really nice work. :D (Big Grin)
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"Can you get genital warts by not commenting on [link] ? Probably not, but why take chances???" That in itself deserves a comment!! :) (Smile) Thats my odd sense of humor for you...

The colours blend so well. This is very nice. I like it alot. I find the white text is kind of distracting though...I know it's a simple font, and it's just information on the piece, but it's so light, compared to the rest of the painting. Might be just me...
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pyrocatboy Photographer
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Big head.

Very cool, very nice painting technique. Backround is a little plain for my taste, but you don't want to distract from the mask thing.
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