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105th Acklay Battalion ARC Corporal Vice Veteran by Fabulousbrickartwork
105th Acklay Battalion ARC Corporal Vice HD by Fabulousbrickartwork
Sergeant Boss (Clone Commando) by matsudesign
Captain Gregor (Clone Commando) by matsudesign
Fan Fiction
The Pull to the Dark - Chapter 20Snoke could only let out a loud gasp before he collapsed. The apprentice stared at him, panting as if she couldn’t believe what she just did. She extinguished her lightsaber and threw it on top of his body, swallowing repeatedly.Then she collapsed too. “NO!” Ben yelled, crawling up to his daughter, ignoring the pain as he gathered her into her arms.She was coughing, her body trembling. “I-It’s . . . it’s all right, Dad. I think I’m going to be born soon.”“Born??” Ara exclaimed. “You’re not due for a month!”Their daughter snickered a little. “I guess I’m already surprising you.”The rest of the family was gathering around them – Ben supposed he shouldn’t be surprised that Snoke’s influence on them vanished with him. “Snoke . . . did you kill him?”“I-I killed him here. He’s alive somewhere in the physical world, but he’s gone from our minds.”Leia ran her finger through her granddaughter’s hair. “I’ll make sure the Republic tracks down Snoke and the First Order he leads. He won’t win, I promise.”“The dark Ben,” Ara exclaimed as if she only now remembered him. “What happened to him?”The daughter swallowed. “I merged into him when Snoke took over my mind. He’s gone too.” She flinched, sucking air into her mouth. “You . . . you all need to wake up soon so I can be born.”Rey swallowed too. “Will you remember this when you’re born?”The daughter gave a pained smile. “Of course not, silly – I’m a baby. But you will all remember this." She closed her eyes, leaning back into her father’s torso. “It will be an interesting story to tell me someday . . .” “Sweetheart!” Ara exclaimed, grabbing her daughter’s hand.The daughter’s eyes opened slightly, as if the action in itself was a struggle. “There’s . . . there’s something I’d like to know before I’m born, though . . .”“Yes,” said Ben, “anything.”She took in a large inhale. “What’s my name?”Ben gulped, looking around at his family as if one of them would have the answer. Though he and Ara had known their daughter’s gender for weeks, they hadn’t yet decided on a name and they eventually planned not to name her until they actually saw her in person. Then his eyes rested on Han, who was stroking his granddaughter’s cheek.Han, who had always believed in Ben when Ben didn’t believe in himself.Han, who had sacrificed several years to live with Ben during his Jedi training.Han, who had discovered that sharing dreams was possible.Han, who had stood up against Snoke to defend his son and granddaughter.“Hanna,” Ben murmured, quickly looking at his wife. “Ara, what do you think of Hanna?”Ara grinned. “Well, I like it if her namesake agrees.”Han was glancing downward as if slightly embarrassed, but there was no mistaking his huge grin. “Are you kidding? Of course I like it!”Now their daughter – Hanna – was grinning as well. “Hanna . . . yes, that’s a good name.” She gave her grandfather another pained smile. “Remember, you promised ice cream trips and pod races.”“Absolutely,” said Han.She flinched again. “Now hurry, you need to wake up . . .”Ara quickly leaned over and kissed her daughter’s forehead. “I’ll see you soon, Hanna, my sweet little Hanna-nanna.”Ben planted his own kiss on Hanna’s forehead, already feeling this world starting to peel away, the waking world hovering above him, as if he were holding his breath underwater and would need to surface in a few seconds. “I love you Hanna, I can’t wait to meet you in the real world.”Then everything dissolved into blackness.. . .Ben’s eyes slowly blinked open, a yawn escaping his lips, his mind in a daze. The smell of antiseptic filled his nostrils, reminding him of where he was. Snoke, Ara, his family, his dark self, his dark daughter . . .The baby!Hanna.[Ben! You’re awake!] It was only a second before Chewie gathered Ben up into his arms, pressing him against his big furry chest. The familiar thick Wookiee smell helped calm Ben’s nerves, if only a little bit.[Are you all right?] Chewie asked.“I think so,” Ben murmured. “I think we all are, but . . . wait, she said she was going to be born soon – is Ara awake?? Is she in labor??”