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Andrew Lenahan Illumination

Proper title: Andrew Lenahan's "Illumination"

Note: this piece is wallpaper-sized for your convenience (just in case).

This is a little store on South Street in Philadelphia that sells antiques of various types, with by far their most spectacular feature being their array of old electric lights. It was dark outside (or as dark as it ever really gets on South Street) as the curiously chilly winds of May twisted through the pulsing city late at night. Entering the tiny shop from the cacophonous void outside was like stepping into a cave of coruscating wonder. It wasn't merely bright... it was alive.
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PetiteNutella's avatar
This is so brilliant!
precious-nuiscance's avatar
oh that is just beautiful!! i really like it because it is something we see oftenin our daily lives but rarely stop to contemplate the beauty that is created in a room full of beautiful lights.... this could be the beginnig of a really cool installation...
empty-cage's avatar
you can feel the warmth and the light just by looking at it, brilliant
TigerNightHawk's avatar
Holy cow terrific photograph :) i like the lighting detail in the shot. it looks really perfect. even i would fear walking through a place like that without knocking something over.
school's avatar
Very creative man. I'm also loving your animated deviation. How did you submit it? I am submitting my band logo that's animated but am not sure how to submit it. Maybe you could help me my friend. I'd appreciate it alot seriously. I owe you 2 more comments since I told you what I thought of this one and your animation one.
Kyugetsuki's avatar
Wow, Great shot. Lots of light!
Firebringer's avatar
Now THAT"S a lamp store. ;)
waran's avatar
Wow... so many lights. You did really good job catching all of them :)

Besides it must be a wonderful place :love:
bexa's avatar
wow i love all the pomp and grandness, i also like edwardian features..

very striking
abhor's avatar
wow thats beautiful i love the color richness of that pic
PersephoneBlue's avatar
:D So cosy and warm. I'd like to be in there. Nice shot!
galdaniel's avatar
this is beautiiiiiiiiiiiful!!
gilboium's avatar
Nice lighting, *Drums* Ba Doom Ching *Drums*
No more puns fro me... nice shot
1o9's avatar
Great concept but satisfactory execution.

I'd highly recommand setting a high FStop and slowing down the shutter speed. This is a great technique that many photographers use -- Give it a shot.
DPSmistress's avatar
come to think of it, it's so super-dreamlike, like me, I just have to fave it, :+fav:

oh, btw, you shoulld write, I like the description's you put on your deviations, try writing sometimes and ask if you need tips ;)
DPSmistress's avatar
Whoa . . . Andrew Lenahan knows how to illuminate in style! All differenet kinds of it! hehe :giggle:

I got one of those stores by me, too, but you made it seem . . . out of a movie, more, like old-fashioned . . . =D
HeatherRivera's avatar
This is beautiful, the tones and warmth of the lighting. Terrific shot. I feel like I am in a pirate's chest full of gold. :)
yuenqi's avatar
Always a good thing to see. ;)

Beautiful, that's what I can say.
80schick's avatar
I've been in that shop! Alas, I didn't have my camera with me at the time. Wonderful picture... and your description really sets the mood. :+fav: fo' sure.
black-requiem's avatar
Wow that is a great shot.
:O_o: Shinys
H-Magoria's avatar
Whoa! It's like bein in a friggin treasure chest! ...A very well lighted treasure chest......
Beck-Carter's avatar
Whoah! such purdy lamps! I really like how you captured this piccie. (Is really liking that tortch- weilding statue in the right side of the pic...) XD
CassiCloudkicker's avatar
I love the warm feeling that the photo gives off... The dark at the end of the aisle is grabbing me, pulling me in. An amazing pic hunny.

ZiB's avatar
I LOVE IT! nice description too =) +fav
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