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Princess notafish

...would have been super quick if I wasn't distracted so easily 
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How can someone be this talented!

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Notafish... instant fave!
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Nice details and texture!
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She's beautiful 
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Very pretty notafish princess! Great job with the detail all around, with the soft texturing to her feathers and mane compared to her more hard-looking beak...!
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Cute! She best birb horse!!
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Lovely shading here
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Awesome portrait.
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She isn't a fish after all, she's a pretty hippogryph. :)
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Nice Princess NotAFish
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I love the fluffy rendering! Nice work!
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Those are some fluffy feathers.
That is a VERY huggable Skystar ya got there.
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I would have loved to see her more as a hippogriff. It's really too bad that every secondary character had limited screentime in the movie.
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