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Language BarrierTo say Han didn’t like Tatooine was an understatement, but when the guy you worked for situated his crime organization there, you had to spend at least some time on the desert waste of a planet and endure the sweat and dehydration. At least Han had the Falcon, meaning he didn’t have to stay at those stinky, overcrowded spaceport hotels (okay, he couldn’t usually afford to stay at those hotels, but he wouldn’t want to anyway, though one that served free breakfast occasionally tempted him). And at least sticking to spaceports meant he didn’t have to go out into the wilderness where who-knew-how-many creatures were just waiting for lunch.Or so Han thought.“Jawas?” Han exclaimed as he and Chewie exited the Mos Eisley Cantina, where Jabba’s goons had just delivered their instructions. [You heard them, Jawas,] Chewie replied. Han snorted. “I heard, but I don’t believe it. Askin’ us to go trekkin’ out into the desert and search Jawa camps for an astromech droid – what kinda crazy job is that??”[This droid’s apparently got information worth a lot of money if we pull this off,] said Chewie before ruffling Han’s hair. [And we do want to get back on Jabba’s good side, remember?]“Yeah, yeah,” Han muttered. The job seemed simple enough, anyway: rent a speeder, use the speeder to get to the Jawa camps, Han would pretend to be a customer while Chewie went looking for this droid, they grab the droid, they bring it to Jabba. Simple, right?. . .On the top of a butte overlooking the desert, Han lay on his stomach, peering through microbinoculars at the Jawas gathering around their sandcrawler and setting up various droids to sell. “Don’t see any astromechs,” he said. [It could be inside the sandcrawler,] Chewie suggested.“Or this could be the wrong camp and we could be wastin’ our time,” grunted Han, putting down the microbinoculars and pushing himself to a sitting position, “but fine, let’s see if they’ve got this droid.” Chewie reached into his satchel and pulled out the hooded poncho that Jabba’s goons had given them. [Here, you’re supposed to wear this.]Han groaned as he took the poncho, which was dark gray and made of some kind of rough, scratchy material. “I’m gonna sweat my ass off in this thing.”[Well you’re a farmer today, remember? A farmer who’s looking for an astro droid to help on your farm.]“Yeah, yeah, I got it,” Han grumbled as he pulled on the poncho and got to his feet. “Well, how do I look?”Chewie stood up and stared at him as if expecting him to do something.“What?”[I don’t think most farmers carry blasters.]Han groaned again, glancing downward and seeing that the poncho wasn’t long enough to cover his holster and blaster. “Nope, nope, I ain’t goin’ down there without a blaster!”[You have to,] Chewie pressed. [You don’t want to make the Jawas nervous, do you? They could recognize that you’ve got a price on your head and report you to bounty hunters.] He put his large paw on Han’s shoulder. [Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.]With a third groan, Han pulled off his holster and blaster and handed them to Chewie. “Here, now don’t lose ‘em.”[You know I won’t.]Han knew, but he still had a bad feeling about this.. . .“Hey!” Han shouted, extending his arms and putting on the biggest grin he could muster, trying to ignore how the poncho itched and how sweat was dribbling down his back in long, sticky trails. Don’t make the Jawas nervous, just distract them long enough to get the droid. “Heard you got droids,” he said as the tiny hooded creatures approached him, looking at him with wary glowing eyes. Don’t make them nervous, Han reminded himself.One of the Jawas muttered something at Han in their rapid, high-pitched language.“Uh, yeah,” said Han. “Listen, I need an astro droid for my farm and I heard some Jawas in the area have got an astro droid? Specially one with blue marks – I’d love a droid with blue marks cause . . . blue’s my favorite color.” Sweat was trickling down his face and to his dismay he suspected it wasn’t just because of the heat. Hopefully the Jawas wouldn’t notice. “So, what have ya got?”Suddenly the Jawa’s eyes bulged. “Ootidi!” he (she?) shouted, pointing up at Han.“Yeah, ootidi,” said Han, hoping Chewie was having better luck than he was. “Look, do you have an astro droid or not?”Han would never know how the Jawa was going to respond, since something bashed him in the head from behind and knocked him out.. . .Han awoke with a pounding headache and a tingly pain in his legs and rear end. It took several moments to realize that he was sitting on some sort of sandy floor, his back pressed against some big wooden thing and his arms painfully jerked behind his back, but it wasn’t until he tried to move his hands when he learned that they were tied up behind the wooden thing. He had to blink over and over before his vision cleared up enough to tell him where he was . . .Oh bantha shit!This was one of the many, many reasons not to go out into the wilderness on Tatooine: Tusken Raiders were always out to capture people and do . . . what? Torture them for fun? Eat them? Han didn’t want to find out, but he could hear their growling, screeching language outside the hut. Great, of all the possible ways he could die, being Tuskens’ lunch definitely wasn’t his preferred way to go. He shifted to the right, then to the left, trying to wiggle out of the ropes, but to no avail. Apparently Tuskens were really good at tying knots. He gulped, hoping they hadn’t gotten Chewie too – though he couldn’t for the life of him imagine them knocking out a Wookiee. They were still growling their language outside – maybe deciding how they should cook their prisoner. Han made a mental note to try to learn their language if he survived this.Then suddenly, there came a loud shriek in their language.Han froze. This Tusken sounded bigger, louder, and meaner than the others. Maybe it was fighting to get the whole meal for itself - the following screams and crashes sure seemed to indicate that. Great, not only was he about to die, but this giant Tusken might not even be gracious enough to kill him before eating him.The hut’s tent flap door was opening.Han held his breath, closing his eyes, hoping that the giant Tusken would at least snap his neck before devouring him.[Han, come on!]“Chewie?”Han opened his eyes in time to see Chewie swoop into the hut. [Han, are you all right??] he roared as he untied his friend.“Got a headache, but otherwise I’m fine . . . wait, was that you screamin’ out there??”[Well I had to rescue you, didn’t I? Come on, they could wake up any moment!]Once Han’s hands were free, Chewie yanked him to his feet and dragged him out of the hut, giving him little time to process the unconscious Tuskens lying on the sand as they ran towards their rented speeder, which a pair of Tuskens were inspecting.Chewie yelled at them, again in their own language, giving them a fright and causing them to run off.“How come you never told me that you speak Tusken?” Han finally asked, still trying to process the scene he’d just witnessed.Chewie shrugged. [Their language has some similarities to Shyriiwook.]“Well, ah, okay,” Han said as he climbed into the speeder’s driver seat. “What’d you say just now?”Chewie shrugged again as he climbed in next to Han. [It doesn’t have a specific translation in Basic, but it has to do with their genitalia being used as an insult.]Han twisted his mouth as he started the speeder. “Okay, that was a bit too much information, let’s get back to the Falcon.”[The Falcon? What about the droid?]“Forget the droid! This job ain’t worth the trouble – I’m sure we can pay Jabba off with a better job.” He glanced over to the side to grin at Chewie. “Sides, you’ve gotta teach me the Tusken language so I can scare ‘em off myself.”THE END
