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Well, in case anyone was interested in what I was up to behind the scenes, during this relative hiatus in the last several weeks, it was working on a prospective MLP fan-film, called Regal, headed by one Ian Ballinger :iconmarshan3q:.

Regal was intended to be the story of Equestria being completely taken over by Changelings, the princesses being kidnapped, and the Mane 6, our heroines, had to rescue them and all of Equestria against seemingly insurmountable odds.

But as it turns out, the Regal film was not to be. It has now come to my attention that it has been canceled. Just as well that it happened sooner, rather than later, when more time and effort had been invested.

The Bright side? I get to share with you what I created as a concept artist for this film project. I mostly did “bad guy” character designs. Any and all constructive criticism is welcome.

Above are depicted the Changelings. I hope you like them. :)

I will probably move to my scraps later.

UPDATE: Wow, I honestly didn't think this would be considered good enough to actually be accepted by EqD! Thanks so much. :)
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This is so cool and a very interesting concept. I have always been fascinated by Queen Chrysalis and the changelings since that episode originally aired.