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Yoda jedi master by joraz007
Tusken Raider by joelosito
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Anakin's Downfall II by tkdrobert
Order from the Vader by ErgoRomanum
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Among the Dead by ErgoRomanum
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Slave Leia - Carrie Fisher by wolverine103197
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Han Solo - Star Wars Vll - Harrison Ford by wolverine103197
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X Wing Chase 6d by pyraker
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91. Shaak`s pattern (Stroking) by RayneTheQueen
Ahsoka Tano with the Fulcrum Force Keyblades by SuperHeroTimeFan
Ahsoka vs Darth Vader by tkdrobert
Ahsoka Tano by NomiDarklighter
The emperor finally  comes out of the closet by tiamatnightmare
Kylo Ren sketch cover by whu-wei
[Blender] Star Wars: Trilla Suduri by Rockcodian
The Eighth Brother's New Lightsaber by SuperHeroTimeFan
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Jyn Erso - Star Wars - Rogue One - Felicity Jones by wolverine103197
Star Wars Day Card (May the 4th) with Boba Fett by MahiyanaCarudla
The Mandalorian: The Quest Begins by Starfire-Productions
Star Wars - The Mandalorian - Boba Fett by wolverine103197
Clone Wars
The boys are back by tiamatnightmare
May the Force be with you! by TimeFlin
Clone force 99 is in the house by tiamatnightmare
Clone Force 99: The Bad Batch by Starfire-Productions
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Upcoming - Force Squadron Clone Trooper Helmet by SuperHeroTimeFan
Stormtrooper - Star Wars - Mandalorian by wolverine103197
Showing no mercy by goren580
Shoretrooper by gerrd
Mall Cube V by LDFranklin
Frog Lady by NomiDarklighter
May the 4th be with you 2021 by Euderion
Asajj Ventress by Neville6000

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Droid Workshop by CaraSilvaArt by TheWillofDarthAvis
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Mandalorian Inktober Day 5 - Blade by MahiyanaCarudla
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Teaching and Learning“I’m home!” six-year-old Luke shouted as he trampled through the door, throwing his backpack down, already smelling bantha stew cooking from the kitchen. “Hey kiddo!” Owen exclaimed, striding into the foyer and scooping his nephew into his arms. He gave Luke a kiss on the cheek, his beard tickling his skin, before setting the boy down. “What did you learn in school today?”Luke shrugged. “Well, we watched a holofilm about Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader.”Owen got a distant, worried look in his eyes, the same look he often got whenever anyone mentioned Darth Vader. “And . . . what did it say about them?”“Owen?” Beru called before Luke could answer. “Is Luke home?”“Yup,” Owen called back. “I think he needs an extra hug!”Sure enough, in rushed Beru, smelling like the bantha stew she was cooking. Like Owen, she scooped Luke up into her arms and kissed his cheek, though her kiss wasn’t as tickley as Owen’s.“Luke says they watched a holo about Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader,” said Owen, after which Beru too got that look in her eyes.“Why do you do that?” Luke asked, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, imagining the delicious stew and wondering if it was ready yet.“Do what?” Beru asked.“Get all funny when we learn about Palpatine and Vader?” Luke continued. “Didn’t they save the galaxy during the war? That’s what they teach us in school. In fact, I’m s’posed to draw a picture of them saving the galaxy for homework, ya know, with Empire Day coming and all.” He rumpled his mouth, looking Beru in the eyes. “How come my birthday’s right after Empire Day?”“Because that’s just when you were born,” said Beru, smiling at her nephew, though Luke still felt like she was uncomfortable with something.“How come you didn’t answer my question about Palpatine and Vader?” Luke frowned so hard that his upper lip pressed uncomfortably against his nose. “And don’t say you’ll tell me when I’m older – I’m almost seven, I’m older now!”Beru let out a long sigh as she put Luke down. “You’re right. Come on, let’s have a little talk.” She gave Owen her no-nonsense look. “You too, Owen.”She led her nephew and husband into the living room, where they all sat on the big overstuffed couch, Luke on his aunt’s comfortable lap. She wrapped her arms around him, rubbing his stomach with her calloused hands. “Luke,” she said, “do you know why we celebrate Empire Day?”“Cause that’s the day the Empire rose,” Luke answered, cocking his head and wondering if his aunt was asking a trick question. “The day Palpatine defeated the Separatists and stopped the Jedi from takin’ over.”“Yes, that’s true,” said Beru, “but we mainly celebrate it because the Emperor makes us celebrate it.”“If we didn’t celebrate it, the Empire would punish us,” said Owen.“What??” Luke exclaimed. That didn’t sound like the noble Emperor they learned about in class!“Yes,” said Owen, rubbing his nephew’s back. “I know they teach you in school about how great Palpatine is, but they’re told to teach you that.”Luke felt like he’d been punched in the stomach. “So . . . so my teachers lie?”“I don’t know if they really lie,” said Beru. “Some people really do believe that Palpatine is a great leader – after all, he did lead the war against the Separatists, but after that he crowned himself Emperor.”“What’s wrong with that?”Owen and Beru looked at each other with that same awkward expression they’d had when they told Luke where babies come from. “Well Luke,” said Owen, “before the Empire rose, the people used to have more rights. They would vote on what sort of laws they wanted and if they didn’t want to celebrate a particular holiday, they didn’t have to.”“Is that why we’re poor?” Luke asked. “Cause of the Empire?”Beru let out another sigh. “No, sweetheart. We were poor long before the Empire rose. Tatooine wasn’t part of the old Republic, but even in the Republic there were poor people like us.”“But why didn’t the Republic help you?”Again his aunt and uncle gave each other that awkward look, making Luke wish he knew what they were thinking. Maybe they were keeping secrets that they thought he wasn’t old enough to know, the thought of which made him frown again. “I don’t know why the Republic didn’t help,” Beru said. “Maybe because Tatooine is so far away from Coruscant, maybe because they didn’t have the resources to help, maybe because they were so busy with other things.”“That’s not right.”Now Owen was running his fingers through his nephew’s hair. “You’re right, it’s not right, but it’s how things are. Sometimes we little people get forgotten about when governments work things out.”Luke gulped, staring into the foyer where he’d dropped his backpack. “So should I do the homework picture?”“Since it’s a homework assignment, yeah, you should,” said Owen. “Do it for your grades, but remember, you’ve got to think for yourself about big things like government.”Think for yourself. Suddenly Luke felt himself getting a big grin on his face. “I’ve got an idea! I’ll draw Palpatine and Vader helping Tatooine out!”Beru chuckled slightly, that affectionate chuckle she gave when she thought Luke had a good idea. “And what will they be doing to help Tatooine?”“Hmm, well, they’ll be telling the Hutts to stop slavery and giving farmers like us more money to run our farms with!”Now Beru’s chuckle expanded into a chortle as she squeezed her nephew in a proud embrace. “Well, I don’t think they’ll actually do that, but who knows? Maybe if you show that to your teacher, that might inspire her to write Palpatine a letter asking him to help our planet.”“Yeah!” exclaimed Luke, jumping out of his aunt’s lap. “I’ll get started now!”“Okay,” said Owen, “but don’t get your hopes up. I don’t think anything’s gonna change just because you draw a picture.”Luke heard his uncle’s words, but they didn’t keep him from smiling. After all, school was always teaching them to believe in themselves and that small things can make a difference. Who was to say that a picture couldn’t make a difference?And even if the picture didn’t help, maybe Luke could make a difference some other way.THE END