CWGS: First Battle of the 801stClone Wars the Galactic Schism: First Battle of the 801st“He’s some alien from the Unknown Regions. Apparently, the Jedi want him in the Navy. I’m surprised the alien didn’t wash out at the Academy.”Admiral Hozoora to Admiral Yularen18 BBYPride of Atheria, Imperator-class Star DestroyerDuskDusk marched on to the bridge’s command walkway for the first time. He walked down the grey bridge’s command walkway to face the void outside the semi-circle of viewports. His brothers walked around in grey uniforms, saluting him as he passed. He nodded in response each time. He held his Phase II helmet under his left arm, firmly locked in place against the shiny armour. It was exciting to finally stand on the bridge of a sign of the Republic’s might in the galaxy. A fleet of starships was visible outside. Some as dots above the skies of Kamino and some only a few kilometres away from the Pride of Atheria.“The flotilla is forming up, Commander Dusk,” a naval officer said.“Thank you, lieutenant.” The legion was almost ready to join their brothers in the defence of the Republic. After a deep breath, he said, “What’s the status of the general’s transport?”“Her consular ship is docking now, sir,” the officer on the right side of the walkway responded. So she would so be there. “I want the flotilla ready to depart when she gets to the bridge.”The wait saw anticipation creep into his mind. He had only ever seen one Jedi. Shaak Ti, and goodness knew he had never spoken to one. He hoped he would be capable enough to lead the 801st and carry out her orders. He tapped his fingers against his armour and then his helmet, anxiously waiting for the general. Then he turned around as he heard the doors slid open. She had arrived. She was tall, even taller than the clones, and adorned in sleek silver armour that was not unlike the clones Phase II armour, and a pecan-brown robe above it. She had a silver mask covering her face and covered by the robe’s hood. He saw a lightsaber hilt attached to the waist. It was black and silvery. She was followed by Captain Pyke in the 801st’s maroon patterned armour. Dusk put his helmet on and snapped to attention. Commodore Trasken fell in beside him.“General on deck,” the proper officer announced.“General At-Arrad, I’m Commander Dusk,” he greeted. “Welcome aboard the Pride of Atheria.”“Thank you, Commander. I’m eager to on the way,” she said. Her voice was neutral and with the mask, he couldn’t see her expression. Technically she couldn’t see through his helmet either. But Jedi could sense emotions so maybe she could probably sense his state of mind or something. “Commodore Trasken. Our orders are to join the Coreward Theatre. Let’s get going.”The Commodore was a short and bulky man and sloping shoulders. “Of course, sir,” he said in his raspy voice. “Navigation. Set a course for the Manda Merchant Route.”He had studied hyperlane charts in preparation. It would take time to cross various minor hyperlanes to reach the larger. The Manda Merchant Route to the hyperlane to Bothawui and onward up the Bothan Run and Trax Tube to Kashyyyk. The days passed in what quickly turned into routine; training, keeping the boys on their toes. General At-Arrad spent a lot of time meditating, learning the routines of running a Star Destroyer. As they were on approach for Kashyyyk he found her in the hangar bay, studying the capabilities of the Z-95 Headhunter, V-19 Torrent, V-Wing, ARC-170, and Y-Wings. “How’s the ARC’s manoeuvring capabilities?” She asked.“It’s not as agile as V-19 but its still manoeuvrable enough to get the better of a bunch of Vultures,” a pilot replied. “It’s got plenty of firepower to make up for that, general,” another pilot added. “Best fighter I’ve ever flown.”At Kashyyyk she arrived as a battle waged between a Separatist fleet and a Republic fleet under Jedi Master Plo Koon. He wanted to jump in and assist but their target laid closer to the Core, traveling the Trellen Trade Route and on to the Hydian Way. Then they were off a few smaller hyperlanes to Chandrila. He participated in General At-Arrad’s study of the AT-TEs, AT-RTs, AT-APs, and the variety of other Walkers and vehicles they had at their disposal. “Very fast, these things, sir,” an AT-RT pilot said, leaned against the controls of the AT-RT. “Can easily overrun or outflank clankers.” It was impressive to see her try to understand all the tools at their disposal. How they worked with each other. Chandrila was a graveyard for fleets by the time they reached it. After the brutal year and a half of warring along the Perlemian the system looked like a scrapyard with too many wreckages for Dusk to count. He stood beside At-Arrad as the holo-terminal shined up with the holographic representation of the star system. Fleets engaged over the planet, at the asteroid belts repair yards and refuelling hub, and over the second planet. “General,” Trasken said and half-turned. “We’re being hailed by the Star Ranger. It’s the fleet’s command ship.”“Master Pa Utche’s flagship,” At-Arrad recounted from the briefing files. A moment of silence followed.Trasken glanced at Dusk with a raised eyebrow.“General?” Dusk said. “Shouldn’t we respond?”For a moment longer, she studied the map closer and zoomed in on a portion of the enemy warships above Chandrila. Then she straightened and said, “Put Master Utche through.”To Dusk’s surprise, the holographic image that appeared was not of the Kel-Dor Council member. It was a man, an alien, in a grey navy uniform with the insignia of a lieutenant commander. His skin was a deep blue and his eyes were thick sanguine pools. His hands were clasped behind his back.“Pride of Atheria, this is Lieutenant Commander Thrawn of the Star Ranger,” he said in a calm, collected voice. His eyes settled on their Jedi Commander.“Commander,” she said, adding a nod in greeting. “I’ve heard of you.” Heard of him? “Where is Master Utche?”Thrawn shook his head with a despondent expression. “Unfortunately…” he paused as the hologram visible shook. “…Master Utche is dead. When our shields failed a squadron of Vultures set a course to terminate on our bridge. Two broke through our point-defence cannons and crashed into the bridge. It has been mostly repaired. Sufficiently to operate from. His death is a tragic loss, Master Jedi.”“I see.” The general sounded distant as if the Jedi Master’s death hook her. Thrawn reached down to the console in front of him and keyed in some command. “Admiral Raan has been in command since that. I am hailing the Redeemed Soul.”Another hologram appeared. This time of a human man in his early fifties in the uniform of an admiral. He had a receding hairline, tired, deep sunken eyes, and a long gaunt face.“Eh, yes, what? I am busy waging a system-wide engagement,” he grumbled.“Admiral Raan, my apologies,” Thrawn said, then gesturing to At-Arrad. “You have no doubt noticed the arrival of a battlegroup. This is Jedi Knight At-Arrad of the 801st. the admiral’s eyes shifted. As if he finally noticed that she was there.“General,” he said in greeting. She gave a tiny nod in response. “Have, eh…have you been brought up to speed?”“I understand your situation. Admiral, we only have a smaller force of ships in the asteroid belt. Why is that?”“Their, eh, their main fleet is above Chandrila. I’ve focused on that.”“I see.” She keyed in a command and zoomed-in an area of the belt. “As far as my sensors can tell the repair yards are in full operation repairing damaged Separatist capital ships. Do you agree?”“Ah, yes.”“Then you will send additional battlegroups to secure them and reclaim the refuelling hub as well.”Dusk saw Admiral Raan straighten. “If that’s your order, general.” His disagreement was clear and frustrated Dusk. He noticed that Thrawn seemed pleased with the change in command, though he was hard to read.“When you have engaged and drawn away a portion of Grand Admiral N’ëlossë’s fleet I will engage her flagship and escort,” At-Arrad continued. She brought up an image of the Iron Lady, Jaeriel N’ëlossë’s flagship. The mighty Providence Destroyer/Carrier had been built with fewer compartments for starfighters to focus on compartments with additional firepower. He’d studied it on Kamino as part of the officers’ training and it was clearly a fierce and well-rounded ship that could be built easily for a specialized purpose. “Cutting the head off the snake. Impressive, General,” Thrawn complimented. Dusk wasn’t sure if he was actually impressed. It seemed to him the man found it impressive in comparison to Raan’s command. “Very well. I’ll divert a few battlegroups and assault the belt,” Raan said. Dusk caught a glare sent to the blue-skinned lieutenant commander before his hologram flickered out.Thrawn inclined his head to At-Arrad before his hologram flickered out. Iron Lady, Providence-class Destroyer/CarrierJaeriel N’ëlossëFrom her seat, she watched the holographic map of the battle that waged. Right of her command chair stood Aulani, the Super Tactical Droid. That line was a great improvement over the Tactical Droid line. With the superior line, the chance of a Separatist commander being executed by their Tactical Droid was non-existent. She shook the trail of thoughts out of her mind and focused on the battle waging in the asteroid belt. “Transfer the 2nd Carrier Battlegroup to the belt. I won’t lose those repair yards without giving them a bloody nose.”“Understood,” Aulani replied in its mechanical voice.The sudden change in strategy was intriguing. First, they had focused on holding the line open to wage war on the planet, which ended in their retreat after Admiral Hozoora went down with his Hammer of the Seps. Master Utche brought a different strategy. A carrier focused strategy; an attempt to ground down her forces with superior clone pilots. A few days ago that had changed and the Republic focused on launching several assaults to seize control of Chandrila’s orbit. Thrice they had pushed and thrice they had failed. There had been no attempts to retake the refuelling facility or repair yards. She wasn’t sure who commanded, but it wasn’t Master Utche. The Victory II-class Star Destroyer Star Ranger was still in the system. She assumed that the aging Jedi Master had been killed or was too wounded to command. The new battlegroup brought a new commander. Someone with a clearer overview of the long and bloody battle. They understood the Republic couldn’t win with one easy blow. “The Republic is pushing heavier against is in orbit,” Aulani stated. “I predict they are trying to tie down forces while they retake the repair yards.”