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Dragon Lord Ember

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Hay my Beautiful Empress Ember

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Ooh... Very nice work on the scales. It adds realism, but she still looks similar to the show.
Those scales, The detail and the Lighting! How are you this incredible?
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Wow pretty cool
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ohh this is masterpiece
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This is real masterpiece. It's long since I've seen quallity like this one.
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My jaw dropped! Help me find my jaw please!
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I love the exquisite detail put into her scales.
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i thought it was amber...

that f-ing detail is epic i'll never be dis good
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This is a gorgeous close-up of the new Dragon Lord's thoughtful and inwardly-happy gaze. You did a magnificent job on her form and exceptionally beautiful detailing of her features. And from the look in her eye I can guess what good memory is keeping her warmer inside than all the dragonfire in the world. Nice framing with her wings and the fiery lands for contrast too. Beautiful work.
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She's good. But She's no Saphira.
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The detail is amazing!
wow! so detail!
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Very nice, what did you use to make this?
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this is very beutiful
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This is a spectacular portrait.  I'm particularly impressed with the detail you put into Ember's scales.
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That's incredible, I can see every scale on Ember's face. You've drawn this so well, I think this is the best fan art of this charcter. Superb work
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