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Hi! Sorry for not being active. It's still school and life that keeps me busy. Anyways, i have a problem. Recently I was working on a comic, and other art trades and artworks, on Medibang (on my iPad) but Medibang keeps exiting me out! Most of the time, not saving my art progress, making it a waste of time trying to redraw, and ending up kicked out! I try to fix the situation checking if it's my iPad or the app, and the thing is i love using Medibang, it's the only art program i used for all my digital artworks. So can someone please help by recommending me what art app i should use (free, nothing that costs money) and that is similar to Medibang? It would be a big help!
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School has been catching on me, but I'm doing my best. I'm doing this by priority first and down on.
Currently don't have :(
Art trade:


(i didn't forget, am currently working on it)
Raffle Prize: for


  (didn't forget ya either!)
I KNOW! THE ASKS! IT"S BEEN FIVE EVER! But I'm doing my best!
Riot ref, Star ref, Cheshire-Will and his brothers, etc.

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Commissions has been open for a while. If anyone wants one or has any question, please note me. 
I'm also open for Art trades as well. If i decline your request or offer, it's not because of hate or anything else. It's most likely that i'm busy with life. If you complain that i accepted someone else's instead of yours, you will be blocked. It's probably because i do have time for their's and that's practically it. But please feel free to ask.

So for Commission, i'll accept points for a limited time, because soon, i'll use PayPal instead of points. I won't tell when so be ready. But sooner, maybe later, depends how life works. 
I will NOT accept or do any NSFW! Anyone who asks for that, will be immediately blocked.

See commissions in front page.

About requests:
PLEASE do not ask me if i do or accept request, because i do not!
Thank you for your understanding

Have a wonderful, blessed day!

I may skip your offer in art trades, not only because of life, but mainly because if i have done an artwork for you before, i want to give a chance to others, so you may have you chance LATER one
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For those who were waiting for the art Christmas project i planned (and with you all's OC) something came up that wasn't suppose to happen so long, and has caused me to have a lot of stress. I'm really sorry. I wanted to do the project. Hopefully next year.
with that aside,
Merry Christmas!
Please welcome my sister, who joined today:
she loves art as a hobby, and i do my best to teach her. She's great at it too! Check her out!(will upload artwork soon)
100 WATCHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
I AM HONORED!!!AAAAAHHHHH!!! Thank you all so much!!! you all are the best! i am very grateful for each and every one of you!!!
(when i found out i almost cried) I love you all and may God bless each and every one of you!

And the raffle ends on Sunday!!! Join! you might be the one to win free art!
(2 winners, rules are there!)
My 1st Watchers Raffle! CLOSEDYay!:Yay: Celebrate 
!Dancing dummy :excited: 
 i decided to do an art raffle to celebrate, because of the watchers that watch me. New watchers are always welcome (please, don't just watch me because of this raffle)
I decided to do 2 winners instead of 1:bademoticon: 
1st place: one colored OC, character, etc. (digital or traditional)
2nd place: sketch (traditional or digital)
How to enter:
-Watch me (1 entry) (my first 15 watchers will receive 2 entries instead of 1, because u guys are awesome!)
-Fave this journal (1 entry)
- Post a journal or poll (2 entries: optional)
-Tag people (optional) 1 entry per tagged person (up to 5 people)
-Say "Dolphin" Cute Widdle Dolphin. when you read all of this (Note: You can't en

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here is not only my wishlist but a very special gift project for you all! Read to know what to do...It's simple!
tagged by: WaveTheWolf
.........i can't tell you my real name, but my nickname is Star

Star Sign:
......i don't do those things....