“Agreed.” She watched the carrier battlegroup transfer toward the belt. Its core of sixteen Lucrehulk Battleships and their thousands of droid starfighters would either hold the belt or bleed the Republic for every repair captured. She kept a careful eye on the new battlegroup. It had yet to join the battle. It could be they were held in reserve. It could also be they waited for an opportunity to strike. But to strike at what? What opening did they wait for?Pride of Atheria, Imperator-class Star DestroyerChar At-Arrad“Transmit orders to Star Runner and Negotiator’s Path, tell them to focus their firepower on the command ship,” Trasken relayed her order. She had chosen the opportunity to throw her battlegroup at the core of the CIS efforts. As the fleets pressed in the belt and over Chandrila. The three Star Destroyers focused their full firepower against the Iron Lady as the rest of the battlegroup engaged the escort surrounding it during their steady onslaught. One of the flanking Providence Destroyers was crippled and the other was heavily damaged. Both were of the ship’s smaller version, slightly longer than a kilometres while the Iron Lady was a two-kilometre version. “The command ship’s manoeuvring. I think it’s turning to retreat from our line of fire,” Trasken alerted.“Let them try.” With the barrage, they were pummelled with she was sure their shields would soon fail. With squadrons of starfighters escorting Y-Wing bombers on a path to a Recusant Destroyer. Ready to break off at any moment to engage the command ship and destroy its engines. The idea and exact time for launching them had been specific advice from the Chiss Lieutenant-Commander on Star Ranger. Could his calculation truly be so precise? Her doubts had weighed heavy, and yet she had agreed. She had sensed only certainty and confidence in him. Nothing else. The firepower of the Providence was superior to the turbolasers of the Venator, but the new Victory and Imperator Star Destroyers dwarfed both the Venator and Providence in turbolaser batteries. It was a game-changer in space combat.“Three Munificent Frigate is attempting into the line of fire,” Trasken warned.A simple sacrifice. The best Separatist shipyards built hundreds of Munificents each week. Three of them was nothing. Especially with disposable B1 crews. It was too little too late, however. She saw the shields fail before it was reported to her. Turbolaser fire tearing into the ship's gun emplacements with the precision of clone gunners.“Have Flight Wing Alpha divert to attack the engines.”“Aye, sir. Flight Wing Alpha: break off and head for your secondary target,” Trasken relayed her command with confidence and relief.Dusk wasn’t on the command deck. He had left to prepare the legion to board the command ship to capture the grand admiral. It would be the 801st first engagement with the droid army. The Flight Wing fought its way through Tri-fighter and Vultures and allowed the bomber squadron to propel their full cargo into the warship’s engines. It was disabled, locked onto its current course toward the approaching battlegroup as it had failed to finish its manoeuvre. “It’s dead in space,” Trasken triumphantly announced.“Let’s not celebrate yet, Commodore,” she advised. “Bring us in, have the battlegroup engage the remainder of the escort while we board them.” With the rest of the engaged fleet in orbit held the full fleet at bay, there would be no help coming. If she acted quickly she could capture N’ëlossë. That would shorten the way significantly. Not as much as Count Dooku or Grievous perhaps, but the impact would definitely bring the war’s end closer to the horizon. If they got her cooperating they would be able to cripple the Separatist Navy. “You have the bridge, Commodore.”“Understood. I understand you Jedi don’t believe in it, but all the same, good luck.”She smiled under her helmet. “Some of us do. Thank you.”In the hangar, she found the gunships filled with eager troopers in white armour with the legion’s maroon pattern. She jumped into an LAAT and waited for a moment. It was not long until the go-ahead was given and Trasken gave the word. Dozens of gunships took off on a moment's notice and plunged into the cold void on a course for the Iron Lady’s crippled hangar bay. Iron Lady, Providence-class Destroyer/CarrierJaeriel N’ëlossëClever, she thought as he held on tight to her command chair. There’s a Jedi leading this assault. There was no doubt. The precision assault had now left the Iron Lady disabled. The fleet was scrambling to protect their command ship but in vain. “Clones are landing in the main hangar,” Aulani stated. “I recommend abandoning ship.”“I quite agree,” she stated calmly. “Secure the path to the private hangar and send for a squad of Commando Droids to escort me.”“Yes, Grand Admiral,” the Super Tactical Droid responded. He turned to the droid crew and ordered battle droids to defend several corridors and sent for a squad of Commando Droids. For the moment two B2s and six B1s had to do. The Super Tactical Droid remained on the bridge to organize the ship’s defiant last stand. It felt sad to abandon her flagship. She had led so many battles from that command chair. How many battles had she won and lost here? Since she was a mere commodore when the war began this had been her flagship. The ship showed all the enemies of the CIS that she had arrived. The ship took as she entered the elevator. It descended a few dozen levels quickly. Stepping out, she heard not-so-distant blaster fire. She tensed and stopped for a moment. Rarely did she find herself so close to the fighting. It was always far away, countless kilometres from her. It was frightening to hear it so close. She remembered the unpleasant memories when she had almost been killed by that Jedi Skywalker.“Eh, admiral?” the B1 commander asked.Then the squad of Commandos arrived.“Reporting as ordered, admiral,” the squad leader said.She nodded and gestured forward. “Lead the way to my hangar.”“Roger-roger.”She kept a steady pace down the corridors, the droids carefully ensuring that the way was clear. Her fists clenched and she stayed close to the commandos. Suddenly a B2 went down in a salvo of blaster bolts. She spun around with wide eyes to see two B1s blasted down. One of their heads landed at her feet and she saw clones blasting from the corridor junction fifteen metres behind them. “Hey!” The B1 commander exclaimed. “Blast them!”She turned around and began to run with the eight Commando Droids. Hopefully, the droids should hold the clones long enough. The small hangar bay was close. The fear was still controllable. But it boiled beneath the surface and she felt her heart beat faster and faster. They were almost there when a commando took a bolt to the chestplate, staggered, and quickly loosed a burst of bolts down the left pathway. She jumped back into cover behind the wall. One of the commandos went down from a well-aimed shot to the faceplate and it was thrown off and rolled on the metal floor. Then she heard from far behind; like droids cut apart by a lightsaber. The Jedi. A shiver went down her spine. “Create a path for me,” she told the droids.“Roger-roger.” The Commando Droids quickly formed a firing line aiming down the corridor at the clones. She crossed behind and ran. The Jedi would not be far behind. “Push!” She heard a clone bark. “Don’t let the admiral escape!”Iron Lady, Providence-class Destroyer/CarrierChar At-ArradShe led the charge down the corridor with the clones falling behind. Up a corridor and around a corner she found five Commando Droids in the three-way junction ahead. Her lightsaber was in her hand and she ready to activate it at a second’s notice. One turned, then two more quickly followed. Through her Force sight she saw a bolt at her head, two at her torso and then the fourth Commando Droid turned, blaster rifle aimed. She shifted a finger and cause a bright purple sabre to ignite from the black and silvery hilt. She deflected the first three rapidly without slowing for even half a breath. Her Force sight showed her the first firing a bolt and two of the others firing again. The other two would be blasted by the clones that had turned their side to. She deflected the first, then a droid was taken out by a well-placed bolt to the side of the neck. The other two were deflected and then she was upon them; a wide slash cut two in half, followed by one droid eliminated by the clones. The fifth droid fired a burst down the corridor before three bolts hit his torso and chest and it fell backward. She looked down the corridor and saw two squads of clones running up. Chief among them was Captain Pyke. Another squad came rushing behind her. “Follow me, captain.” She hurried after the admiral. At-Arrad charged through the final door to enter the small hangar bay. It was large enough for a single shuttle or starfighter. The shuttle was a standard Separatist design, and it had just left the hangar. She reached out through the force but it was just out of reach. She reached for the comlink on her wrist. “At-Arrad, Trasken, N’ëlossë’s escaping on a shuttle – heading for a near Munificent Frigate I think.”The shuttle headed straight forward a Munificent Star Frigate at full thruster power. “I have it on sensor, general,” Trasken replied.