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The Adventures of Nomi Darklighter - Ch. 101- Training Session - Two standard weeks had passed since Ulic Bel-Baal’s death and life was returning to normal. Nomi had barely known the man who was her father and they never had the chance to develop a real relationship, but she was still sad. The young woman was sitting in a chair, lost in thought, Corran on her lap. She was looking at the red Mandalorian armor that had belonged to her father and given to her after his death, which she was now displaying on a mannequin, when there was a knock on the door. Sensing her childhood friend, she used the Force to open the door and Luke Skywalker entered. “Good morning, Nomi. Good morning, Corran,” he said and continued without waiting for an answer. “What do you think, Nomi? Should we resume your Jedi training? I think you’ve neglected your exercises for far too long. Your leg is healed. So there is no longer any reason for you to be idle, my friend.” The Jedi nodded and placed her youngest son on the ground. “Good morning, Luke,” she said, smiling. “Yes, let’s practice. I really need it. However, we have to take the children with us because Dash and Leebo aren’t there.” Skywalker laughed. “Your offspring won’t bother us. It’s also time for me to continue training the triplets. I’ve already found the ideal place for training,” he paused for a moment before continuing. “It’s the Emperor’s throne room.” When Nomi heard this, she swallowed hard and gave her friend a horrified look. “You can’t be serious. Haven’t you felt the shadows of the dark side lurking there?” Her Jedi Master nodded his head. “Yes, I felt it and that makes it an ideal place for our training.” Nomi frowned, wondering if Luke had lost his mind. “But, Luke…,” she began and was interrupted by him. “There are no buts, Nomi. We’ll train in the throne room,” he said firmly. “It’s an opportunity to see if you can resist the dark side.” His friend was still staring at him, thinking about it. She might be able to resist the temptations of the dark side, but what about her children? They would be with them in this haunted place. “Why are you hesitating? Change your clothes and come with me.” Nomi finally stood up and went to the bedroom, where she changed into her black training clothes. As she left the bedroom, she hooked the lightsaber to her belt. She called her sons and took Tasherit from her crib. Luke came towards her and held out his hands. “Give me your little princess, Nomi.” The Jedi handed him the baby and the young man held it carefully and tenderly in his arms. Tasherit smiled at him, chuckled, and stuck a thumb in her mouth. Luke then turned around, opened the door with the Force and left the room, followed by Nomi and the triplets. They slowly made their way to the throne room. When they had reached their destination, Luke turned to Nomi. “Open the door, Nomi.” His friend stepped forward, took a deep breath, and opened one side of the large double doors. As soon as the door opened, the triplets pushed past their mother into the huge throne room, which was dimly lit. Nomi and Luke followed them, closing the door behind them. As before, the young woman was almost overwhelmed by the shadows of the Emperor’s dark presence. But this time there was also an unbearable pain throbbing in her head. She looked at her children and Skywalker. They didn’t seem to notice anything. The triplets ran around before climbing up the steps leading to the dais with the throne. Without hesitation, they seized the chair that once belonged to the Emperor. Luke watched Nomi carefully and the look on her face told him something was wrong. He opened the clasp of his cloak with one hand and let it slide to the floor before laying Tasherit on it. “You need to shield your mind, Nomi. Use the techniques I taught you.” He approached her after covering his friend’s daughter with his cloak. “Have you forgotten everything I taught you, Nomi?” The young woman shook her head. “No, Luke, I haven’t forgotten anything. I’ll try to shield my mind,” she replied. At that moment she knew that was the wrong answer, but she couldn’t take it back. “Do or do not. There is no try,” Skywalker quoted Master Yoda. “What’s wrong with you? I feel like you're scared.” “Dammit, Luke, I’m not scared! I fear nothing and no one!” There was a subtle change in the woman’s expression, but it escaped the attention of her childhood friend. Corran hurried down the steps of the dais, running towards his mother and looking at her with wide eyes. “Why are you so mad at Luke, Mama?” But instead of answering, the boy was pushed aside by his mother. “Leave me alone, Corran, and go to your siblings!” Luke grabbed her arm while Corran stood a safe distance away. “What are you doing, Nomi?” The pain in the Jedi’s head became more and more unbearable and then she suddenly heard a calm and enticing voice in her head. There was an eerie fascination in that voice. “Yes, my apprentice, that’s good. Give in to your