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Before there was love.. by starauthor, visual art

My mom just ordered me a new mp3 player from this afternoon along with a new USB cord for my Wacom tablet because the previous cord had a short tare in it. But won't be delivered by mail until next week. So have a good Wednesday afternoon. 😉

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Branched fairy by starauthor, visual art

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Hey everyone I'm Sarah Catherine Weatherill but I refer myself as Solitudefox Seraph Devilfox or Starauthor of Scottish German and Irish descent living In Ontario Canada I enjoy using and sharing my creativity but I mainly enjoy drawing or writing and making collages' I drew a lot when I was a small child and have a very vivid Imagination thanks to the animation books movies music etc that I grew up with and went through hard times as a kid in which I will not go into detail.

but through out my preteen/ teen years I was getting exposed by to listening to different genres of music and watching different kinds of movies or TV shows' I also explored a lot on the internet since my younger years and getting exposed and inspired by whatever images videos music'' I started drawing anthro characters at fourteen or fifteen years old I when I looking at furry related subjects and artwork in which really helped me a lot in high school and watching a lot of horror movies during my teen years and checking out Deviantart reading articles on myths and legends furry websites and watching cartoons for adults in which in ways made me feel better from the websites and the artists I enjoyed where I lurked around at the time.

In the 2010s I started to look up more and more artwork watch videos on Youtube go everywhere by myself and my interests increased over the years and my mind changes slowly as I started to create collages back in 2013 or 14 with different varities of magazines flyers post cards etc.

My drawings looks really bizarre or whatever but I do love drawing my own cartoons when they are shit'' And it really depends what song movie picture show etc inspires me to draw.

I also write stories but not often since I'm pretty lazy what I want to write but I mostly write them in my notebooks or on the computer which I look forward to post soon.

Check me out below

Tumblr: Brightcurls




Facebook Group: Sarah's psychotic dreams and stories I'm itching to tell!

Animated/Anime shows/Movies: Looney tunes Disney Shorts/movies Alfred Alfer Sailor Moon Courage the cowardly dog Adventure Time Beetlejuice TMNT Woody woodpecker Rugrats Ren & Stimpy Duckman The Simpsons Family Guy Arthur MLP FIM Powerpuff Girls South Park CatDog Nu Pogodi When they cry Spawn Drawn Together Oblongs All dogs go to heaven Nightmare before Christmas Corpse Bride Coraline Paranorman Perfect Blue Heavy Metal The Last Unicorn Panty & Stocking Pokémon Twisted tales of Felix the cat Digimon Batman:the animated series Darkwing Duck The Raccoons Dog City Steven Universe The World of Gumball Alfred J Kwak Regular Show Angry Beavers Who Framed Roger Rabbit Gregory Horror Show The Ripping Friends The Last Unicorn Ferngally the last rainforest Wreak it Ralph Earthworm Jim Rocky and Bullwinkle Helsing Johnny Bravo Dexter's laboratory Quads Bob & Margaret Monster Rancher Home Movies Stickin Around Grave of the fireflies Dragonball z The Brak Show Tokyo Ghoul The Secret of Nymph My Neighbour Tortoro Red hot riding hood Rick and Steve Swingshift Cinderella Inside out Thumbelina NBC Shorts Where the dead go to die Zootopia

Movies: The Exorcist The Last House on the Left Spring Break Ju-on Ringu The Avengers Carrie Ginger Snaps Unfriended I Am Legend I saw the devil The Dark Crystal Black Swan Mulholland Drive Dawn of the dead Sinister Gia I Spit on you're grave Bram Stroker's Dracula Pulp Fiction Gravity Passion of the Christ Jussraic park/world Night of the living dead The girl next door Kidulthood The Craft Edward Scissorhands Contracted A perfect ending Goodfellas Phone The Wig Suicide Club Audition ABCS of Death The Housebunny V/H/S The Hangover Ted Rosemary's baby Van Helsing Forgetting Sarah Marshall Annie Paddington Irreversible Martyrs House of a 1000 corpses Halloween Misery Pet Sematary The Dark Knight Begins Sick Nurses May From Hell The Housemaid Kill Bill Vol 1/2 The Wall The Eye Men behind the Sun Mysterious Skin Deadgirl Blade CHOLE Zombieland Elf Precious Trust Legend of Hellhouse The Witches The Conjuring Heathers The Accused Memento Mori Bunshinsaba Dark water Suicide Squad Grace

Live-Action shows AHS Lost Tapes Gotham Dinosaurs Game of Thrones Modern Family Black-ish Puppets who kill X-Files The L Word Orange is the new black Wishbone Zaboomafoo All That Malcom in the middle Lost Tattoo Nightmares Masters of Horror Mystery Hunters Big Wolf on campus Outer Limits Channel Zero