“I need someone to intercept. Now.”“No squadrons in range.”Damn it. “Fine. Have that Frigate disabled immediately.”The clones joined in the hangar.“Targeting with turbolasers. Standby.” A tense moment of dire anticipation followed. “Then hail Star Ranger and Covenant, tell them to fire on that Frigate this instant!”“Commodore?” Her patience was thin.“The Pride of Atheria don’t have a line of yet. We’re trying to reposition for a line of fire above the Iron Lady. Covenant and Star Ranger will be able to target the ship.”“With all due haste.”“Yes – what? Brilliant.”She raised an eyebrow. “What is it?”“That Commander Thrawn has a sharp eye. Have already refocused his turbolasers at it. Must have noticed the shuttle on sensors and put it together.”“In the meantime, I’ll draw my men off this thing so we can blast it.” Then the ship shook violently. “What was that?”Trasken took a moment to respond. “My goodness. General, several Separatist ships have begun to target the ship. Maybe they’re thinking to ensure we can’t recover it or get any useful Intel. I suggest you evacuate right now.”“Copy.” She switched channel. “Commander Dusk, this is At-Arrad.”“Dusk, sir,” he responded over the comlink. “We just secured the bridge.”“It’s time to abandon ship, Commander. Withdraw all men to the hangar.”“Yes, sir!”She saw the shuttle enter the Frigate’s hangar as the war vessel was under heavy barrage from the Star Ranger. Then, it immediately made the jump to hyperspace. She was gone. She clenched a fist as the cloned had begun to file out of the hangar to abandon the dying command ship. So close. Yet she slipped through their fingers....
Mandalorian Uprising pt 12“Our armored assets will participate in the attack on Sundari.” Aira-ty said firmly. “What about the Mand'alor?” Bo-Katan asked dubiously. “You expect him to go in unsupported?” “He'll have the Rebel star destroyer in close support.” Aira-ty answered. “That should be good enough.” “We should still assign more forces to assist him.” Bo-Katan continued, looking around at the rest of the assembled group. “The Mand'alor cannot be allowed to attack on his own.” Aira-ty sighed in annoyance and turned to look at Bo-Katan. “Very well, in addition to the Mand'alor and his Protectors, you and your Nite Owls will go with them to provide support.” Bo-Katan opened her mouth to protest and then closed it again promptly, bowing her head slightly. “The Nite Owls will be honored to safeguard the Mand'alor.” “I thought as much.” Aira-ty said with a look around the holomap of the City of Bone and Sundari before them. “The bulk of our forces will be at Sundari. The City of Bone is going to be the business of the Mand'alor and the Alliance.” “I still don't like this.” Sabine said nervously, looking around at the older combat veterans. “The people will wonder where the Mand'alor is. After all, he's the one who called the people to fight.” “Yes.” Bo-Katan said with a glare at Aira-ty. “Where is your riduur? He said he'd have a solution to this in two hours.” “And it isn't yet two hours.” Aira-ty replied tersely as she looked across the map at Fenn. “Is there anything more specific you want to go over Mand'alor?” Fenn shook his head, examining the City of Bone with its turreted turbolaser towers and heavily fortified walls. “Ordinarily I'd be arguing alongside Bo-Katan for more of that heavy armor, however in this case with a star destroyer in close support I don't see how we're going to have much issue. The Imperials are going to have a lot more to worry about than a few companies of Mandalorians charging their defenses.” “It's those defenses that worry me.” Bo-Katan said with a glower at Aira-ty. “What makes you so sure that the Rebel star destroyer will be able to strike those turrets?” “It's a Victory-class star destroyer.” Aira-ty answered. “This is what they were designed to do. Believe me I know, I saw them in action during the Clone Wars. Provided the Rebel gunners aren't osik, they'll tear those defenses to pieces. A garrison base, even an Imperial one, isn't designed to defend against that kind of direct firepower.” “Let's hope you're right.” Bo-Katan said grimly. “They've lasted this long.” “They've lasted this long because we've allowed them to.” Fenn said definitively. “That ends now. It ended the night they killed one of our goran.” “Mand'alor, we've got an incoming ship.” a sensor tech called out. “It's the Sleek Blade.” “Right on time.” Fenn said with a knowing look at Aira-ty who nodded. “Let's go see what he's come up with.” Leaving the command tent they walked to the starship landing area as the Sleek Blade touched down and waited for Kahan to descend the craft's boarding ramp. When he didn't Aira-ty frowned and reached out to him. Coming out? You need to come aboard the Blade. Kahan replied. Bring the others. Aira-ty took a breath, wondering what her husband was up to as she turned to the others. “He says we need to go aboard.” “What is your riduur scheming?” Bo-Katan asked suspiciously. “And why can't he simply come down and show us?” “He has my trust.” Fenn said simply as he walked forwards and up the ramp. “If he says we need to see this privately then I believe him.” Following the Mand'alor up the ramp Aira-ty felt a sting of annoyance at so many people walking aboard her ship. Still, this wasn't the time to fret over that. Time was of the essence and she trusted Kahan to know the limits of what she'd tolerate and she could tolerate this. Ascending the ramp they entered into the main corridor of the Sleek Blade and found Fenn Shysa gazing back at them. More specifically someone wearing his armor. The Mand'alor had stopped and was now gazing at a set of matching green armor to his own. It , was a perfect copy, including helmet and all his kit, the dual pistols he wore on his thighs, jetpack, and even the blaster gauntlets on his forearms and hands. It was an exact replica of the Mand'alor's armor in every way. “Kahan?” Fenn asked in surprise. The armored copycat nodded, stepping forwards and bowing his head. “My Mand'alor.” Aira-ty jumped, the voice wasn't Kahan's. It was Fenn's. “You have a copy of my armor just ready to go?” “No.” Kahan said, his voice not only muffled by the helmet but no longer his own. “This is why I needed two hours. I had to modify a set of armor to match your own.” he held up the blaster gauntlets. “The weapons were simple, however the voice modulator in the helmet and the armor aesthetics required more work.” “This is your solution?” Bo-Katan snarled. “What outrage are you committing? You intend to impersonate the Mand'alor?” “If the people need to see their Mand'alor liberating Sundari,” Kahan answered simply. “Then they shall.” his helmet turned to look back at Fenn. “With your permission my Mand'alor.” Fenn seemed to consider for a moment, his brow furrowed before he sighed and nodded. “Duumyc.” “Vor entye.” Kahan replied, the voice modulator emulated Fenn's voice but couldn't quite hide his accent Aira-ty noticed. However his accent wasn't her concern as she walked up past the others and reached up to touch his helmeted face. “Me'vaar ti gar?” “Naas.” he replied, the gentleness of his words contrasting with Fenn's voice. She glared at him, grabbing the underside of the helmet and pulling his faceplate down to eye level. “Jehaat.” she hissed. He paused, and then she felt his mind touch hers. He was terrified, as she knew he would be. He'd never overcome his claustrophobia. She still remembered when she'd first learned of it all those years ago during the Clone Wars. A harmless prank with a trooper helmet had almost resulted in him attacking her. This is not acceptable. Aira-ty snarled across their link. This is too much to ask. I can do it. he replied grimly. I must do it. I cannot guarantee any illusions will work. If I am incapacitated or otherwise unable to maintain the illusion during the fighting then everyone will realize that their Mand'alor is not there. He must be seen. Aira-ty's expression twisted bitterly in frustration. I do not forgive you for this Jetii. she warned him. This is not okay Kahan, you are not okay. I know. Kahan replied. But I can do this. For our daughter. The conversation happened in the span of seconds as Aira-ty released the helmet he wore and turned to look back at Fenn. Her expression was a torrent of emotion as she spoke firmly to him. “If he does this,” she said. “You never ask him for anything ever again.” Fenn seemed slightly taken aback by her tone but simply nodded. “You do not decide what the Mand'alor asks.” Bo-Katan snapped. “You should know your place!” “I'll show you yours aruetii.” Aira-ty snarled back at her. “He is my riduur and I care for him more than any allegiance to Fenn.” her golden eyes flashed maliciously. “You of all people should understand what it is like to care about someone so much that you'd betray everything.” Bo-Katan's anger faltered for a moment and she quieted, looking