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The Sith
Bloodthirsty: The Exchange (Chapter 2)The insides of the ship were nice, filled with a mix of new technology and some old as well. Vila didn’t care to look around too much, as she was more worried about a quiet space for her to meditate. She sat alone in the middle of the floor raised slightly off the ground sitting with her legs crossed and her head facing the ground as it focused on the rage building inside of her. Each passing day that she had to wait to take on what she believed to be her next position, which was at the center of all trade throughout the Galaxy. She felt she was wasting her time on some fetch quest for her master, she felt this entire idea of the ritual unnecessary. It was unusual to most Sith, but Vila actually found her dream of the future calming too her mind, the simple idea of having such power made her feel something true Sith don’t understand, which was contempt. This of course only occurred when she got lost imagining herself there, in charge of it all with no one to answer to, no looming figure towering over her monitoring her every move. For a moment her thoughts uplifted her spirit giving her a sense of freedom. Forgetting the dreams of what could be, she took a breath and focused on the task ahead. Herman sat in the cockpit, his legs shaking as he grew more nervous the closer they got to Tatooine. Thinking quickly he put the ship in auto-pilot and went tp check on Vila. He poked his head around the quiet hangar and couldn’t find her, until he noticed that one of the private room doors was shut. He approached quietly and knocked gently but got no answer. Vila had felt his presence, but the idea of interrupting her meditation angered her, but she let it pass with more thoughts of the future. The knocking stopped, and she could hear his footsteps moving away from the door. Back into the cockpit, he activated the communications and sent a message to Trett that said Closing in, 30 minutes tops. Be ready. Seconds later he received a call from the man himself, and he answered it speaking extremely quietly as he peered over his shoulder.“Everything in order?” “Yeah, got a plan and a place. Was thinking out just meeting you at the docking bay right as you got out. Felt she would be happy to think we admire her time.” Herman smiled, “Great. I’ll see you when we land.” He said as he ended the call.Vila could feel that they would be landing soon, so she decided to break her meditation and stretch out her body that had been sitting still for a while. She walked around the hangar for a few minutes, wasting time. She had found herself right outside of the cockpit, so she decided to check on Herman. Voices could be heard just slightly as she was approaching, maybe the location was set, maybe it was time for her plan to be set in motion. The doors opened and she stepped through the opening, finding a smiling Herman sitting back with the ship in auto-pilot, enjoying the ride. He turned to her, and his smile didn’t fade but it had grown noticeably smaller when the two locked eyes. “Who were you speaking to?” She asked curiously. “That was Trett, my right hand man. He’s the one holding onto the cube thingy.” Vila’s face straightened to a serious gaze that looked to strike fear in Herman’s eyes. “Cube? I assume you meant pyramid, correct?” She asked, her eyes glowing like hot lava now. “Uh, yeah sorry my mistake.” Herman said but she could feel his fear rising, his right leg started to shake slightly, and she could sense some sort of betrayal before her. “And where will he be meeting us?” “Well considering how valuable your time is we decided it best if he meet us as soon as we land at the docking bay.” He said looking at Vila for a response. She only nodded then smiled as her mouth opened to speak. “You know whats funny, or rather ironic Mr. Drilks.” Vila said as her face took an expression of satisfaction mixed with excitement. “You, a top smuggler throughout the Galaxy are actually doing business with the very person who looks to eliminate your job.” “I’m not sure I understand, didn’t you say this deal would help me?” Herman saidVila laughed. “What did you expect, I’m a person of business, I don’t look to make acquaintances.” She said and continued on. “Let me put it in simpler terms for you. I see a bright future for myself, Mr. Drilks. I have ambitious goals, and I have ambitious plans to achieve such goals. I don’t like the idea of smugglers around when I am the center of trade, therefore I see it as my duty to eliminate them all from my galaxy., and I am sure the business person in you sees my point.” Herman’s face was full of shock as he moved quickly, panicking and fumbling around for his blaster.Her eyes widened with her smile as her arm extended out and pointed towards the defenseless smuggler. Blue streaks of bright energy shot straight into the body of Herman as he slid from the chair to the ground, screaming as he started rolling on the floor as if it would help ease the pain or stop the burning sensation he felt throughout every single limb in his body. Vila extended her arm to its full length, shooting more focused and powerful energy at him, laughing hysterically as she did. The stench of burnt flesh filled the room and Vila loved every second of it, basking in the disgusting smell. “P-p-ple-“ Herman tried to speak but he couldn’t even get the words out, his brain melting away. She stopped abruptly, leaving the brain dead smuggler on the ground writhing in pain as he had entered a vegetative state. The beacon above the main controls was signaling that they arrived, Vila ran towards the controls, and quickly took over the ship to get it ready for landing. While landing she used her position to get a look at the people she was meeting, and to