anger. It makes you powerful and strong. Nobody can defeat you. You will kill the son of the traitor Skywalker. The day of revenge has finally come. When Luke Skywalker lies dead at your feet, the Empire will rise again to new power and greatness.” And then in her mind’s eye she saw the Emperor looking at her viciously. “You will be the instrument of my revenge, Nomi Darklighter.” “Never!” The Emperor laughed evilly. “Oh, I think you will, Nomi. You will serve me as your father once served me. There is no escape. You will bow before me and avenge my death by killing Skywalker. Take your lightsaber and attack him.” How could someone who had been dead for so long still be so powerful? Palpatine even knew how to masterfully manipulate the dark side from beyond the grave and turn Nomi into his puppet. The Jedi tried in vain to shield herself from the Emperor’s whispers. Luke hadn’t noticed what was going on and was therefore completely surprised when his friend activated her lightsaber and attacked him. At the last moment he jumped aside, otherwise she would have beheaded him. Skywalker jumped onto the steps leading to the dais with the throne and activated his lightsaber. “Don’t give in to the dark side, Nomi,” he said almost imploringly as the Jedi slowly walked up the steps. “The dark side? What do you know about the dark side? Nothing! Because you are too cowardly to use the Force to its full potential,” Nomi laughed, while her sons were hiding behind the throne. “Our fathers knew the power of the dark side and weren't afraid to use it, Luke. But they too were weak at the end of their lives and betrayed the true teaching.” Luke backed away from her and walked down the steps, keeping a wary eye on his opponent. “Listen to me, Nomi! Something or someone is manipulating you.” The young woman did not react to his words and followed him down the steps, the lightsaber with the red glowing blade firmly in her hand. Her sons now stood before the throne, paralyzed with fear, watching the scene unfold at their feet. Luke and Nomi had reached the bottom of the steps. Skywalker still shied away from fighting. “C’mon, Jedi Master, fight!” Nomi used the Force to slam and lock the door. “You can’t escape me now, Luke. Get ready to face the Force.” Skywalker approached her, lightsaber activated. “You won’t kill me, Nomi,” he said in a strange voice. His childhood friend laughed at the poor attempt at manipulating her with a Jedi mind trick. “Oh yes, I will, Luke. You can’t escape your fate. Be a man and fight.” Something made her hesitate, but then she stabbed with the lightsaber. At the same time, Luke raised his green blade to parry her blow. Nomi Force jumped, somersaulted, and swung her lightsaber in a wide arc. Sparks flew as the blades collided. Only superhumanly fast reflexes allowed Luke to escape the full impact of the blow. He looked at her in surprise. She felt fear rising within him. That was good, that was actually very good. But then Luke regained his composure and she felt him reach for the Force. His lightsaber whizzed down. She dodged the blow. He kept attacking and she parried. They continued the duel of life and death. Out of the corner of her eye, Nomi saw Biggs hurrying down the dais steps and towards the door. Using the Force, he unlocked it, opened it, and ran out. His mother could have stopped him, but she didn’t care. It wasn’t important. She was sure that Luke Skywalker would be dead at her feet in a few minutes. The young woman was constantly attacking now.Luke had to use all his strength and skill to defend himself. A counter-attack was out of the question for him. The dark side had made Nomi Darklighter strong and powerful. Nomi struck and Luke brought up his lightsaber to parry. At the last moment, the Jedi changed the direction of her strike. The tip of the energy blade flashed across Luke’s midsection, cutting through his Jedi robes and leaving a burn mark on his body. The sweet smell of his burnt flesh hung in the air. A strange excitement gripped Nomi as she saw him wince in pain and briefly press his hand to the wound. He looked at her in fear. She didn’t give him a break, but continued the attack relentlessly, again using a complicated form of attack. This time she grazed his right upper arm. Luke slowed down. It was only a matter of time before the Emperor’s death would be avenged. Skywalker reached for the Force and suppressed the pain with a Jedi relaxation technique. Seconds later he was swinging the lightsaber with renewed vigor. The boy was stronger than Nomi expected. She blocked his blow and stepped forward to strike again. Although he was able to block the blow, it was so violent that Luke fell to the ground. His opponent followed him relentlessly as he tried to crawl away and get back to his feet. Nomi’s lightsaber left a long burn mark on the back of his right leg. Nevertheless, he managed to get back up. He limped away from Nomi, who followed him and threatened him with feints, which he tried to block. His resistance