away from Aira-ty and towards Fenn. “Are you truly allowing this Mand'alor?” “Yes.” Fenn answered. “One of our goran has gone to great effort to solve our dilemma. I'd wager it would be a grave insult to decline his work.” Kahan bowed his head gratefully. “Vor entye Mand'alor.” “Nayc, vor entye Goran Kahan.” With the matter of Kahan impersonating the Mand'alor settled the group returned to the command tent. Sabine was surprised to see that the moment they stepped off the ship that the Goran's armor returned to what it had been, his usual black and teal armor replacing the emerald green of Fenn's. The only trace of the Mand'alor's armor was the helm clipped to his hip. Not wanting to step in amidst the brewing tension amongst her elders, Sabine walked around them and approached the Goran as he stood quietly opposite Fenn, Bo-Katan, and Aira-ty. She looked at the green helmet for a moment before smiling slightly with her own multi-colored helm held under her arm. “Copying someone else's armor? Isn't that taboo or something?” The Goran chuckled, smiling at her fondly. “This from the kotep jare who ran around wearing almost no armor before coming to me.” Sabine gave a wince as she touched the place under her armor where Aira-ty had stabbed her in the gut all those years ago. “Yeah, not my proudest moment.” she looked back over her shoulders at Fenn and the others as they spoke about the upcoming operations. “There's something I wanted to ask you, about all this.” “Is it about whether or not I think this is a good idea?” “No.” Sabine answered with a nervous smile. “I don't think any of us think this is a good idea. We're just doing what we can to try and save as many people as possible.” “Welcome to war.” he answered simply. “Yeah, believe me I know. I've learned more about what war means in the last few years than I ever wanted to.” she frowned. “But this isn't about that, and I can't ask the others because I'm worried it might spark a fight.” “And what might that be?” Sabine hesitated, frowning for a moment before she spoke. “It's about the Darksaber.” “Ah.” Kahan said simply. “That.” “I lost it to Tiber Saxon years ago. He's had it all this time to legitimize his power in the eyes of House Vizsla.” Sabine looked at him worriedly. “What...what do we do when we face him? If someone other than the Mand'alor claims it members of House Vizsla will question whether or not Fenn still has the right to be our leader.” “Do you believe it will be a problem?” the Goran asked, his eyes flicking towards the holomap. Sabine sighed, turning to look at Bo-Katan as well. “She wants the power. I know she does. She means well though, she just doesn't believe that anyone but her should be the leader of our people.” “Leader of House Vizsla perhaps.” the Goran replied. “Not of our people. She's too bloody-minded. Anyone who followed Pre Vizsla and believed what he was doing was just is not fit to lead our people.” Sabine shook her head, looking up at him skeptically. “Hearing a jetii call us his people is a bit strange.” “Do you think I don't belong here?” he inquired. Hesitating a moment, Sabine shook her head as fond memories of what had been simpler times floated through her mind. “No. In truth I kinda envy Aira-ty. There was a Force sensitive I wanted to make one of us too.” she sighed forlornly. “The Empire took that from me...from us.” The Goran placed his hand on her shoulder, giving it a firm squeeze. “We've all lost things to the Empire. They've been taking from Mandalore for over twenty years. As Fenn has said, it is time to put an end to their constant theft.” “Yeah,” Sabine agreed. “We're going to put a missile right up their shebs.” The Goran chuckled, his expression seemingly distant for a moment before he spoke again. “To answer your question about the Darksaber. If we take it, I will give it to you.” Sabine's eyes widened in alarm. “You can't just give it to me!” “House Vizsla's silly traditions hold no sway over myself or Aira-ty. Bo-Katan will not be there, no one will know.” he looked down at her. “Will you move against Fenn with the Darksaber?” “No. Never.” Sabine answered immediately, her expression hardening. “Then it is best in your hands, where House Vizsla's strength can be rallied behind the Mand'alor rather than turned against him.” Sighing, Sabine nodded. “I understand...I just don't know if I want that responsibility.” “None of this is about what we want.” the Goran stated firmly. “It is about what is best for Mand'alor and our families. We all must sacrifice for Mandalore to be free.” he looked deep into her brown eyes with his blue. “If you will not take the Darksaber when it is handed to you Sabine Wren, then I will destroy it to remove the scourge of its perceived power from our people forever.” Sabine's eyes widened for a horrified moment but she kept her emotions under control as she spoke. “You can't. The Darksaber is a part of our history.” “Conquering crusades are a part of our history.” he replied. “And they should remain that, history. If the Darksaber is too dangerous to exist and for Mandalore to be at peace then it too should be relegated to history.” Sabine swallowed, not liking any of this but she couldn't allow the Darksaber to be destroyed, even by a goran. “I'll do it.” she answered. “If you give me the Darksaber, I will accept it.” “Good.” he said with a gentle smile. “I understand this isn't easy for you.” he sighed heavily. “What a galaxy we've left to our children that they must struggle to fix the mistakes we've left in our wake.” “Are you ready to move,” Fenn asked, adding with a wry smile as he interrupted them. “Mand'alor?” The Goran snorted, his body seeming to shimmer for a moment as his own armor vanished and again he wore an identical set of armor to Fenn. “Par cuun adate.” The Mand'alor clasped the Goran's forearm firmly in a shake of solidarity as he nodded. “Ratiin vod.”...
Star Wars Medicine Man by ChroniclesofTimeLord
Fan Fiction Chapters
Dyad's Blessing, Dyad's Curse - Chapter 41Rey fell asleep with her head resting on Ben’s chest, and though her weight was pressing down on him, he didn’t want to move her, especially since she could vanish at any moment. He ran his fingers through her hair, listening to her deep breathing, trying to let her soothing presence lull him to sleep as well. But no matter how much he focused on her, he couldn’t forget that she wasn’t actually here, that here was a cold prison cell, that he might be here for the rest of his life and the rest of his life might not be long.No, no, don’t think about that, think about something else . . .Rey said she was asexual.Well, that was as good a distraction as any. What did normal people do when the ones they loved revealed something like that? Not that he’d ever been any good at pretending to be normal, though. And was he asexual too? She was lying on top of him and nothing was happening in his private areas – was that a sign of what he was? He thought of his parents – their lingering kisses, the sensual looks they gave each other – and he wished that having to say Mom, Dad, I think I might be asexual, but there’s still a girl I like could be his biggest concern.“Mom? Dad?” The whisper came out unintentionally. “Where are you?” His heart was thumping under Rey’s head. “You talked to me before – why aren’t you talking to me now?” He tried to keep the hurt out of his voice, but a tiny sob escaped nonetheless. “Why? Please . . . please . . . let me hear you . . .”Rey groaned in her sleep, making Ben inadvertently hold his breath, wondering if she was dreaming about his memories. Did they have to both be asleep in order to swap memories?Or maybe she was dreaming about the interrogation.His throat tightened and another sob escaped. “What do you think you’re doing?” that silent voice of his doubts said. “You think you can fall in love like a normal person? Do you seriously think for even a second that a monster like you deserves love?”Monster, Rey had screamed that at him and he’d affirmed it. He ground his teeth, scrunching his eyes, concentrating on not letting his body tremble when Rey was sleeping on him. “You should be dead,” the silent voice pressed. “How many lives have you ended? Hundreds? Thousands? How can you live while they’re dead?”A shiver that had nothing to do with the cold rushed through his body, jolting Rey slightly, though she didn’t awaken. “Murderer,” the silent voice said. “Murderer, murderer, murderer . . .” The word looped in his head like a song – a depressing, mournful song. “Murderer, murderer, murderer, murderer murderer murderer murderer MURDERER!” A small cry escaped as he clutched Rey’s body like a drowning man clutching a life raft. “Murderer murderer murderer . . .” Now the word was pounding his skull to the point where he thought he felt actual pain, filling his being with the truth.Rey vanished, leaving him alone.. . .“NO! NO! STOP!”Finn jolted awake to the familiar screams of his roommate that frequently reminded him of why he and Poe were still sharing a room even though Pooja had offered them individual rooms.He didn’t want Poe to suffer the nightmares alone.