“Mrs. Solo is awake, Dr. Solo,” said one of the medical droids. “She also appears to have had her first contraction a few minutes ago.”With that, Ben pushed himself out of the embrace and leaped out of bed. A quick glance around the room revealed that Han, Leia, Luke, and Rey were also awake, though their eyelids were still drooping and a few yawns were escaping.And there was Ara, sitting up in the bed, her hand on her pregnant stomach, blinking slowly, but smiling. “Ara,” Ben exclaimed in a relieved voice, giving his wife a quick kiss on the lips. “Are you all right?”“Better now that you’re awake,” said Ara. “Those droids are about to stick an IV in me and I’d much rather you do it.”Ben found himself snickering a bit as he nodded. “Of course.” He turned to the droid who was pushing an IV stand up to the bed. “I can do that,” he said. “I’m not trained as a maternity doctor, but I can help you with things like taking her temperature and blood pressure and setting up her IV.”“Of course, Dr. Solo,” said the droid. “We would be pleased to have your help.” The droid pulled a hand-sanitizing wipe and a pair of rubber gloves out of his body compartment and handed them to Ben, who immediately sanitized his hands and snapped on the gloves, not caring if he didn’t look the part of a doctor right now. Whether dressed in pajamas or a doctor’s coat, this was his life, caring for those who needed it.Ara took a deep breath as Ben swabbed up her arm. “Hanna was right, she wants to be born now . . . wait, you were actually there, right? That wasn’t just a weird dream I had, right?”Ben smiled at her as he pressed down on her arm and gently inserted the needle, making her flinch only slightly. “It was a weird dream all right, but we all had it.”Ara smiled back at him. “Then let’s get ready to properly meet our Hanna.”. . .Hours went by. Hours of the family pacing, trying to keep Ara comfortable, waiting on edge for the next contraction. Even though the droids had urged Ben to get dressed, his clothes were still beginning to gum up with sweat despite the coolness in the room. Leia and Han told stories about how nerve-racking Ben’s birth was, how Han jumped at every little noise Leia made and his constant attempts to keep Leia comfortable only stressed her out even more, which made Ara laugh, but it didn’t exactly make Ben comfortable. “Come on, honey, lighten up,” Ara said. “After all, Hanna’s mind is gonna be blown when we tell her the story of her birth.”“True,” said Ben.Later on, Luke and Rey led Ara in some basic Jedi breathing exercises to help keep her calm as the pain increased. Ara was skeptical about how helpful it would be at first, but in the words of Han, “You don’t need the Force to know how to breathe.” And sure enough, she did seem to relax a bit after the exercises.The rest of the family went to the cafeteria for meals, but Ben had his meals brought to him so he could stay with his wife. Of course, the droids and Ara still had to encourage him to eat since he was so preoccupied with his wife’s labor.Finally, the droids informed him that it was almost time. Ben wrapped his arms around his wife’s torso, wiping her pale, sweat-drenched brow. “Are you ready?” he asked.“I’d better be, because this HURTS LIKE HELL!” shouted Ara before crying out in pain.“You must push, Mrs. Solo,” said one of the droids.“I am, I AM!”Ben kept his arms on his wife as she pushed and pushed and pushed. “Hang in there, sweetheart,” he murmured. “Hang in there.” Secretly he was telling himself to hang in there too. Even though he wasn’t specifically trained for childbirth, his days in medical school had still taught him how fragile the human body was and how there were a million things that could go wrong . . .But then . . . a baby’s cry.“Congratulations, it’s a girl,” the droid announced.Ben held his breath as he slowly turned his head. The tiny girl the droid was holding was soaked in bodily fluids that another droid was cleaning off, she was giving an ear-piercing wail, her shock and confusion from leaving the womb flowing from her through the Force, but to Ben she was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. “Hanna,” Ara gasped with a happy sob.A smile burst onto Ben’s face, perhaps his biggest smile in a long time. “Hanna.”