gradually weakened. The Jedi’s lightsaber found its mark again, grazing his chest. “You’re weak, Luke. Fight!” The young man stood in front of her, panting. “Please, Nomi…” But she didn’t listen and attacked him again. He was only able to fend off the blow with difficulty. At the same moment, the door burst open and Dash stormed in with his blaster drawn, followed by Biggs. “Nomi! What are you doing? Do you want to kill the boy?” His wife turned her head slightly in his direction, keeping her eyes on Luke as he tried to retreat to the open door. “Stay out of this if you love your life, Dash!” The former mercenary was still pointing the blaster at his wife. “Nomi, darling, you can’t kill Luke. Think of Biggs and what you swore after he was killed in action during the Battle of Yavin. You can’t have forgotten everything.” Nomi clenched her fist and summoned the dark side to unleash its destructive energies on her husband. “You asked for this, Dash!” “No, Mama, don’t do it!” The triplets shouted. Even Tasherit, who had been sleeping peacefully despite the noise of the battle, suddenly screamed. Nomi was distracted for a moment, but it was enough for Dash to act. With a shot from his blaster he stunned his wife and she collapsed unconscious.When Nomi regained consciousness, she was lying in her bed. Her husband sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her worriedly. “What happened, Dash?” At first he hesitated, but then he told her what had happened, as far as he knew. Tears welled up in Nomi’s eyes. She had failed and given in to the dark side. “How is Luke?” “Not very good, Nomi. You hurt him badly. He’ll probably have to spend a few days in the medbay.” When she heard that, she tried to get up, but Dash gently pushed her back into the pillow. “Why did you want to kill Luke? What’s wrong with you?” She suddenly remembered what happened before the fight. “The Emperor - he ordered me to kill Luke to avenge his death.” Dash looked at her and frowned. “The Emperor? But he’s long dead, Nomi. How can a dead man give you orders?” His wife sighed. “Never underestimate the dark side of the Force, Dash.” Rendar jumped up and paced the room. “If it’s true that the Emperor's ghost has influence over you, then we need to get out of here as quickly as possible, Nomi. I could never forgive myself if something happened to you, the children, or Luke. We’re leaving today, darling. Somewhere we’ll find a place where we can live a quiet life. Maybe we should go to Tatooine.” The Jedi shook her head. “No Dash, I can’t just run away from the problems, I have to face them.” Dash leaned in and gave her a kiss. “As you wish, honey. You have to do what you think is right.” Nomi hoped that staying on Coruscant and in the former Imperial Palace was really the right decision....
Life as a Dyad - Chapter 16“Well, I can prescribe some anti-nausea pills,” said the hologram of Krain Avan, the orange-skinned Zabrak who had been Ben’s therapist ever since he first went to prison. “That should help you be more comfortable riding in speeders.” “But why is it happening?” Ben pressed. “I never used to get motion sickness before prison.”Krain’s kind eyes gazed into Ben’s. “That was before you went twenty years without riding a speeder. Your body needs to get used to it all over again. However, with the help of the anti-nausea pills, it shouldn’t take too long to get used to it.”Ben nodded, gripping the edge of the kitchen table in case his hands started shaking. “And what about the panic attacks?”“Well, I’m afraid those are more difficult, but panic attacks are common for people who have recently been released from prison. After so many years in a regimented environment, it can be tough to adjust to regular life.”And that’s without having the Force on top of everything else, he thought, still gripping the table. “Yesterday, at the holocinema, I could feel how everyone was afraid of me. I didn’t even last five minutes before I had to leave, dragging my family with me. Oh, Ben said he was fine with us leaving, but I could still sense his disappointment at missing the holofilm, and Gavin’s too.”Krain cocked his head. “You sense Ben’s disappointment?”Ben blinked, realizing what had happened. “I . . . AUGH . . . these stupid memory lapses!” He squeezed his head between his hands, his breath fluctuating. “This never happened on Jakku . . . no, wait, I didn’t grow up on Jakku, did I?”The therapist shook his head. “Your wife is the one who grew up on Jakku.”“Right . . . right.” Ben sucked in a long breath as he released his head. “I’d like to get a job, but even forgetting about everything else, what if that happened when I was on duty?”“Well, you’ve told me that the memory lapses don’t happen when you and your wife are together,” Krain said calmly. “What if you worked in her garage?”Ben sighed. “She suggested that too, but I feel funny collecting a paycheck from her since that way I’m not actually adding to the family’s income.”