“No . . . I won’t tell you anything . . . NO!”Finn got out of bed and made his way to Poe’s bed, gently shaking his friend’s shoulder. “Poe? Poe, wake up! You’re having the nightmare again!”Poe gasped awake and Finn turned on the lamp, revealing the pilot’s tear-stained face. “Finn . . .” he whispered between pants, “. . . I’m sorry . . .”“Why are you apologizing?” asked Finn, sitting on the edge of Poe’s bed. “It’s not your fault that Kylo tortured you!”“So now he’s Kylo again?” Poe asked, a slight smirk peeking through his gasps.“He was Kylo when he did that to you,” said Finn, wishing he could figure out how to take away the nightmares from both Poe and Rey. “As for who he is now – I don’t know about that.”Poe sniffled, running his pajama sleeve under his nose. “Do you think we’re doing the right thing? Trusting the info he gave us and all?”“We’re not trusting him,” said Finn. “We’re sending scouts to the worlds he named, aren’t we? If it turns out that he was playing us and they end up walking into a trap, their blood’s on our hands.”“No,” said Finn, rapidly shaking his head, “their blood’s on his hands!”“Our hands!” Poe insisted, staring at Finn with red eyes. “We’re the ones who decided to go to him for info.”Finn gulped, trying not to see the sense in his words. “Well . . . you trust Rey, don’t you? She’s got that Force dyad thing with him and she says he’s changed his ways . . .”“And what if he’s playing her too?” Poe interrupted.“Poe,” said Finn, “our scouts are well-trained and we told them to expect a trap. They can handle themselves.”Poe swallowed, his hands gripping the blankets, his forehead glistening with sweat. “So many people died in the war. People I chatted with at meals, people I ran into in the hangar, people whose names I didn’t even know but I got used to seeing their faces . . . dead!”BB-8 had been sitting in the corner, shut down for the night, but as if he’d sensed his master’s turmoil, he suddenly reactivated and rolled over to the bed. Though Finn didn’t fully understand the droid’s beeping language, the concern in his tone was obvious.“Yeah, little buddy,” said Poe, wiping his eyes. “I’m tired of death, I’m tired.”Finn wrapped his arms around Poe. “I was raised to kill and I chose a different path. Maybe he has too, I don’t know, but we need to make sure the First Order doesn’t rise again.”“I know,” sobbed Poe. “I just don’t want to send more people to their deaths.”BB-8 gave a sad beep. Finn didn’t know what to say since he couldn’t truthfully assure his friend that no one else was going to die, so he simply tightened his embrace, letting Poe draw comfort from his touch.
Dyad's Blessing, Dyad's Curse - Chapter 40As the sun went down, Ben talked.He gave names of planets that had First Order bases, planet leaders that were First Order sympathizers, even speculations about what their future plans might have been. By the time he was finished, his throat was parched, but fortunately the warden provided a glass of cold water. The whole time, the generals recorded the conversation on their datapads and kept their faces stoic, as if they were playing sabacc and trying to bluff their opponents. “One more thing,” said General Finn. “We are trying to fund a program to reunite stormtroopers with their families. I know there were stormtrooper training facilities scattered at various locations around the galaxy, but I don’t know where all of them were. Any information you can give would be helpful.”Ben took a deep breath, gulping down the last of his water. “I know there was a stormtrooper facility on Teth and another on Felucia. There were others too, but I don’t know the locations or how many there were since I wasn’t very involved in the stormtrooper program. You might actually have more luck asking stormtroopers themselves where they were trained.”The two generals glanced at each other and Ben sensed their disappointment. “Well,” said Dameron, “thank you. We’ll let you know if we need anything else.”Now the guards would put his hands back in the binders and lead him back to the cell, but before they could do so, D-O stretched his head up once again.“Helping,” he chirped. “Helping.”. . .“Lights out” wasn’t really lights out – it just meant the ceiling lights in the halls and the cells were turned off. The red glow of the forcefield was still very much active, piercing into Ben’s eyes even when they were closed, even when he was turned around to face the wall. The bunk only had one blanket and one pillow and there were no nightclothes in sight, so Ben had stripped down to the regulation undershirt and briefs to sleep, though the single blanket was letting air through, making him shiver and almost wish he had kept the uniform on for warmth.Was he allowed to ask for another blanket? Was he allowed to ask for anything?He felt like an invisible weight was crushing his body, leaving him only able to take short, gasping breaths. “Mom? Dad?” he whispered again. “Can you hear me? Please, I need you. I don’t . . . I don’t know what to do.”His parents remained silent, but the familiar twitch in his senses occurred, which at least enabled him to take a long, relieved exhale. “Rey . . .”Rey put a gentle hand on his head, running her fingers through his hair. “Are you all right?”“I’m cold.”He opened his eyes just in time to see her attempting to cover him with her own blanket, her face glowing that eerie shade of red. “Here, you can have . . .”“No,” Ben interrupted. “If we’re caught passing stuff through the Force, we’ll both get in trouble.”“Well at least let me keep you warm for now.” She spread half the blanket over him while still covering herself with the other half. “See? This way the blanket should stay with me when you disappear and no one else should see anything.”Despite the circumstances, Ben couldn’t suppress a tiny grin. “All right, I guess that works.” He couldn’t deny that the extra warmth felt nice.“At least something made you smile,” said Rey, giving her own tiny grin. “I like your smile.”“And I like yours.”Her smile suddenly faded. “Ben . . . I’ve been thinking . . . about last night.”“What?” Ben asked. I don’t love you, he imagined her saying, the thought making his stomach twist even though his logical mind said that would be for the best.Rey let out a small sigh, taking a sudden interest in her fingers. “I like . . . this,” she said, pointing whole-handedly at herself and then Ben. “Touching. Hugging. Cuddling. Even that kiss . . . but, well, I thought a lot about it today. I imagined going further than that kiss – with you, with Finn, with others, male and female both, and . . .” She swallowed. “. . . the whole idea of doing it with anyone just wasn’t appealing. It felt like I was trying to like a food that I just plain didn’t like.” Ben thought he saw tears pricking the edges of her eyes. “I don’t want to hurt you or Finn or anyone, but I think I’m . . . asexual.”The word hung in the air, numbing Ben’s mind and causing his jaw to drop slightly. Whatever he had expected her to say, it certainly wasn’t this.“I’m sorry,” she said, as if her sexuality was her fault. “It’s not the sort of thing you have much time to think about when you’re a scavenger or a Jedi trainee, but now that I have thought about it, I realized that I’ve never felt the urge people talk about.” She swallowed a sob, reminding him of when she’d begged him not to take over the galaxy. “It doesn’t mean I don’t love you – I’m still not sure about that – but . . .”Ben gazed into her beautiful eyes as she trailed off, wishing he knew what to say. “Don’t . . . don’t apologize. It’s not something to be ashamed of.”She sniffled. “Look at me, here I am talking about my sexuality with you in prison, what kind of a friend does that?”“An honest friend,” said Ben, putting his hand on her cheek. “I mean, how many times has the Force linked us in bed with neither of us wanting to get sexual?”Rey smirked slightly. “We were fighting on opposite sides of a war some of those times.”“Not recently, though.” Ben took a deep breath, a sudden realization hitting him. “Maybe . . . maybe I’m asexual too.”She wrinkled her nose. “Ben, you don’t have to say you’re asexual just to make me feel better.”“No, no, hear me out. I didn’t exactly get much opportunity to date first as a Jedi trainee and then as a Knight of Ren, but I never really wanted to date either.” He cupped his hand around her ear. “I’ve had fantasies, I won’t deny that, but I haven’t felt any urge to act them out in reality.”Rey blinked at him as if seeing him for the first time. “So . . . this doesn’t change anything?”“Why would it change anything?”She gulped. “I don’t know . . . I’m still processing it, I guess, and some people think asexuals just need to find the right person to have sex with and then they’ll be cured . . .”“Rey!” exclaimed Ben. “There is nothing wrong with you. People can go their entire lives without having sex and still have full, happy lives.”Finally she was smiling again, her fingers brushing his cheek. “Thank you. Thank you for understanding.” She wrapped her arm around him. “I still like this, though. This is enough.” Ben closed his eyes, smiling as he absorbed her embrace. “Yes,” he murmured. “This is enough.”

