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Twilights twilight

"D'you ever wonder what it would be like to comb the stars in your mane twi?"    (jeez spike the last thing we need is Twilight worrying about developing an interstellar comb)

and OMGERD Thank you so much for 700+ watchers <3
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I wonder if i can add a new touch to this...

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My name's Moonlight Lavender, Agent Leader of Equestria4all Amino, and we wanted to use this art for our side panel with your permission please.
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Found this to be fitting to the art
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Very nice ! ;)
Moreover I love the color of the sky and the light effect and there are so much details in Thilight's wing ! :)
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Wait, you've heard this soundtrack too???  I love this score so much!  It's one of Horner's best IMHO.  I own the complete score!  If you don't have it, you can buy it on Intrada for $25.  It's definitely worth it.

Also, I just listened to the arrangement.  It totally fits the picture.

Twilight Sparkle (happy cry) plz So pretty!
That face It was really good!
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I wish I was willing to shell out $25 for just one score! Nah, much as I love movie scores, the max I'm willing to pay for a CD is $15.

If you haven't listened to Horner's "Battle Beyond the Stars," you should check that out too.
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Okay.  Here!  It's the complete score on eBay for $14.99.  Now this doesn't include shipping and tax, but maybe you'll find it worth buying.  And trust me, it's worth full price!…

Make sure the seller is reputable (looks like it is).

And I'll give "Battle Beyond the Stars" a listen too!

BTW, have you seen Krull?  I've seen clips but not the whole thing.
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That's nice of you. But to be perfectly honest, I'll probably just download it from somewhere and burn it onto a blank disc. :)

I do indeed like watching it from time to time. It's a grand old quest, ripe with cheese! If you're interested, it's only about six bucks on Amazon. Well, the blu-ray is. But I see used copies of the DVD being sold for less than the list price.
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Okay, I don't think there are downloads available on the internet.  Thankfully, YouTube has the complete score!  Listen and enjoy :D.…

Also, I'm listening to Battle Beyond the Stars as I type.  It's so epically cheesy and awesome (definitely puts a smile on my face)!  This is clearly a very young Horner influenced by Goldsmith (and maybe some Prokofiev and Gustav Mahler).  But it still sounds distinctly like classic James Horner.  You can hear how he would develop this sound in his later scores, notably Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (especially this one) and Krull.
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I like to think BBtS is what Star Wars would've sounded like if James Horner had scored it--heaven forbid--instead of John Williams.
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Sounds about right.  I listened to the whole score in one sitting!  It was fun and beautiful in sections :D.  Krull is still my favorite early Horner score as of now, but this one is still very, very enjoyable with some great cues!  I'll probably buy the soundtrack, or at the very least my favorite tracks.

Hey, if you're in a piratey mood, try Erich Wolfgang Korngold's The Sea Hawk (the remastered recording by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra) and John Debney's Cutthroat Island (listen for free on YouTube).  These are some of the greatest adventure, swashbuckler scores ever written.  And you can get The Sea Hawk complete score digitally for only $11.99 on Amazon.
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That is just beautiful. 
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I looooove the colors and feeling in this.
Marvellously well done.

VERY good choise of having the view from behind them like that, it gives it more of a personal/private feel between them, as it's not focusing on the viewer.
And the illuminated contours due to back-lighting (their front) is a big addon for the feeling as well.

I don't normally comment on pictures as none ever catch my interest, but this one is absolutely one of my most favorites ever.  So beautiful I can't express it.
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This is so beautiful. I wish I could see the stars like that. Nowadays the sky is always so cloudy...
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Simply amazing.
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Beautiful! This is my new phone background. ^^
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No plot comments? Color me surprised.
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Beautiful and touching. :)
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9,001 points for talent, detail and effort.
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