The Pull to the Dark - Chapter 19Ben couldn’t move, couldn’t open his eyes, could hardly breathe. His wife and daughter were somewhere – he felt their presence through the Force – but he couldn’t tell where. The invisible pressure was consuming him, enveloping him, pressing down as if it wanted to compress him into nothing.He couldn’t even tell if he was screaming or not.“Dad?”The voice shot into his darkness like an arrow, unfamiliar, yet he felt an instant connection with it.“Dad, open your eyes.”It was like the voice suddenly granted him new energy. Though the rest of him still couldn’t move, his eyes snapped open, revealing the source of the voice.A young woman stood before him, black hair tied back in a ponytail, eyes glowing an inhuman yellow, dressed in a black bodysuit and cape, the mask worn by the dark Ben tucked under one arm, the silver hilt of a lightsaber dangling from her belt.“It’s all right, Dad,” she said in a silky voice. “You don’t have to worry.”Ben’s insides turned to ice. “No . . . no . . .”“Dad, you just don’t understand.” The woman was smiling – not a wicked grin, but a gentle, daughterly smile, as if she were merely telling her father that yes, she loved the boy she was dating even if her father didn’t like the way he dressed.“Sweetheart, don’t do this . . .”“Dad, look at you,” she continued as if he hadn’t spoken. “You grew up so afraid. Afraid to sleep, afraid to dream, afraid of things that went bump in the night. Afraid of your own mind. Do you really want me to grow up afraid like you did?”“Of course not,” Ben gasped out, his dry throat hurting with every word, “but you don’t have to be afraid.”“You’re right, I don’t. I never did. Unlike you, I don’t fear the dark side. I realize how useless it is to weigh our actions by these abstract concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil.’” Her yellow eyes stared into his. “The power of the whole Force flows through me, not just half of it.”“Honey, that’s Snoke talking, not you . . .”With that, the woman dropped the mask, called the lightsaber to her hand with the Force, and ignited it, revealing the fiery cross-shaped blade Ben had seen in his dreams. “What do you know about me? I’m not even born yet!” She stepped back and pointed the blade at him, the tip inches away from his throat. “You call me sweetheart and honey, but you haven’t even named me yet. You’ve only decided that you love me because you contributed half my DNA.”“We do love you, sweetheart!” Ara called from somewhere, probably still pinned against the wall like Ben was. “Even if you did turn to the dark side, we’d still love you!”“Well that’s a really stupid love, then,” the woman said without looking at her mother. “Love based on genetics and nothing else.”“Exactly,” said Snoke in a low, hissing voice. “See your daughter, Solo. Strong. Confident. Powerful. All the things she couldn’t be with you.”“SHUT UP!” Ara yelled. Ben wanted to yell with her, to curse Snoke for all he’d done and all he was still doing, but the heat of the flaming blade and the glare of his daughter’s yellow eyes silenced him. “I could kill you,” she muttered. “I could kill you and feel nothing.It took a painful amount of effort against the pressure, but Ben still managed to shake his head. “I don’t believe that,” he whispered.Snoke was cackling. “This has gotten beyond pointless. Apprentice, kill him.”“NO!” Ara screamed. “Sweetheart, you know you don’t want to do this.”“And what do you know about what I want and don’t want??” their daughter snarled. “You don’t know anything about me!”“Sweetheart, listen,” Ben gasped. “He just wants you for your power. He cares nothing for you.”“Enough!” shouted Snoke and with that the pressure released Ben, sending him collapsing to the floor. Instinctively, he took in a large breath, large enough to make his lungs hurt. Still his daughter’s lightsaber hummed in his ears. Maybe she was about to kill him. Maybe he should try to get away, but his muscles felt like they were dissolving. Everything hurt.“Hey you, get away from my boy!”That voice. That voice. The voice that comforted him as a child, gave him strength as an adult, made him laugh, always let him know he wasn’t alone.“Who are you??” the woman exclaimed.Despite everything, Ben almost felt like smiling. “He’s your grandfather.”“WHAT??” Snoke screamed.There was no time to respond before Han slid down to Ben’s side, grabbing his hand. “Are you all right, son? Did he hurt you?”“Not too much,” said Ben. “Listen, that woman there with the lightsaber, she’s my daughter!”“What?”