“You could still help her business grow,” said Krain. “Maybe,” said Ben, “but I’d probably rather work somewhere else.” Even though the thought of working anywhere with people who would probably see him as Kylo Ren sent his stomach into turmoil.“In any case, there’s no hurry to get a job right this minute,” said Krain. “You can take this one step at a time.”“One step at a time,” Ben mumbled. “Even though I’m middle-aged and I’ve wasted a huge chunk of my life already.”. . .After the session, Ben went browsing through the shelves, looking at his wife’s collection of Jedi texts - both the ancient ones and tomes that she had written herself about her new way of teaching the Force - and holofilms. Rey and Gavin had accumulated a large collection of holofilms in the last two decades, most of which Ben had never seen, but there were a few he remembered from his own childhood.But then two particular holofilms grabbed his attention.They stood side-by-side and they both had “HELP ME THROUGH LIFE” written in big colorful letters on the side of the case - clearly they were meant for children. One was titled “HELP ME THROUGH LIFE: Death” and the other was titled “HELP ME THROUGH LIFE: Incarceration.”Incarceration? Clearly Rey had gotten these holodiscs long ago to help Gavin deal with his biological parents’ deaths and his adopted father being in prison.Incarceration.Stars, Ben didn’t know that any children’s holo ever dealt with incarceration. Death, sure, a lot of kids had to deal with death in one form or another, so there would be a demand for a kids’ holo that dealt with death. But incarceration?Ben grabbed the disc.. . .Rey came home to find her husband sprawled out on the couch, eyes glued to the holovid - which was playing the credits of that old children’s holo about incarceration that she had bought for Gavin years ago. “Oh,” she exclaimed softly. “You found that.”Ben pushed himself to a sitting position, patting the cushion next to him as he turned the holovid off. “It’s very well done,” he said in a low voice. “I especially liked the segment where the little girl went to visit her mother in prison. It shows kids what to expect when visiting someone in prison.”“Yes,” said Rey, feeling a hollowness in her stomach.“And how it emphasized that it’s never the kid’s fault when a parent goes to prison,” Ben continued, still gazing at the holovid even though it was turned off. “And that whatever the kid is feeling - angry, sad, confused - it’s okay to feel that way. I’m glad you found that for Gavin.”Rey gulped. “The first time we watched it, Gavin cried at the part where the little boy was picked on at school for his dad being in prison. He had just started school himself and some of the kids were picking on him.”“But the holo gave good advice there,” said Ben, still not looking her in the eye. “Tell adults you trust and remember that you’re not alone.”“Yes,” said Rey. “Gavin and I told his teacher about what was happening, a lot like in the holo.” She gently wrapped her arm around her husband’s shoulder, squeezing him close to her, feeling the tension both in his muscle and flowing from the Force. “How did the appointment go?”“He’s prescribing some anti-nausea pills to help me get used to riding speeders again,” Ben mumbled before letting out a long sigh. “One thing about that holo - it never flat-out said what any of the parents did to end up in prison.”“I think that was on purpose,” said Rey. “So any kid who had a parent in prison could identify with it.”“Yeah, but a parent being in prison for possessing illegal spice is different from a parent being in prison for murdering countless innocents including his own father!” His shoulders further tensed up in her grasp. “I’m guessing that holoseries doesn’t have a special about that.”Rey inhaled through her nose, squeezing his shoulder. “Ben, I know you’re feeling a lot of guilt. It’s understandable, but it’s also been a long time. Maybe you should try to let go of the guilt.”With that, Ben leapt to his feet so abruptly that Rey almost fell over. “Let go?? Let go when Dad and all the others are still dead?? Let go when I tortured you and General Dameron and all those other prisoners??”Rey swallowed as she stood up, reaching out to caress his shoulder only for him to flinch away. “Well what’s the alternative? Wallowing in this for the rest of your life? You have a second chance for a life here!”“Tell that to the police who are still guarding the apartment every night because of that guy who thought I shouldn’t have a second chance for a life!” Ben snapped. “Tell that to all the people at the holocinema who were terrified of Kylo Ren being there! Tell that to the kids who bullied Gavin because his father was in prison.” He gestured at the holovid. “You shouldn’t have needed a holo about incarceration!”“You’re right, we shouldn’t have,” said Rey. “But the fact is that you’ve served your time and whether people like it or not, you can’t be arrested for Kylo Ren’s actions again. It’s time for all of us to move forward!”“So we have a happy family life while forgetting that I was Kylo Ren??” Ben shouted. “We just ignore that??”“Of course not!” Rey shouted back. “But you also can’t let your life go by while you sink into despair!”“It’s what I fucking deserve!!”With that, D-O came rolling into the living room, craning his neck up in an anxious manner. “A-angry?”Both Rey and Ben released extended sighs. “No,” said Rey. “Just frustrated.”