her surprise she found much more than just Herman’s “right hand man”. Right below her hiding behind the edges of the wall atop the roof stood about 10 snipers that she could see, instantly anger filled her heart and she could not wait another second to tear these people apart. Vila didn’t bother turning the ship off, she had a feeling that this encounter wouldn’t last long. The doors opened and Vila walked out carrying the brain dead smuggler on her shoulders, as she stepped out she noticed a group of people huddled near the entrance. Walking down the ramp she stopped right at the end as a Rodian started approaching her with his eyes squinted in concern. She moved closer to him as he started backward now realizing what she had been holding. Vila took the body, and by using the same force she had used to keep him above her shoulder, she tossed him to the ground. A gasp was heard from the crowd huddled to the left of her, and the Rodian fell to his knees in shock as his eyes locked onto the charred, unrecognizable face of his best friend. “Her-Herman? Is that you?” Trett said as Vila stepped forward, raising her voice to speak. “Your friend is no longer active, but my intuition tells me that you hold the object I seek.” She said in a smooth voice that had a hint of malice behind it. He raised from his knees and stepped backward, his fear rising to an ultimate level and Vila was feeding off of it, turning it into anger within herself. He looked around for a second, then gathered himself and spoke with confidence. “No.” Vila chuckled. “You amuse me.” “I leave you with two options. Option one you are allowed to leave, body fully intact. Or option two, you get to join your friend and watch the suns rise and set as you rot.”Trett eyed her with disgust, then shot a look down at his friend, and his eyes moved to his surroundings. A smile took over his face, his expression changed as he thought the power shifted, Vila thought. “Listen here woman. You screwed up coming here alone, especially bringing my dead friend. You actually thought that we’d bow to you? We ain’t getting outgunned here, not by you.” His hand started to raise above his head. “GET HER!” He yelled as he jumped behind cover and started towards the exit. Blaster bolts were flying from everywhere simultaneously. Vila stood in the middle dodging what she could of the close range hurried shots that were mostly falling inaccurate except for the bolts coming from the snipers above, their shots were dead on. Ducking and dodging to cover, she jumped behind a small can just trying to buy her a second of time to grab her weapon. Her hand fell to her side as it ran against the metal build, she grabbed it and in one clean motion ignited the blade and deflected every blaster bolt aimed for her. The glowing red danced in the light as the bolts flew off of it, some heading straight back to those who sent it while the others just hit the walls and other ships around. She bounced around so fast her body became a blur as she sliced through the gunners around her while waiting for the snipers to get their next shots off. In her flurry of death she noticed the Rodian running to the doors of the docking bay, leaving her position, she followed him sprinting and dodging incoming shots. The small satchel he wore was flying from side to side, and when Vila got close enough she held her lightsaber up to deflect the bullets as she focused on the bag hanging from the Rodian’s neck. She reached out with the force and wrapped it around his neck again and again, it tightened and he dropped to his knees gasping for air. In a matter of five seconds, Vila dropped her hold on the Rodian and sent the shots of the remaining snipers right back between their eyes leaving a smoking hole in the middle of their faces.He sat on the ground breathing heavily as she moved closer. Her shadow cast over him, Vila stared him down and Trett had finally seen her eyes which resembled the demons he had read stories about as a kid. More soldiers rushed in from behind the doors of every entrance, leaving about 100 soldiers with their guns trained on her. “This is your final offer, before I have to leave you with no soldiers and even worse.. no life.” Vila said as she watched fear take over Trett’s face. “SHOOT YOU IDIOTS” he screamed and blasters sounded off but something wasn’t right. He had called 100 soldiers to guard the doors and be backup, but he had heard maybe half of the blasters go off. He sat up and saw Vila, one hand that held the lightsaber, and the other was raised slightly above her shoulders. His eyes peered around and saw his men fell from their own shots, and then he saw the ones who weren’t shooting, their feet lifted off the ground as they all grasped at their necks trying to rip away whatever held them. He looked away, and everything went silent, Trett feared the worst as he heard the bodies of the hanging men drop at once and then the hum of the lightsaber was inching closer as his face lit up in the bright glow of the beautiful red blade.She turned to him and watched his eyes dart around the entire area, and after he realized nobody else was alive he screamed for help. His scream forced a laugh out of Vila, and their eyes met, which Vila’s were glowing brighter than ever before. Trett’s eyes started to water, and fear had taken over his body. “Please, don’t kill me, I have a family. Here take it whatever the hell this is, just spare me. I beg of you, don’t ruin a f-.” He was cut off at the throat. Vila’s hand moved in one clean horizontal motion and the crimson blade cut right through the neck leaving a headless Rodian lying in ground covered with his own blood. The bag holding the holocron sat next to the head, Vila picked it up and started toward the Avalanche putting her lightsaber away at her side...