“I don’t understand either, but we have to help her!”Now the woman’s lightsaber pointed down at both of them. “Hiding behind Daddy, are you?”Han stared up at her, cocking his head. “Hey, if you’re really my granddaughter, then . . . then you and I are gonna have a lotta fun together after you’re born. I’ll take you flyin’ in the Falcon, we’ll go out for ice cream, we’ll go to pod races together, all the stuff I did with your dad when he was a kid, I’ll do with you too. Doesn’t that sound like more fun than bein’ that guy’s slave?”“I am NO ONE’S slave!”“You’re right, you’re not,” Ara intervened, slowly crawling up to them. “You can choose who you want to be right now.”“But you want me to choose to be weak and terrified – like my father!”“Yes,” said Snoke. “They want you to be weak. Look at your father right now, trembling and sniveling as we speak.”“HEY!” shouted Han. “Whoever the hell you are, you DON’T talk about my Ben like that! He’s damn stronger than you’ll ever be. You know why? Cause unlike you, he ain’t afraid of love and emotion. He gets scared sometimes, yeah, but he knows that’s okay! He knows it doesn’t make him weak and it’s all part of bein’ human.”Snoke chuckled as if it was all a big joke. “This is ridiculous. Apprentice, kill them, starting with your father.”Ben couldn’t deny that he was indeed trembling and that the lightsaber’s heat was making sweat drizzle down his face. “Is this what you want?” he asked in a small voice.“Listen to your father,” another familiar voice said. “Is this what you want?”All heads turned and there was Leia, stepping up to her family with a fierce look on her face, Luke and Rey close behind her.“Who are you?” the woman asked, her voice almost as small as her father’s. “Your grandmother,” said Leia. “And this is your great uncle and your cousin.”“Oh, this is lovely,” said Snoke, now descending from the throne and walking up to the family. “Your minds are stronger than I realized, but no matter. You all still embarked on a foolish endeavor.” He strode over to his apprentice and stroked her shoulder with slow, deliberate movements. “As you can see, my apprentice needs none of you.”“No, I don’t,” she said, though Ben thought he detected a hint of hesitation in her voice. Was that real or just wishful thinking?“I drove you out of Ben’s mind,” Luke said, his eyes narrowed at Snoke. “I’ll drive you out of her mind too!”“Really?” asked Snoke. “And just how will you do that if you never wake up?”With that, he shot out his hand in Luke’s direction and the Jedi Master went flying, smashing his head against the wall and collapsing in a heap.“DAD!” Rey screamed, running up to her father and gathering his unconscious body in her arms.Snoke laughed again. “See how easily distracted attachment makes you?” With a flick of his fingers, Rey was choking, her eyes bulging, her face paling.“Stop it!” Ben yelled before his cousin collapsed on top of her father.Leia, meanwhile, turned her attention once more to her granddaughter. “So you want to be a monster like him?” She gestured wildly in Luke and Rey’s direction. “Is this what you want your life to be?”But it only took another flick of Snoke’s fingers to send Leia crashing into the wall too.“LEIA!” Han shouted, but another Force-push from Snoke pinned him to the floor.“You’re weak,” the apprentice whispered, “you’re all weak.”“Listen,” said Ben, “I once thought like you. I thought my family was too weak to fight the thing in my mind and that I needed Snoke’s help to overcome it, but I was WRONG.”The apprentice kept glaring down at her father, but the lightsaber was starting to tremble in her hand.“L-look,” Han gasped out from the floor, sounding like he was struggling with every word, “this asshole just wants a tool. He wants you so he can take over the galaxy, and what do you think he’ll do once he’s got the galaxy and doesn’t need you anymore?”“Yes, listen to your grandfather,” Ara said in a raspy voice. “Snoke won’t love you. He’ll care nothing for you. You have your whole life in front of you – literally your whole life. Now’s your chance to choose what kind of life you want.”The apprentice swallowed. “We all love you, sweetheart,” said Ben. “Call it love based on genetics all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that we all love you.”Snoke groaned. “Enough of this. Apprentice, kill them NOW.”The apprentice swallowed again as she raised the lightsaber over her head . . . . . . and plunged it into Snoke’s chest....
The first rebel meeting spot by HEROMASTER85
Devon and karen first Jedi wedding by HEROMASTER85
Fan Fiction Chapters
The New Adventures of Nomi Darklighter Ch. 93
- Chapter 93 -