The Adventures of Nomi Darklighter - Ch. 100- Day of Parting - A standard week had passed in which nothing important had happened, but then events came thick and fast. Nomi looked up from her work when her husband entered the room. “Have you heard?” He asked and continued without waiting for his wife’s reaction. “Rogue Squadron actually managed to corner and defeat Ysanne Isard and Erisi Dlarit. Both were killed.” “That’s great news, darling,” the Jedi replied. “Indeed, but wait, it gets better,” her husband said with a big grin. “The Lusankya fell into the hands of the Alliance and the Alliance members held on it were freed. And now that we have free access to bacta again, the Krytos plague is finally subsiding. There were no new infections. Nothing now stands in the way of the founding of the New Republic. It seems as if we have finally achieved the goal of our years of struggle, honey.” “Wonderful, but I also have good news, Dash. An amnesty has been issued and my father will be free.” The mention of Nomi’s father put a damper on Dash’s good mood. He was still having a hard time coming to terms with the man who had almost killed him. “I’ll pick him up together with the children. Do you want to come with us, darling?” The former mercenary shook his head. “No, Nomi, you can’t ask me to do that. I’m sorry but I just can’t forgive and forget and just pretend nothing happened. But you can take the children with you if you want.” Shortly afterwards, Nomi was on her way to the palace’s detention block with Tasherit in her arms, followed by the triplets. She hoped that one day Dash would be able to reconcile with her father. The Jedi hadn’t been allowed to see her father the entire time after he was taken to prison. Her attempts to contact him through the Force were blocked by Ulic. Nomi couldn’t imagine why he did that. She summoned the turbolift that would take them to the detention block level. The lift came and the door hissed open. Nomi led the triplets inside and pressed a button. The door hissed closed and the turbolift moved downwards. “Grandpa will be happy if we take him home with us, Mama,” Dash Jr. said, looking up to his mother. “Yes, he definitely will, Junior,” Nomi replied, cradling the sleeping Tasherit in her arms. Minutes later, the turbolift stopped and the door hissed open. The Jedi exited the turbolift and entered the brightly lit hallway followed by her sons. As they entered the detention block, a lieutenant approached them and looked at Nomi expectantly. The young woman activated her datapad after shifting her daughter and displayed the order to release Lord Ulic Bel-Baal from custody. When the lieutenant read the name, he raised an eyebrow and moved the Jedi aside so the boys couldn’t hear what he had to say. “Major Darklighter? One moment please.” Looking at the man’s expression, the Jedi felt like he was about to give her bad news. “Yes, Lieutenant?” “I’m sorry, Major Darklighter, but I must inform you that your father is dying,” the Alliance officer looked at her sympathetically. “The medics can’t do anything for him. He doesn’t seem to have any will to live anymore.” Against her will, tears welled up in Nomi’s eyes. “Take me to him, Lieutenant.” “Of course, Major,” the lieutenant replied. The young woman slowly followed the officer through the corridors to her father’s cell, after leaving the triplets in the guard room and taking only Tasherit with her. The lieutenant entered the access code and the cell door hissed open. The room had the usual appearance of an Imperial prison cell and even the Alliance takeover hadn’t changed that. Nomi entered hesitantly, overwhelmed by memories of her own stays in such cells. Under the blanket on the cot she could see the outline of a human figure. The lieutenant went to the cot and spoke to the man lying there. “Lord Bel-Baal...your daughter is here.” There was no visible reaction to the man’s words, but the Jedi felt a slight tremor in the Force. She went to her father with the baby in her arms and sat next to him. Then she turned to her companion. “Please leave us alone, Lieutenant.” “Yes, Ma’am,” the officer replied, leaving the cell and locking it. As soon as the man left, Nomi took her father’s hand. Ulic opened his eyes and looked at his daughter as he spoke to her in the Force. Apparently he didn’t want anyone to overhear them. “That I can see you again, Nomi.” Nomi could barely hold back her tears. She had come to tell her father the good news of his release and now she was sitting at his deathbed. “No, don’t cry, my child. You have always been so strong. In this respect you are very similar to your mother. Silya... What I