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Mera and Bruz by CaraSilvaArt by TheWillofDarthAvis
May the 4th 2021 by GhostFreak-Artz
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Page 37 by SWHyperlaneNomads
May The Fourth with Zarya (Kitty Alt) by SuperHeroTimeFan


Jaina Solo by mikemaihack Jaina Solo :iconmikemaihack:mikemaihack 547 45 I want them alive . by ARTIEFISHEL79 I want them alive . :iconartiefishel79:ARTIEFISHEL79 120 24 JABBA THE HUTT by ARTIEFISHEL79 JABBA THE HUTT :iconartiefishel79:ARTIEFISHEL79 125 43 00002boba-1095x731 by Rexor101 00002boba-1095x731 :iconrexor101:Rexor101 29 3 000043212-1083x724 by Rexor101 000043212-1083x724 :iconrexor101:Rexor101 50 2 000051-1095x732 by Rexor101 000051-1095x732 :iconrexor101:Rexor101 17 0 0000354-1094x733 by Rexor101 0000354-1094x733 :iconrexor101:Rexor101 42 1 You Will Know2-1098x736 by Rexor101 You Will Know2-1098x736 :iconrexor101:Rexor101 52 9 00001apt2 1 -1093x709 by Rexor101 00001apt2 1 -1093x709 :iconrexor101:Rexor101 191 18 Raven Squad Abanandoned by mandospartangirl117 Raven Squad Abanandoned :iconmandospartangirl117:mandospartangirl117 78 42 Join the Dark Side! by you95100 Join the Dark Side! :iconyou95100:you95100 197 65 Ra'e-Ty by KittKitan Ra'e-Ty :iconkittkitan:KittKitan 16 2 Darth Vader -June '12 Daily Art Jam- Day 24 by JeremiahLambertArt Darth Vader -June '12 Daily Art Jam- Day 24 :iconjeremiahlambertart:JeremiahLambertArt 39 8 Darth Maul by The-Standard Darth Maul :iconthe-standard:The-Standard 13 6 watercolor Padme by slippyninja watercolor Padme :iconslippyninja:slippyninja 28 8

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Star Wars News

:new:For those of you that watched the season 5 finale of the CGI animated show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars there is some unfortunate news. Disney and Lucasfilm plan to shut down the production of the series, as the companies want to shift focus from the prequel era to the Episode VII era. In addition to this the animated comedy Star Wars: Detours is also being postponed to a later date as Lucasfilm determines whether it will be a good idea to launch a parody about Star Wars before the new movie's release.  

With all this being said, is this good or bad news for Star Wars fans?

Check out the full article here on Entertainment Weekly:…
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If you have a character you would like to see done in this style you can sound off in my poll which is here.
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General Aayla Secura - Softbrushed by ChristopherRobinArtz   Ahsoka Tano Softbrushed by ChristopherRobinArtz Jedi Master Luminara Unduli - Softbrushed by ChristopherRobinArtz
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Hi don't want to come off as a spammer, but just trying to spread word that Simon Pegg who is officially involved with The Force Awakens recently insulted George Lucas and more than half the Star Wars fanbase. Just trying to get word out about a petition requesting his removal from Official Star Wars projects. It's time that Prequel Fans stand up for their part of the Franchise.…

I have no problem with people expressing their views, but someone who is officially involved with the Star Wars franchise shouldn't be dissing it's creator and more than half it's fanbase.
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Is There A New Live-Action Star Wars TV Show In The Works At Disney?

In case some missed it, a new rumor has recently emerged that the old galaxy far, far away could be looking to increase its television presence exponentially, with a brand new, rumored live-action show that would tie into the much larger universe soon to be established by Walt Disney Films. Originally Lucasfilm had plans for such . . .

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