Music: Lady GaGa Bif Naked Bjork In Strict Confidence KMFDM TATU Infernal Lil Wayne Krewella 2 Unlimited Katy Perry Nicki Minaj Kerli Emilie Autumn Kesha David Guetta Azalea Banks Utada Groove Armanda GG Allin Gia Despina Gwen Stefani Mindless Self Indulgence Swollen Members Avicil Tiesto Sylver Lasgo Amy Winehouse Ayumi Hamasaki Asap Rocky TLC Aqua Delerium Engima Telepopmuzic Jam & Spoon Groove Coverage Miley Cyrus Kylie Minogue Madonna IIO Pussy Riot DJ BOBO Rihanna Martin Garrix Deadmau5 Zombie Girl Pink Floyd Voltarie Marilyn Manson Ayria NIN Daft Punk Dresden Dolls Britney Spears Scooter Iggy Azalea 4-Strings Crystal Castles Blank & Jones Tiesto Lords of Acid Zedd Swedish House Mafia Pretty Reckless Dieantwrood Christina Aguilera Dune Bob Sinclar Inna Metric Above and Beyond Lana Del Rey Melanie Martinez Blutengel Garbage Ricky Martin ICE MC Rob Zombie Maroon 5 P!nk M.I.A. Barenaked Ladies Three days grace Foo Fighters Avenged sevenfold Sash! Sum41 Alice Cooper Adele Sia Weekend Shakira Eminem Snoop Dogg DMX Missy Elliott Outkast Aaliyah Ultranate Bruno Mars Ellie Goulding Imagine Dragons Deep Dish Chanel west coast Tanya Tagaq Kelis Peaches Benny Benassi Moby Edward Maya Cosmic Gate Led Zeppelin Flip & Fill Kate Ryan Scissor Sisters Antony and the Johnsons Shim Mina PSY Disclosure Snopp Dogg 666 Pussycatdolls Blackeyedpeas Elton John Ozzy Osbourne Falloutboy Boa Combichrist GusGus Selena Selena Gomez No Doubt Mia Martina Ego Likeness Neon Hitch Air Red hot chilli peppers Deep Forest Calvin Harris Trina Culture Beat Annie Hedley Missy Elliot Eve A Perfect Circle Hunter Valentine B-52 Cascada Maia Lee Ex-Girls Twins Kelly chan Sheryl Crow Angelspit Toni Braxton Acid Bath Debra Cox Sean Paul Michelle Branch Santana

Videogames: Silent hill Rayman series Super Mario bros Legend of Zelda Crash Bandicoot Undertale FNAF Super Smash Bros Yoshi's Island Resident Evil Catherine Metroid Star Fox Arkham Series Banjo-kazooie Conker's bad fur day Castlevania Medievil American McGee's Alice Clock Tower ( the original) Sly Cooper Final Fantasy Epic Mickey Siren Kingdom Hearts Thrill Kill

Books/Comics/Manga/Graphic novels Web comics: Batman: The killing joke Ring Scary stories to tell in the dark The Girl next door The Exorcist Solitary Witch 1984 Jack Go ask Alice Carrie Babymouse Dracula Garden of angels Pet semetary

Things I love: Drawing. writing. singing. Dancing. Animals. watching Cartoons Shows I like. Horror or Fantasy movies. Music. Angels/Fairies. Poetry. Practicing my crafts. Dogs/Cats. Learning about Anatomy. Weightlifting. Working-out. World Cultures. Paranormal/Occult. Reading on Folklore/Mythology. Reading. Anthro art. Graphic Novels. Makeup. Going on the swing. Working out. The Beach. Nature.Shopping. Tattoos. Making collages. Watching Video game walkthroughs. Crossovers. Stuffed Animals. Learning about Cultures. Colours. Gardens .Going Downtown. Psychology. Writing and Brainstorming Fanfiction. Nice People. Venting. Standing up for Human rights. Fanart. Supporting LGBT rights Overseas. Horror and the Macabre. Underground Animation. Underground/Outsider culture. Sushi. Chocolate. Fruits. Fantasy art. Cosplays.

Things I dislike: Overly political correct people. SJWS People being proud of their disorders or mental illnesses or pretend to have one. Racism. Sexism. Chuggers Homophobia. Transphobia. Biphobia. Disability Discrimination. Groups that claim to stand for human rights but they don't. Victim Blamers. People that lie about being raped or abused. Being sad or pissed off all the time. Hypocrites. Religious fanatics. Douchebags. Assholes. Neo-Nazis NostalgiaTards. Extreme Fans/Haters. Crybullies. Spoiled brats Feminazis. Extreme perverts. People who use their disorders as an excuse for everything. Over sensitive/In sensitive people. Piss poor attitudes. The Heat. Screwing up my art. Running out of ideas. People who play the victim. People who bash on other people for liking something. People who bitch about their first world problems. Special Snowflakes. Pedophiles. Scammers. Religion mixed with Politics. Hebephiles. Corrupt Support groups. Famous people that treat their fans like crap. People that idolize serial killers/rapists. Extreme Atheists. Being hurt or the ones I care about being hurt. People that use life problems or bad childhoods as an excuse for their shitty behavior. Bad Cops. Awful Charities that do not do anything useful. Disrespectful Kids. Stupid Negligent Parents. Selfish Assholes. People who abuse the terms.

Favourite Movies
Anything Horror Animated Action Fantasy Drama Erotic LGBT Avant-Grade or Comedy
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Silent Hill Rayman Series Forbidden Siren Super Smash Bros Super Mario LOZ Metroid Castlevania RE Metroid Cuphead Bendy and the ink machine Undertale
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PS' Xbox Wii Nintendo
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Pencils Pens Crayons Pencil Crayons Markers
New art will be out tomorrow
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Artwork will be posted later because I got home from work and I feel tired.
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Off to Calgary for a week!
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