wouldn’t give if I could undo everything. I loved your mother with all my heart, Nomi. But my love wasn’t strong enough to withstand the influence of the dark side.” Her father raised his hand and gently stroked Tasherit’s copper-red hair. “You must have looked just like your daughter at that age. Now I won’t see your children grow up.” Bel-Baal sighed. “You can’t die, father. We need you,” Nomi replied, sobbing. The dying man shook his head. “No, Nomi, you don’t need me. And what about your husband? You know he hates me, even if he tries to hide it from you. From a certain point of view I can understand him. Believe me, it’s better if I leave this world, my child. I hope I find peace.” The last words were almost inaudible. He was silent for a moment, as if trying to gather strength. “Nomi” The Jedi felt her father’s presence fading in the Force and had to concentrate to understand him. “Yes, father?” “You have brought light into the darkness of my heart. Never succumb to the temptations of the dark side, my child. Promise me.” When his daughter heard this, she had a lump in her throat and could only nod. “You weren’t wrong about me, Nomi.” He sighed deeply again and then there was silence, only broken by his daughter’s sobs. Ulic Bel-Baal was dead. Nomi was still holding his hand. But then her father’s body disappeared. Only his clothes remained on the cot. He had become one with the Force. Lord Bel-Baal had indeed turned away from the dark side and found his way back to the light. Despite her sadness, she smiled as she saw her father’s shimmering figure before her. Just as she had once seen the Force ghosts of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda on Endor, on the day of her wedding and the Alliance’s victory. The cell door hissed open and the lieutenant entered. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he didn’t see the prisoner. “Where is he, Major Darklighter?” The young woman turned her tear-stained face towards him. “My father died and became one with the Force. Didn’t you know he was a Jedi, Lieutenant?” He shook his head and stared at the empty cot. “I have a report to make, Ma’am.” Nomi stood up and went to the door. “Yes, do that, Lieutenant.” She then left the cell, leaving the officer behind. The Jedi went back to the guard room where the triplets were waiting for them. Corran looked at her with a serious expression that was too serious for his age. “Our grandfather is dead, Mama. We felt it when he died.” His mother nodded as Biggs hugged her legs and looked up at her. “Don’t cry, Mama. Grandpa is fine where he is now,” said the little guy. Nomi looked at Dash Jr., who was standing in the corner, crying quietly. “Come on Dash, let’s go home. Your father is already waiting for us.” As she walked to their quarters, she wondered how Dash would react to his father-in-law’s death. As they entered the quarters, Dash looked at his wife in surprise. “Where is your father, Nomi? Why are you crying? What happened, darling?” His wife handed Leebo Tasherit while the triplets went to their room. Dash came up to her and took her in his arms. She leaned against his chest, crying. “My father is dead, Dash. I was with him when he died.” Her husband gently stroked her hair. “I know how you feel. Believe me, I know what’s going on with you now. It can’t have been easy for you to watch your father die.” Nomi raised her head and looked him in the eyes. “It almost sounds like you’re sorry for his death, Dash.” Rendar nodded. “Yes, I’m sorry for his death, Nomi. Despite everything, your father was a great man. I wanted to hate him for what he did to us and especially to you, but now I can’t anymore.” “Is that true, Dash?” His wife looked at him doubtfully. Suddenly she saw her father’s Force ghost standing behind Dash, nodding and speaking to her in the Force. “Yes, what your husband says is true. There is no longer any hatred for me in his heart. Now I can truly go in peace, my child. I wish you all the happiness in the universe. One day we both will be united in the Force. May the Force be with you and your family, Nomi.” His daughter held out her hand to him. “Father, please stay! Don’t leave me!” Ulic smiled at her one last time and disappeared. Dash turned his head but couldn’t see what his wife was seeing. “C’mon, darling, it was all a bit too much for you. It’s better if you go to bed now.” He picked up his wife and carried her into the bedroom, where he gently laid her on the bed. After her husband left, Nomi stood up again, took off her uniform and went to the refresher. There she looked in the mirror and it seemed to her as if she were looking at a stranger. She didn't know how long she had been standing there looking at her face in the mirror when Dash came up behind her and gently placed his hand on her shoulder. “You should sleep, Nomi, it’s already late,” he whispered in her ear. Nomi nodded and slowly followed him into the bedroom, where she fell into bed next to him, exhausted and yet unable to sleep for a long time....

