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awesome picture
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As terrible as her reign would be, DayBreaker looks awesome in her glamorous power pose. She's lovely and intimidating at the same time, and very commanding as she gazes into the infinite skies that she now completely dominates. Along with her powerful form, you did awesome work on her textures and effects, and especially nice work as her body shows the highlighting from her glorious flaming mane and tail. The design and decoration of her new balcony is understated perfection for the new ruler of what's surely becoming a very hot and smoky land. Thanks for sharing her new-found evil glory.
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My new wallpaper c,:
>8/... no... turn back...
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Very nice!I like her flowing mane of fire :} lol
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it looks amazing:D (Big Grin) Nod 
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Magnificent drawing! I love the the details and how did you use the colors ;)
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Oooooo!!!! O.O VERY nice!!! ^w^
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Oh, wow, nice in normal but glorious in full! :D

Maybe change the Display option (under the thumbnail on the upload/edit view) to "full" so that people can see it in full without remembering the Download button's there? Or not if you don't want to, but it's an option that I took a while to notice, so I'm pointing it out just in case. :)
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Amazing job on the details on Daybreaker's mane and her balcony. Good call on blurring out the background as it lets us focus on Daybreaker herself.
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This looks nice
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I feel like with the enormous fan response to Daybreaker, we have not seen the last of her...
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Simply awesome! *o*
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I can't get over these phenomenal Daybreaker drawings. I LOVE THIS ONE A LOT, the background fits well for her & you've just done a great job!
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