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Captain Celaeno

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Arghhh, fun and great arghhhht!
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Yo ho yo ho A Pirates Life for me
CrazyGraeHawkatoo's avatar
Pirate Birb is Best Birb.
MonsoonVisionz's avatar
Favorite movie character, hands down! 
MAVOYNA's avatar
WOW,so handsome!Can this masterpiece be a video cover for me?please~please~please~
awesomestarz's avatar
She was so awesome in the movie! I loved her design.
Omegadawn76's avatar
i could imagine a jack sparrow theme or something for her XD
black-sunn89's avatar
Star Wars ROFS - General Grievous Icon  *she looked at without emotion*
trigger the alarm and your fighting position!
we get an unwanted visit
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i thought something looked off when i saw this and i realise now its the fact you've done her body armour as more of a bronze/copper compared to the more gold colour you've done the pieces on her legs

otherwise good ;)
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Celeano's the name, sparrow's my gain.
andy4an's avatar
how dynamic!
great concept and well executed.
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One of the most amazing pictures of her I've seen so far! :thumbsup:
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incredible detail and perspective! absolutely flawless. :)
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Okay, that is badass.

"YO-HO! YO-HO! We row beneath the black flag! A rollickin' we go! We own the sea & sky!" -Beneath the Black Flag, Miracle of Sound.
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I love the perspective on this. It really gives a sense of the altitude of the ship, the size of the ship and it's just neat seeing Captain Celaeno swinging on the rope.
black-sunn89's avatar
it the hot for one bird
templar127's avatar
YUS!!! Best Pirate birb!!
TexasUberAlles's avatar
Well, this is frick-a-frakkin' amazing.
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Awesome work. We need more epic pieces of her.
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