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Bad Batch Poster by DoubleArchangel
Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford #1 by QuantumReel
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi by SonicClone
David Prowse, Darth Vader Actor, Dies by JediSenshi
Mature Content

Mature Content

Ravager's Harvest Ch5p6 By Marcoabe by BlakeSkies
Over Flow

Mature Content

Ravager's Harvest Ch5p5 By Marcoabe by BlakeSkies



Star Wars Elite

Greetings and welcome to the Star-Wars-Elite, I am your host Sir-Saboteur

We are the Second Largest Star Wars Group on Deviantart.
And the fastest growing.

This group was formed to show other people your work and to admire theirs.

This is an official group for star wars fans, and is dedicated to all things Star Wars. The group is open to everyone that joins.

Just about everything has a place here; be it Mandalorians, Clone Troopers, Stormtroopers, Jedi, Sith, Rebels, OCs, Vehicles, Ships, Weapons, Blasters, Lightsabers, and much more in the ways of Star Wars.

I have a bunch of folders here for most everything, but if there isn't one for your type of artwork, let me know and I'll make a folder.


The purposes of this group are several things:
:bulletblue: To see other peoples work and for them to see yours.
:bulletblue: Improvement: I encourage the critique of other people’s work. Give them advice so they can improve their work
:bulletblue: To express your love for star wars
:bulletblue: Interacting- I encourage you to have discussions and to communicate with your fellow deviants.

:bulletgreen: If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the group, please feel free to tell me your thoughts.

:bulletgreen: Questions- If there’s something you’re not sure of, ask me I’d be happy to answer them.




****Violators will be thrown into the Rancor pit.****

:bulletpurple: Featured- The only thing in here our discussion board for any ideas you may have for me about the group

:bulletpurple: Prized Work You can put ONE piece in here, the one you like or cherish the most.

:bulletpurple: Mandalorians

:bulletpurple: Clone Troopers

:bulletpurple: Fan Fiction- Your own stories. STORIES ONLY PLEASE!

