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Princess Flurry Heart

...tini poni babi
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This is the most beautiful place for a alicorn foal! Great job!!
ndogmario's avatar
she's inside a companion cube 
BlazeHeartPanther's avatar
So pretty, so cute, so we detailed.
Makenshi179's avatar
Love her expression <3
KawaiiWonder's avatar
THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
jett-the-wolf's avatar
how much pain did that background cause you while drawing ozzy :D
jett-the-wolf's avatar
this is why i dont draw backgrounds very often :P
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
She's sleeping so peacefully. :) *puts blanket back over her*

She's lucky to have such a big bed at her age. And one made of crystals to boot!
I would like to have a bed made of crystals too.
SnapCentino's avatar
We are all going to die.
cajobif's avatar
A little cute thing.... with a big fire power. And wings.

Awesome work
PioneeringAuthor's avatar
Wow... all this detail for a little baby... I'm impressed at this picture! :clap:
Sonic5421's avatar
Amazing piece!!!
DuneFilly's avatar
Very lovely! That background is absolutely stunning! Really nice work! :clap:
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So cool, darling~~
ShadOBabe's avatar
Sweet babi... <3
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