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Dyad's Blessing, Dyad's Curse - Chapter 39Ben tried doing the leg-lifts the datapad instructed, but after twenty of them he found himself just lying on the bunk, staring at the ceiling, lacking the motivation to continue exercising. Then he started pacing around the cell, counting the number of times he circled the tiny room, but he lost count after fifty or so and by then his legs were sore, forcing him to sit back down on the bunk and stare at the walls tinted red from the forcefield. Red . . . the same shade as the flaming lightsaber that pierced his father’s heart . . .Suddenly Ben decided that he didn’t like the color red. Red was too loud, too forceful – he definitely preferred cooler, gentler colors like blue and purple.His stomach growled. Had he slept through lunch? When were they going to feed him? Surely they weren’t planning to starve him to death, right? Then again, if Kylo Ren starved to death, that would be highly convenient for the Resistance . . .“You’re never gonna be hungry, son.”He remembered Han saying those words many times during his childhood. Han would tell stories about his days as Proxima’s scumrat and how hunger was a terrible, terrible thing. The stories always ended with Han promising that Ben would never, ever have to go through what he went through.“You’re never gonna be hungry, son.”His stomach growled again.. . .Maybe an hour passed, maybe several hours passed – Ben had no idea how time was working in this cell – but finally a line of guards showed up on the other side of the forcefield, all pointing blasters in his direction. They didn’t lower their blasters as one of them deactivated the forcefield and said, “Come with us, Ben Solo” in a clipped, low voice.“What’s going on?” Ben asked, figuring they couldn’t shoot him just for asking a question.He sure didn’t expect the guard’s answer.“The Resistance generals wish to speak with you.”. . .The guards put Ben’s hands in binders and escorted him to the warden’s office, clustering around him as if any gap between them would be an opportunity for him to escape. Their fear enveloped Ben even though they all had their blasters drawn, making him involuntarily tremble as they walked.When they reached the office, there were Commander – no, General – Dameron and General Finn seated on either side of a long desk, flanking a tall, slender human woman Ben assumed was the warden, the setting sun from the window behind her casting her face in shadow. However, seated on the other side of Finn was someone Ben hadn’t expected.“Rey?”“Friend!” D-O shouted, rolling from Rey’s feet up to Ben.“Hey, little guy,” said Ben, managing a small smile at the droid despite the circumstances. “Nice to see you.”The warden loudly cleared her throat. “Have a seat, Mr. Solo.”To Ben’s surprise, the guards removed the binders, though they kept their blasters pointed at him as he sat in the empty chair in front of the desk, where there sat a plate with a sandwich and a glass of blue milk.“You must be hungry,” the warden said in a clipped, no-nonsense voice. “Help yourself.”Hunger overcame any desire to ask questions – Ben grabbed the sandwich and took a large bite even before the warden finished her sentence.“Rey here says that droid belongs to you,” the warden said, the sun gleaming in her blonde hair.“Well, not exactly,” Ben said with his mouth full. “Not officially.”“Ben Solo. Friend,” D-O interrupted, craning his neck up like a pet.“He is yours,” Rey spoke up. “He and I have been talking about it.”“Y-you’re my friend,” said D-O, and Ben imagined that the droid would be smiling if he were able to do so.The warden cocked her head, as if she hadn’t expected Rey’s words to be true. “She also said that the droid’s previous owner abused him and that separating him from you could be bad for his well-being.”“Really?” Ben asked, talking more to Rey than the warden. “I think being in prison would do him more damage.”“Perhaps,” said the warden, “but I think we can still arrange for him to visit you regularly.”Ben gave a slight nod. “Thank you, ma’am . . . am I supposed to call you ma’am, or Warden, or what?”“Warden Zimmer,” the warden said. “Or just Warden.”“All right, Warden,” said Ben, taking a gulp of blue milk. “I assume you didn’t just call me here because of D-O.”“You assume right,” said Warden Zimmer, nodding at General Dameron and General Finn. “These two wish to make negotiations with you.”“Negotiations?”Dameron cleared his throat, straightening up as if trying to conceal the fear flowing off him. No doubt he was thinking about that interrogation. “Ben Solo,” he said, “the war may be over, but that doesn’t mean the First Order or something like it can’t rise again.”“We don’t want to make the same mistakes the previous Republic made,” said Finn, giving a suspicious glare. “If you’re really serious about being all light side or whatever, you can help us.”“How?”“Information,” said Dameron. “Base locations, names of First Order loyalists, anything you can give us. If the information bears results, we’re willing to argue for a lighter sentence when your trial comes.”Ben couldn’t help but snort. “Life in prison instead of an execution, how nice of you.”“Ben,” said Rey, “please.”“Fine,” said Ben. “I can give you information, but I don’t know how much of it will be useful. No doubt the surviving First Order officers will have abandoned their old bases by now and gone into hiding. If the Empire could bide their time for years until they were ready to strike, the First Order probably will too.”“And that’s what we want to avoid,” said Dameron, narrowing his eyes at him. “Right now, you’re our best link to the remnants of the First Order, but if you’re not willing to help us, then we don’t need to continue this conversation.”“No, wait.” Ben took a deep breath, trying to smooth out his face and widen his eyes in hope that the generals would believe him. “I am willing to help, I’m just saying that information I have might be outdated.”“We know that,” said Rey, “but you can at least try.”“A chance to make things right.” Again his grandfather’s words echoed in his mind. “All right,” he said, trying to ignore how the generals were scrutinizing him and the guards were still pointing blasters at him, “here’s what I know.”
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R5D4 Speed Painting by philippeL
Landscapes Planets
Jarik duels Barriss by xxTheTruMan196
Baby Yoda (Grogu) And Lady Chewie by JUMBOLA
Sergeant LaMarr by JR-Imperator
Silver Skull Division by JR-Imperator
Star Wars The Last Prime Page 4 by jurassicmonster65
Theme Music by TheGodofCities1967
Never Was Hiding (Pan Firework Show) by MarimbaOwl
Grogu by HayleysArtCommission
Cara Dune :) by GothicGamerXIV
My Waifu Chart by BleuCentenaire
Video Games
[Blender] Star Wars - Enjoying the view by Rockcodian
Little Greater Good by ladystarsocks
Star Wars: A Relic of the Je'daii - Creation Diary by KaTarvitz
Custom Figures
My New LEGO Ahsoka Figure by SuperHeroTimeFan
Figures Normal
Sith Jet Trooper  by Swatson3rd
Scale Models
C-ROC Cruiser by Indefiknight
Disney Infinity Star Wars IX by LDFranklin
The Mandalorian Poster #2 by NomiDarklighter
Rebel Scum  by LeiaIceCommander
La reina Padme Amidala de Naboo by HaleyHylia
Kaz and Tam by Taipu556
The Empire Needs You by masimage
David Prowse, Darth Vader Actor, Dies by JediSenshi
Mature Content

