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Cool down, Sapphire!

Oh no!

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Valentine, i need your help!

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welcome to my page (Backgrounds)

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MLP Base: I-I...I'm s-s-sorry!

MLP Base: Do it for the Vine!

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MLP Base 353 - Pomf


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Redesinging some ponies...

Redesinging some ponies...

Hello Friends~! Im Thinking Of Redesinging some of my oc ponies... First Of All, the ponies who im going to redesing is Leafie, Snowflake and Amaris. But i need help! So Please come up with ways to change them abit, and maybe ill pick your new desin for them! (you could win some points or if your doing it for free) Amaris dose not have a tail and her left eye is grey! Snowflake must have her markings on her hooves! (please keep that in mine) ALL PONIES KEEP THERE CUTIE MARKS 1# Leafie 2#Snowflake 3#Amaris ~Thank you Form your friend/random person star2705 ( ~star2705 (
my icon is my Oc's cutie mark! >w<

I am 9% spoiled (not really spoiled)

I am 9% spoiled (not really spoiled)

Electronics! () An iPod touch (x)An iPhone () An ipad (x) A laptop () Your laptop is an Apple () A Wii ()A DS ()You had a Gameboy when you were little and/or still have one\ () A Gamecube (x) An Xbox ()A PSP or PS3 or whatever playstation device () A TV in your room ()The TV is a Flatscreen Total So Far: 3 Clothes! () You shop at Abercrombie & Fitch () You shop at Hollister () You have Juicy Couture items (purses, jewelry, tracksuits, etc.) ()You have a Coach purse () You refuse to wear anything from Asda ()You have more than 3 pairs of Uggs ()You have gold jewelry ()You have diamond jewelry (im not into cl

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I can't become co, I have too much groups, can you send me a new invitation as member? 
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AH! I'm being watched *hides*
star2705Hobbyist General Artist
MagicMaster390Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Get use of it
Shadow-PatchHobbyist General Artist
Can I post the ''how well do you know me'' thing on my page plz?