Hours of sleep:
i try at least 8

Lucky number:
I don't believe in luck, i believe in blessings

Last thing googled:
different languages for a name

Favorite fictional character:
Bonnie le Bunny :3 (and all the other fnaf bunnies)
and all my OCs

Current attire:

when did you start this account:
around six months i guess

number of watchers:
92 (so grateful QwQ)

what do you post:
OCs, commisions, fnaf :3
digital and traditional

other blogs:
used to have tumblr, but i changed my mind about it
Instagram (private account, and different name)
but i post more traditional art there

do you get a lot of comments?
On fan stuff, YES! and I'mnVERY VERY VERY VERY GRATEFUL for it!
on OC's, meh, ok, but still very grateful!

why did you choose this username:
'Star' my nickname,'Art' because i LOVE art and very grateful with the talent i have. '101'....idk really, it just flows with it. I was gonna don'123' but something occured...but i love '101' anyways. 

tags......anyone, everyone!

have a blessed day!
I feel dumb asking this, but, how do you tag people? 
i mean i have in journals, but i can't seem to do it in the descriptions or something. So if anyone can teach me how, i would greatly appreciate it.

(also, next fnaf ask bunnies coming soon...School has been dragging me, and after that, maybe be something else, but i need to do school, and several art projects i need to get done a week before christmas....same for school, so that's why i haven't post much...but i'm still alive, praise the Lord. Also, if anyone wants to join my art raffle, go right ahead. rules are there)

And have a great day^^
So maybe you may have noticed i have some removed some deviations artwork. It's NOT because i stole art (because i would NEVER do that) 
I can't give details of why, but i really didn't want to delete them but i have to. I'm sorry. I regret it myself as well 
So i've been wondering for a long time of doing a comic story series, later this year, but soon! I have two ideas. 
Idea 1: A Fnaf Fan comic (there are two long parts/chapters, but one for now) which will feature Star, Riot and the Fnaf gang (and more like Springtrap, Shadow Bonnie, Shadow Freddy, etc)
Star decided to work in Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria with Riot, for a night shift experience. There, she meets the misunderstood, but lovable gang: Freddy, Foxy, Bonnie and Chica! She also meets some other animatronics in the pizzeria as well. Things started to look pretty good, until incidents started to occur in the pizzeria ever since Star started to work there. Was it truly her fault for all that has happened, or was it someone else's plan?

Idea 2: 
Remember this?
#1 Ask and Respond: Ask Riot And Star
(look into it incase you didn't)
(and support AJTheGreatest and her amazing artworks!)

Coincidently, i have been working on a project that i had enjoy doing about this Confrontation on how i met Riot. But it is not just when i met him, that's it! There's way more into it! Also, since Star is me, you can get to see a few hints and ideas about me, and also about my OC, Riot.
Ever met your own OC and their world in person? Well Star has...accidentally. As Star and Tiny (her yorkie)  venture out to this 'world' that she has 'created', she meets new friends, enemies, wonders and dangers in this world. 

(This story is about Friendship)
I know this may not sound interesting, but when i show it to a few other people, they were really into it, especially when they see many new OCs that i had created. Many are mine, some are based on Disney characters, a few are disney characters, and some are descendants of Disney characters, etc.  I have been planning to do animatics as well.
(also, since this story is mainly about meeting Riot, it will help understand more his role-play in the Fnaf fan story)

Well, what do ya all think? Please put down in the comments Idea 1 or Idea 2, and why? You all decide!
remember, i won't work on them immediately, but soon!
Thanks^^this really means a lot to me!
Yay!:Yay: Celebrate 
!Dancing dummy :excited: 
 i decided to do an art raffle to celebrate, because of the watchers that watch me. New watchers are always welcome (please, don't just watch me because of this raffle)
I decided to do 2 winners instead of 1:bademoticon: 
1st place: one colored OC, character, etc. (digital or traditional)
2nd place: sketch (traditional or digital)

How to enter:
-Watch me (1 entry) (my first 15 watchers will receive 2 entries instead of 1, because u guys are awesome!)
-Fave this journal (1 entry)
- Post a journal or poll (2 entries: optional)
-Tag people (optional) 1 entry per tagged person (up to 5 people)
-Say "Dolphin" Cute Widdle Dolphin. when you read all of this (Note: You can't enter until you say this word)(also, tell me what you did, so i can give you the entries: be honest!!!! i will check!)