Meeting with an Ally
They arrived at base without any incident on the way back and were unloading the seized transports, when a young Bothan girl runs over to Nomi. She gave an awkward salute and was clearly excited. “There is a call by Captain Dracon who wants to speak with you, Commander,” she said looking expectantly at the Jedi Master. “I’m coming, Roka,” Nomi answered while handing the ammo over to Biggs. “Continue, Biggs it won’t take long.” She followed Roka to the command center and settled down in front of the comm unit. “Commander Darklighter here, you wanted to speak with me, Captain?” It took a moment but then she heard the pirate’s voice. “Yes, Commander I hope everything is alright over there.” Nomi leaned relaxed back in her seat before answering the question. “We had a few difficulties but now everything is alright here. There was a First Order convoy we raided, our first catch.” There was the hint of pride in her voice when she told this, which caused Draco to smirk at his second in command. Rool grinned back while his captain continued to speak. “Very well, Commander but now to the reason why I’m calling you. We’ve also raided a First Order convoy and I want you to be here when we divide the loot. So you can see that we aren’t cheating. I’ll send you the coordinates where you can meet us.” Roka ruffled her fur, but she said nothing, since she thought it wasn’t her place to object. “I trust you, Draco therefore I made the treaty,” Nomi answered her ally. “But if you insist.” Draco looked over to his second in command who was watching him and made a sign that he must convince the Resistance commander. “Actually I would feel better if you would see with your own eyes that everything is in order if it comes to us,” the pirate leader finally said. The commander sighed inwardly. To visit the pirates would cost her valuable time, time she actually could use better than doing what Draco asked her to do. “I will come, Draco; send me the coordinates of the rendezvous point.”
After receiving what she asked for the fraction of a minute later she cut the connection without to bother with formalities. The Jedi Master looked at the Bothan girl who has listened to the whole conversation. “What do you think, Roka?” Nomi asked the girl, which was taken by surprise to be asked for her opinion. Roka ruffled her fur a habit she adopted at some point of her life, showing that she doesn’t agree with something. Then she looked at the elderly woman who was still sitting in front of the now silent comm unit. “May I speak freely, Commander?” She asked as she shuffled her feet, unsure if she should really voice her opinion. The Commander was much more experienced than her, why should she care for the opinion of a girl which was even much younger than her own children? “Of course, that’s the reason I asked you,” Nomi looked friendly at the small Bothan with the dark brown fur. Roka took a deep breath before she begun to speak. “I wouldn’t trust Captain Dracon, Commander. By pirates came never anything good and…,” her voice trailed off. She felt at a lost suddenly. There was no way to say the Commander to simply stay at base than to travel to who knows where. “And?” Nomi looked at Roka expectantly, but there came nothing more. The Jedi Master was pretty sure that the girl has blushed under her fur. “I know you mean well, but I must travel in order to build more trust between the pirates and us.”
It didn’t take long and Nomi was on her way to the rendezvous point after she told her family where she wanted to go. Dash wasn’t very content with the idea that his wife wanted to go alone, but at the end he yielded to her arguments. Now she was sitting alone in the Aquarius’ cockpit staring out of the freighter’s viewport where the streaks of hyperspace were passing by. She stifled a yawn, rose out of the seat and stretched. To travel in space was boring and it was even more boring when being alone onboard. The Jedi Master walked in the mid section and settled down in front of the Dejarik table. But without a game partner it didn’t make sense to activate the device. She must have been fallen asleep then she woke when she heard the signal indicating that she had reached her destination. Nomi headed for the cockpit, activated the shields and pulled the lever. The streaks of hyperspace resolved in stars again and in the viewport she saw Draco Dracon’s ship, the Draco’s Pride.
Draco was watching when the Aquarius dropped in real space and smirked. “She’s here, Rool prepare everything to welcome the Commander properly. I don’t want our guest to be disappointed in us.” The Rodian inclined his head and hurried to the ship’s aft to make the preparations. He knew very well that his captain wasn’t entirely content with the decision the crew made, but he would play along to not endanger his leading position. Nomi reached out with the Force as she was approaching the Corellian Gunship. There was nothing which felt off. She hailed the Draco’s Pride and shortly after she got permission to dock. When she heard the familiar thuds at the end of the docking maneuver, she cut the engine, unstrapped and walked over to the hatch. The Commander took a deep breath and pushed the button to open the hatch. Draco stood there in full gear with a winning smile on his face. “Welcome onboard the Draco’s Pride, Commander if you would follow me, please.” He made an inviting gesture. As they walk toward the bridge Nomi realized curious gazes by those they were passing. “As you see, we have all what we need.” The Jedi Master inclined her head and missed the subtle movement of Draco’s fingers pushing a button at his belt. The same instant a small freighter dropped back in real space and Nomi lost the connection to the Force. She remembered the feeling from decades ago when she rescued Kyle Katarn and looked at Draco in disbelieve. The pirate smirked at her as he took her blaster and the lightsaber. “You are way too trusting.” Behind him opened a door and a man in First Order uniform stepped out....
Star Wars - Enfys Nest by MMASportWall1982
Star Wars - Auromae Iselo by MMASportWall1982
Star Wars - Weazel by MMASportWall1982
OC Profiles
Twi'lek Character Development Sheet by Mothboss
Execute Order 66 by RobRulz1231Studios
Kallin (Late B-Day Gift) by ZER0GEO
Jedi Knight/Consular Y'Lara by ZER0GEO
Star Wars Space Pirate OC Anya Keswyck by GothamScarecrow
Commission: Darth Sanguis, Lord of Blood by xHybridus
Agent Suokas in OC GAR overcoat by JR-Imperator
Inquisitor Grun By Saintwizard by GIANT-EATER
Stormtroopers and Imperials
Star Wars: Scavenger Storm Trooper by Rockcodian
Got Bluemilk by Taipu556
Cipher 007 by CosmicLuci
Dr. Pershing by NomiDarklighter
Star Wars: Rebel X-Wing Pilot by Rockcodian
Luke Skywalker by SoruKurisutaru
Numa by xxTheTruMan196
Bodhi Rook by DarthRavager86
[MMD / STAR WARS] Obi-wan Kenobi WIP by EsperantistOtaku
Queen of Sith by ilLoGiG
Double-Bladed Phoenix Wing Lightsaber by SuperHeroTimeFan
Vehicles and Vessels
Hunt Off Planet by tkdrobert
Bounty Hunter
Lady Mando by tkdrobert
K-2SO by DarthRavager86
Landscapes Planets
Gangster Tatooine Vol02 by WolfKroger74
Ahsoka Tano by ilLoGiG
Star Wars Episode 3 Cosplay by NikoAlecsovich
General Grievous #SixFanArtsChallenge by TheJasIllustrator
The Pone Wars 10.14: Sparks Fly by ChrisTheS
Star Wars - Chewie Bar Ad by Go4AutoPilotOtaku
Synara San by Phraggle
Star Wars- The Cute Porg by Go4AutoPilotOtaku
Commission - Vagril by point-maitimo
Defenders of Chris and Tifa (My Version) by BleuCentenaire
Video Games
Leia (Lewd) Organa by Sonjo-Kishi
Painful Decision by CartoonSilverFox
Little Team Up by ladystarsocks
Custom Rune Haako Doll by Cruella1989
Custom Figures
Pug Star Wars by JamesParce
Figures Normal
Not the same without BB-8 by JMCosplay
Scale Models
C-ROC Cruiser by Indefiknight
Shore Trooper 2 by Swatson3rd
Obi-Wan Kenobi VS Anakin by PhaseRunner