Mature Content

Oola - The Twirling Twi'lek by demogoron
Over Flow
The phantom of the sith empire by LordVaderNihilus



Star Wars Elite

Greetings and welcome to the Star-Wars-Elite, I am your host Sir-Saboteur

We are the Second Largest Star Wars Group on Deviantart.
And the fastest growing.

This group was formed to show other people your work and to admire theirs.

This is an official group for star wars fans, and is dedicated to all things Star Wars. The group is open to everyone that joins.

Just about everything has a place here; be it Mandalorians, Clone Troopers, Stormtroopers, Jedi, Sith, Rebels, OCs, Vehicles, Ships, Weapons, Blasters, Lightsabers, and much more in the ways of Star Wars.

I have a bunch of folders here for most everything, but if there isn't one for your type of artwork, let me know and I'll make a folder.


The purposes of this group are several things:
:bulletblue: To see other peoples work and for them to see yours.
:bulletblue: Improvement: I encourage the critique of other people’s work. Give them advice so they can improve their work
:bulletblue: To express your love for star wars
:bulletblue: Interacting- I encourage you to have discussions and to communicate with your fellow deviants.

:bulletgreen: If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the group, please feel free to tell me your thoughts.

:bulletgreen: Questions- If there’s something you’re not sure of, ask me I’d be happy to answer them.




****Violators will be thrown into the Rancor pit.****

:bulletpurple: Featured- The only thing in here our discussion board for any ideas you may have for me about the group

:bulletpurple: Prized Work You can put ONE piece in here, the one you like or cherish the most.

:bulletpurple: Mandalorians

:bulletpurple: Clone Troopers

:bulletpurple: Fan Fiction- Your own stories. STORIES ONLY PLEASE!

:bulletpurple: Fan Fiction Chapters- Stories that have multiple parts/chapters.

:bulletpurple: OC Profile Folder- Basically the profile of your character. This
includes: Personality, Biography, History, and more or less
things about your character. Drawing not required.
*If these things are not there, it will be moved to the folder

:bulletpurple: OC- This folder is for anything else that has to do with your OCs should be put in here.

:bulletpurple: Stormtroopers and Imperials

:bulletpurple: Rebels

:bulletpurple: Jedi

:bulletpurple: Sith

:bulletpurple: Weapons- Blasters, Blades, Lightsabers, ETC.

:bulletpurple: Vehicles and Vessels- Everything from walkers to starships

:bulletpurple: Bounty Hunters

:bulletpurple: Droids

:bulletpurple: Landscapes/Planets- Planets, Maps, Landscapes, Space, space docks, forts, barracks, etc.

:bulletpurple: Cosplay

:bulletpurple: Republic- Any thing else to do with the Republic goes here. Things like Republic Senators and Non-Clone Military Personal.

:bulletpurple: Separatists- Anything Separatist goes here. Ex: General Grievous, Separatist Senators. Note: Battle Droids go in the Droids folder.

:bulletpurple: Comics- ANYTHING in comic book form.

:bulletpurple: Humor- The Funny/Humorous things go here.

:bulletpurple: Aliens- Self-explanatory

:bulletpurple: Creatures- Everything creature goes here.

:bulletpurple: Other- Miscellaneous stuff

:bulletpurple: Crossovers- It depends on what it is.

:bulletpurple: Video Games- Any shots from the video games should go here.

:bulletpurple: Sketches- This is for the most part, simple doodles, but also MOST pencil works.

:bulletpurple: Chibis- Everything Chibi goes here.

:bulletpurple: Crafts- Any other craft works you’ve done.
*Note: this is not cosplay related

:bulletpurple: Custom figures- For custom figures you made.

:bulletpurple: Figures (Normal)- this folder is for uncustomized figures. This includes Hasbro figures, Lego figures, figuer battle scenes, etc.

:bulletpurple: Scale Models- For scale models and model kits

:bulletpurple: Photos- This is the Photo section for the pictures you take of events and such.
*Note: this is not cosplay related

:bulletpurple: Posters- A folder for posters and anything in poster form. If it looks like it should be hung up on the wall or nailed it to a post, it goes here.

:bulletpurple: Tattoos- This is where you can show off your ink.

:bulletpurple: Media- Things like video games shots from SWTOR, Television shots like The Clone Wars, Screen shots, and Movie pics, this includes anything that is edited over or has a caption.

:bulletpurple: Couples- This folder is for couples and fan parings.

:bulletpurple: Stamps- Self-Explanatory.
*Note: Regardless of relation to other folders, ALL STAMPS GO HERE.

:bulletpurple: Mature Content- What can I say, people like it, so why not. If is is marked as mature content, put it in this folder only please. Please use discretion in these as they should be artistic above all else.

:bulletpurple: Over Flow- This is the folder that I will move most of the stuff to from an art dump/art bombing. Hence the title overflow.
*If you want it to be moved back, give me something to change. The purpose of the Over Flow folder is to help keep the other folders more diverse.


*** If you put a deviation in the wrong folder, please let me know and I'll take care of it.

***If you are still unsure where to put it, ask me.



If there is an issue with any of these things, please report it to me.

:bulletgreen: The art must be Star Wars related. This is a Star Wars after all.

:bulletgreen: Art Theft will not be tolerated. This is a group for fans to show their OWN work.

:bulletgreen: No art bashing and insults. This is a place to encourage people, build them up, not tear them down.

:bulletgreen: Please submit to the right folder. If is is submitted to the incorrect folder, it will be removed, and it will need to be resubmitted to the correct folder.

Keep it civil and Have Fun.

Look at other people's stuff, give advice and suggestions, and overall, enjoy!





Just a notice, after it was requested by a number of people I have increased the daily submission to 5 and will see how it goes.

Also we just passed 5,000 members. Cheers!
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I’ve decided starting may 4th that I’ll delete all my Star Wars art, and then upload newer updated versions in ‘chronological order’.
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I don't know if anyone reads this, but I did some Star Wars themed ideas. They're basically just character designs. I've been trying to find people to draw them, mostly as requests, but so far, no luck.
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Just dropping this news here, Disney now has the ability to claim Fan MADE CONTENT!!…

Info on 11:05 spread the word to all Star Wars content creators on DA!
To put it simply the terms of use for Star Wars Fan-created Content have changed.
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