Optional: you can leave a reference of your character, OC, etc.(only 1) (could be fan art of a character (no pokemon!!!!!!!))
(also, if you are one of the winners, and if i don't really agree on doing the character, please don't fuss and choose another one) and if you want it digital or traditional (traditional, in my opinion, i do better,faster and easier but it's up to you ^^) and what pose would the character do, etc.
I will not do NSFW!!!!!Stop 

December 17, 2016

Thank you all so much!^^yay i couldn't have done it without you all! 

Edit: Now closed. No more entries. Winners will be anounced soon@
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-1. You have to post ALL the rules
-2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves 
-3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer 
-4. Choose 13 people 
-5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people  (I CAN'T THINK OF 13 PPL!)
-6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags 
-7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED 
-8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry 
-9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks
(i'll keep an eye on u....)
-10. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description.

Questions for me:
1. Favorite Color?
Blue or Turquoise (whichever is fine!^^)
2. First Fandom?
3. Current Fandom?
4. Fav Character? (Can be for anything, Book, Game, ect.)
Hmm... i have a lot of favs... one of them is Aslan from Chronicles of Narnia
5. Fav ship? 7W7
Dislestia (don't ask) and also Bonnica:bademoticon: 
6. Fav Song? dare uMusic lover Emoticons :musicnote: Jammin' :LaDrum: Piano :la: ...I have LOTS of favs of them is: Cuenta Conmigo (a spanish christian song by Jesus Adrian Romero) 
7. Do you like cartoons? (I miss cartoons ;M; I don't have cable anymore.)
OH YEAH!!!i love drawing them too
8. Any pets?
Yes. A yorkie dog (female): Tiny, and a Cockatiel bird (male):Cheeky Cockatiel Icon 
9. Do you like your friends?
Yes, of course i do^^they mean a lot to me!!!Emoticon: Hug Too Much Hugging 
10. Fav drawing?(That belongs to you)
i have done a lot of different kind of arts, sooooo...., but since this asked a drawing, i'll say a drawing i did when i was younger, (few years back(IK )) when i did a pencil drawing (realistic, peaceful pic) of the lion and the lamb laying down in the grass together.
11. I'm not sure if this is too personal, but, have you done self harm?
well yeah...i'm human so..
12. Have you made any friends on DA so far?
Yeah!^^ they are wonderful!5 seconds hug 
13. List your DA friends.
(i'm doing the ones that are following me write now: thank u all for your support and fellowship!Tackling hug )
-(and also: WaveTheWolf ^^)

Questions for the ones that are tagged (Bwuahahaha!!!Ebil Laugh ):
-What is your Fav Movie?
-Do you have a crush on anyone (or on a current relationship)?
-What's one of your favorite childhood 
T.V. show?
-What do you like to do when you have free time?
-Who was your first watcher in DA?
-What is your least fav color?
-Do you have any siblings?
-What is your Biggest Fear or Worst Nightmare?
-Are you allergic to anything?
-What is your fav ice cream flavor?
-What is your fav candy flavor?
-If you were to travel anywhere, where would it be?
-What is your fav game?

And now...the tagged people: NYEH-HEH-HEH-HEH!!!!Nye! (
sorry...just and to..)
^^Have a Blessed Day!
Now that school has begun, the only time i have for art is late night! and i'm tired at that point! i can't do sloppy art cause i'm tired. Even they keep me busy in the weekends with Projects that takes like 3 days to do! Please pray so that i may have more time for art and to relax! 
Request from Devon: i'm really sorry it's taking forever, i'm really trying to finish to hurry up.
(Plus, i have outside requests, like paintings, so i'm full,at least i'll get paid from them)
also, i'm also trying to work on the Fnaf ask Bunnies. Thank u all for asking it really means a lot to me, and i'm working on it. 
I really wish there was more hours during the day... :(

yours truly,