Mature Content

#42 Boba Fett - Pinup by HeroforPain
Empress Ahsoka by DarthRavager86
CM: Dark Side Anidala by NeonSoul-Art
Cal Kestis Fan Stamp by TheOfficialKaeChan
Mature Content
R2D2 geek sexy dress - by Kate Key 3 by katekeycos
Over Flow
Star Wars OC Thrush by SociallyAwkward-Nerd



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:bulletpurple: Posters- A folder for posters and anything in poster form. If it looks like it should be hung up on the wall or nailed it to a post, it goes here.

:bulletpurple: Tattoos- This is where you can show off your ink.

:bulletpurple: Media- Things like video games shots from SWTOR, Television shots like The Clone Wars, Screen shots, and Movie pics, this includes anything that is edited over or has a caption.

:bulletpurple: Couples- This folder is for couples and fan parings.

:bulletpurple: Stamps- Self-Explanatory.
*Note: Regardless of relation to other folders, ALL STAMPS GO HERE.

:bulletpurple: Mature Content- What can I say, people like it, so why not. If is is marked as mature content, put it in this folder only please. Please use discretion in these as they should be artistic above all else.

:bulletpurple: Over Flow- This is the folder that I will move most of the stuff to from an art dump/art bombing. Hence the title overflow.
*If you want it to be moved back, give me something to change. The purpose of the Over Flow folder is to help keep the other folders more diverse.


*** If you put a deviation in the wrong folder, please let me know and I'll take care of it.

***If you are still unsure where to put it, ask me.



If there is an issue with any of these things, please report it to me.

:bulletgreen: The art must be Star Wars related. This is a Star Wars after all.

:bulletgreen: Art Theft will not be tolerated. This is a group for fans to show their OWN work.

:bulletgreen: No art bashing and insults. This is a place to encourage people, build them up, not tear them down.

:bulletgreen: Please submit to the right folder. If is is submitted to the incorrect folder, it will be removed, and it will need to be resubmitted to the correct folder.

Keep it civil and Have Fun.

Look at other people's stuff, give advice and suggestions, and overall, enjoy!





Just a notice, after it was requested by a number of people I have increased the daily submission to 5 and will see how it goes.

Also we just passed 5,000 members. Cheers!
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