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Andrew Lenahan Philadelphia PS

A view of the Liberty Place towers in Philly from the Shops entrance on Market Street.

Taken in May 2002, titled and framed December 2002.

Comments and constructive criticism welcome.
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Looks like one of those inspiration posters you can get ^^;
Love the colours :) And the font really suits it all. Good job :D
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Very kick ass. i love the angle...and the colors are sweet.
would make an awsome print.
nice work!
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Great photo man.. I like all the lines that are in this and the perspective that you took the photo at. It looks like a poster you would by in a tourist trap place in philly
yea,,philly's a sweet place,,and that's a sweet pic,,,haha,,, where else have ya gone ??
q2railgun's avatar
i'm not too fond of the coloring, but this is another excellent shot. gotta love that angle!
CassiCloudkicker's avatar
Angle = Amazing... Now I wanna come to Philly...
ph0enix's avatar
wow, pitty theres no optio for love deviation or... ah forget it

this is great, love the perspective here and how the lines are so definitve, and the shadows.

its cool and a really good peice - nice job
travian-'s avatar
Like this pic. Like the colors you have on it. loooks neat.
shellyt's avatar
another lovely orange one! +fav
chaxitron's avatar
Lovely shot, I absolutely love the warm colors.
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wow the colors are beautiful, it's a perfect angle and color combo, gives a great feeling. Makes me feel as though the sky is on fire
ivory's avatar
the title sadly reminds me of a movie, of the same name. :) (Smile) i love the orange colors. i would love to see the photo with out the orange though. i am wondering if i would like it as much. it is a great capture

"It's strange, even though your piece is more horizontal you still get the strong vertical feel of the buildings"

i agree.
jennyweatherup's avatar
That's great - I love the use of color!
plug-28's avatar

Really good photo, Starblind! I love the angle you used to take the photo. It really enhances the vertical proyection of the towers. I also love the colours, those oranges give the picture an apocaliptic, ominous, futuristic feel (at least to me) that I like very much. Great!
kalean's avatar
Nice. *smiles* You have a tendency to make every angle look good, keep it up.
lung-flood's avatar
What everyone else has said + great!
i337m1k3's avatar
O.o great shot! colors fit well and add a ton!
eltranced's avatar
Great shot, colors go together well too.
xcatharticx's avatar
This is a really cool picture . I like it a lot even though i think im biased cause i live in philadelphia. You cant help loving this place.
sfmoe's avatar
yea it fits ... good looking composition, and the shot is nice :) (Smile)
denieru's avatar
honestly i dont see much that is wrong. It's strange, even though your piece is more horizontal you still get the strong vertical feel of the buildings. i also like the filters and colors you added to the pic. its just enough. and the color choice of the font helps to tie it all together. great job.
mimle's avatar
gorogus colour... it seems so... diffrent.
pogotribal's avatar
love the shot, the hue you gave to it increases the power of the towering building
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