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My Death Battle Ideas
Dear Wiz and Boomstick. You ask you fans for ideas one what fights you do next, |And we get to see our favourite characters face off in epic battles to the death. I have a few ideas hear and I hope you and you organization pay attention to it.

First we have the fights I want to happen the most.

.The Ninjas of Ninjago VS Each other.
You done this the TMNT once, You can do this to the ninja. They might not have 3d models yet. But you could make them, Or buy and use minifigs. Either way, Please make sure they look like this.…
If you make 3d models, Make sure they look like this. If you use minifigs, Paint on the arms and feet.

.Ratchet (Ratchet and Clank) vs Rocket (Marvel)
They have very similar names and their furry. I know, One of them has been on Death Battle before. But you guys forgot to talk about his many boots. Hopefully you won't make that same mistake again. Rocket has boots that help him fly to counter that. To make this a fair fight, Ratchet should do this without Clank Just like Rocket should do it without Groot. Ratchet managed to handle himself without Clank before in games. Still, He should wear what he worn in his last Battle. Rocket should have the 3d Model on the top left.…

.Lloyd (Ninjago) vs Lui Kang (Mortal kombat)
If Lloyd the first battle idea I mentioned wins, This would be a good fight to have after that happens. Lui Kang may not looks so much of a challenge to Lloyd, But Lu might beat him. He beat Shao Khan, Shang, Even Shinnok!

.T-bone (Extreame Dinosores) vs Hunter (Road Rovers)
Their are each leaders of 2 Anthro teems in 2 animated shows. They look like a good pair to fight each other.

.Optimus Prime (Transformers aligned universe) vs rx-78-2 and it's pilot (Gundoms)
I think its about time Death Battle final covered Transformers. Give Optimus the aligned backgrounds and abilities, But use a 3d model inspired by Age of Extinction and Last Knight. He needs to look good if he wins. Here is what I mean.………

.Nya (Ninjago) vs Gali (Bionicle)
They have a lot in common.

.Robin (Damian Wayne) vs Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
People love teenage superheroes, And Robin and Spider are the first. So many would love to see this happen. If you do this. Make sure Peter is aged 16 and has this as his 3D model.…
Or this.…
And Damian is age 16 0r 17 and has this as his 3D model.…

.Megatron (Transformers aligned universe) vs Vilgax (Ben 10 Origianle timeline)
I really hope you guys let a Transformer compete one day. But don't do Gax form the Reboot. It sucks.
If you do this, Use one of these.………

.Lars Alexandersson (Naruto) vs Lars Alexandersson (tekken)
They not only have the same name, They Each have insane hair cuts.

.Overlord (Ninjago) vs Shinnok (Mortal kombat)
They are 2 dark lords that are very hard to kill. But if you say yes to this, use this one Shinnok.…

Now we move to that fights which continue the endless war between DC and Marvel.

.3rd Blue Beetle (DC) vs Agent Venom (Marvel)
These 2 superheroes each have an alien lifeform bond to them which give them their powers. Use these.………

.3rd Blue Beetle (DC) vs Nova (Marvel)
2 space hero, Stationed and bread on earth. These should be used in it.……

.Hal Jorden (DC) vs Nova (Marvel)
While Sam has the Nova Corp, Hal has the Green Lantern Corp.

.Black Adam (DC) vs Blackbolt (Marvel)
Both are ridiculously powerful, Have their own governments, And have Black in their names. 

.Nightwing (DC) vs Spider-Man (Marvel)
If your prefer the first people to be teen Superheroes in comics instead of the titans made fro teen heroes, Finem But use these models.………

.Nightwing(DC) vs Daredivel(Marvel)
They use sticks made of metal all the time. Use these.……

.Ladybug (Miraculous) vs Guillotine (Marvel)
Both are French, Live in Pairs red, mystical and are superpower superheroes.

.Mileena Mortal Kombat) vs Juri (Street Fighter)
Fighting games have a lot of women who look beautiful and try to show of as much skin as possible, Without showing what they shouldn't. These 2, Both wear pink and are evil. You should you this on Mileena.…

.Death Jr (Soul Eater) vs Yukio (Blue Exorcist)
I thought Boomstick would like this because of the pairs of  guns they use.

.Red hood (DC) vs Winter Solider (Marvel)
They are 2 trained by Captain amerce and Batman at a young age. But something bad happened to each of them. Because of this, Their become who their mentors thought they would never be. Even if their still heroes. Boomstick will love that they normally use guns. You should use these models.……

Final a have a few Radom ones.

.Zorro vs The Lone Ranger
Not only do they look alike, they are tales of heroes who fight injustice. Told long before WW1. One with a sword, Another with a gun.

.Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles) vs Tidus (Final Fantasy)
They look so much alike.

.Kai (Ninjago) vs Zuko (Avater)
I know, you guys did one about 2 fire users before. But still, Toph wasn't the only one of the 5 original cast to survive and made it into Legend of Korro.
Bumblebee 2018 look
This may not be the main model Hasbro is using in the movie, But it gives us an exultant look of what he'll look like in it. I found it on the internet. Not, If only we knew who the other transformers in this movie are besides Starscream.


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