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Trial of hope

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So beautiful.
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Whoa! Amazing piece. 
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Everyone praised Somnambula for risking her life for the prince, but you gotta give credit to the Sphinx too for keeping her word.
She could've easily just killed Somnambula right away with no riddle, or broken the bridge off while she was halfway through it. But the Sphinx accepted defeat and flew off, letting the protagonists run free and leaving the land, no matter how mad she was.
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Yessssssssssssssssssss, will never get tired of art from this!! Really love how you captured this & the scene with Somnambula & the Sphinx. The addition of the setting is really well done too as it puts you in the situation & the tension within this. The expression on Somnambula's face as also the texture of everything is super amazing. I love the kind of fire that's at the Sphinx's feet & the lighting that works very well with this. Love Somnambula in hereeeeeeeeeee! THE PERSPECTIVE ALSO IS SUPER COOL. LOVE THIS!
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The 2nd challenge, I can remember it's also known as the Path of God from Last Crusade.
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Very detailed work :)
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Now I really need to read the comics.
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Awesome, I love the lighting here!
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Amazing work.

I bet the Sphinx it thinking "Drop, drop, drop... come on!"
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Brilliant. I loved Somnambula's story.
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Everything about this is amazing: the angles, perspective, colors, lighting. Not to mention this was my favorite part of the episode. :love:
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