:bulletpurple: Fan Fiction Chapters- Stories that have multiple parts/chapters.

:bulletpurple: OC Profile Folder- Basically the profile of your character. This
includes: Personality, Biography, History, and more or less
things about your character. Drawing not required.
*If these things are not there, it will be moved to the folder

:bulletpurple: OC- This folder is for anything else that has to do with your OCs should be put in here.

:bulletpurple: Stormtroopers and Imperials

:bulletpurple: Rebels

:bulletpurple: Jedi

:bulletpurple: Sith

:bulletpurple: Weapons- Blasters, Blades, Lightsabers, ETC.

:bulletpurple: Vehicles and Vessels- Everything from walkers to starships

:bulletpurple: Bounty Hunters

:bulletpurple: Droids

:bulletpurple: Landscapes/Planets- Planets, Maps, Landscapes, Space, space docks, forts, barracks, etc.

:bulletpurple: Cosplay

:bulletpurple: Republic- Any thing else to do with the Republic goes here. Things like Republic Senators and Non-Clone Military Personal.

:bulletpurple: Separatists- Anything Separatist goes here. Ex: General Grievous, Separatist Senators. Note: Battle Droids go in the Droids folder.

:bulletpurple: Comics- ANYTHING in comic book form.

:bulletpurple: Humor- The Funny/Humorous things go here.

:bulletpurple: Aliens- Self-explanatory

:bulletpurple: Creatures- Everything creature goes here.

:bulletpurple: Other- Miscellaneous stuff

:bulletpurple: Crossovers- It depends on what it is.

:bulletpurple: Video Games- Any shots from the video games should go here.

:bulletpurple: Sketches- This is for the most part, simple doodles, but also MOST pencil works.

:bulletpurple: Chibis- Everything Chibi goes here.

:bulletpurple: Crafts- Any other craft works you’ve done.
*Note: this is not cosplay related

:bulletpurple: Custom figures- For custom figures you made.

:bulletpurple: Figures (Normal)- this folder is for uncustomized figures. This includes Hasbro figures, Lego figures, figuer battle scenes, etc.

:bulletpurple: Scale Models- For scale models and model kits

:bulletpurple: Photos- This is the Photo section for the pictures you take of events and such.
*Note: this is not cosplay related

:bulletpurple: Posters- A folder for posters and anything in poster form. If it looks like it should be hung up on the wall or nailed it to a post, it goes here.

:bulletpurple: Tattoos- This is where you can show off your ink.

:bulletpurple: Media- Things like video games shots from SWTOR, Television shots like The Clone Wars, Screen shots, and Movie pics, this includes anything that is edited over or has a caption.

:bulletpurple: Couples- This folder is for couples and fan parings.

:bulletpurple: Stamps- Self-Explanatory.
*Note: Regardless of relation to other folders, ALL STAMPS GO HERE.

:bulletpurple: Mature Content- What can I say, people like it, so why not. If is is marked as mature content, put it in this folder only please. Please use discretion in these as they should be artistic above all else.

:bulletpurple: Over Flow- This is the folder that I will move most of the stuff to from an art dump/art bombing. Hence the title overflow.
*If you want it to be moved back, give me something to change. The purpose of the Over Flow folder is to help keep the other folders more diverse.


*** If you put a deviation in the wrong folder, please let me know and I'll take care of it.

***If you are still unsure where to put it, ask me.



If there is an issue with any of these things, please report it to me.

:bulletgreen: The art must be Star Wars related. This is a Star Wars after all.

:bulletgreen: Art Theft will not be tolerated. This is a group for fans to show their OWN work.

:bulletgreen: No art bashing and insults. This is a place to encourage people, build them up, not tear them down.

:bulletgreen: Please submit to the right folder. If is is submitted to the incorrect folder, it will be removed, and it will need to be resubmitted to the correct folder.

Keep it civil and Have Fun.

Look at other people's stuff, give advice and suggestions, and overall, enjoy!





Just a notice, after it was requested by a number of people I have increased the daily submission to 5 and will see how it goes.

Also we just passed 5,000 members. Cheers!
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