Star Wars: Bloodthirsty (Chapter 1), The swampy terrain of Nal Hutta was something that took getting used to, especially for someone who had spent most of their time on a planet like Tatooine, extremely dry with no trees. This was an experience indeed, and if it weren’t for the land speeder provided by the potential buyers he would have been 45 minutes late just trying to get from the docking bay to the meeting location. He had wondered why they were holding this meeting so far from the main headquarters, but because of who he was dealing with he decided not to ask. Herman Drilks was a known smuggler across the galaxy, some said he was the best at his job but he paid no mind to what others said, he kept his focus on becoming the richest man alive. Walking into this meeting with the utmost confidence, he entered the small hut that was covered in tree vines. Inside was tiny, and the entire hut was made out of wood from the surrounding trees, or so he had guessed. He found a small circular table with only one guest sitting there, a female Twi’lek who he had known as Vila. Her eyes glowed a yellowish-red color as she looked up at him and then she focused on the empty chair. The eye contact sent shivers down Herman’s spine, he couldn’t explain what he felt in the air at the moment, it was hot and a sudden feeling of terror came over him. He slid the only other chair in the hut back and took a seat, the confidence he walked in with was slowly draining. “Mr. Drilks.” She said, nodding her head as a sign of respect. She could smell his fear through the air, and could see his lips tremble as he began to speak. “Vila right? This is quite the pleasure. I have heard much about you.” He said, his voice giving no indication of being afraid. “Pay no mind to what others say. People tend to over-exaggerate and fabricate stories for means of… entertainment.” She said as a subtle smirk came over her. “Now, let’s not delay, you know how valuable my time is.” He watched as her hands formed together as if she had some plot inside of her head. “Uh yeah, so what did you bring me here for?” “Oh Herman, acting stupid may work with most of the others in the Outer Rim, but as I said my time is valuable.” She said as her hands clenched together. The feeling in the air grew stronger, so strong Herman started sweating. Another subtle smirk formed across her face as she saw the perspiration on him. Vila spoke again. “It has been brought to my attention that you recently have come across some sort of ancient object.” She watched as he looked blatantly nervous. “Yes, some may say it holds power only to be wielded by the ancient Sith Lords who once walked this Galaxy. While that is clearly another story used commonly at local bars, I believe I have someone who is interested in acquiring such objects.” She said as her menacing eyes stared him down. He sat back and put a sleeve of his jacket to his forehead to wipe the sweat away. “And who would that be?” “That does not concern you.” She shot back, still eyeing him right through his soul. “I believe it does.” He said sitting up now, his voice gaining a bit of confidence almost as if the fear was dripping away with the sweat. “How can it not? I’m the one who has it anyway. Why would I sell it to some middle man or woman.” He said, his voice rising slightly too in an almost combative tone. Her subtle smirk turned into a full smile, but this was no smile of happiness, there was not a single trace of goodwill within her, and she made it quite clear. Herman winced at her jagged teeth and then spoke again. “Look if uh, this is your pitch to get me to sell the thing, then it looks like this is just a waste of my damn time.” He said, now sitting straight up with his hands on the table, he spoke with full confidence now. She could feel his anger rise within him. “I think it would be wise of you to settle down my friend, you wouldn’t want to upset a potential customer, would you?” She spoke softly. “I am willing to pay handsomely for the object, I simply just need to see it first.” “You must take me for a fool Ms. Vila, honestly you truly think I’d bring something that got the attention of you and your crew. I wouldn’t risk it, you guys run this planet theres no doubt I would have been killed the second it left my hands.” His hands raised behind his head, he knew he was in a good position. Vila nodded and raised a finger. “Quite a decision indeed. I see you are not only well informed, but you have a functioning brain to use the information correctly.” She shot back snidely. “How do you suppose we make the transaction, you don’t think I’m going to pay you in advance, do you?” “I was thinking more of a half now and half when I bring it to you. Take it or leave it.” Herman said, Vila made no facial expression at all. “No, here’s what is going to happen.” She spoke clear, her soft tone now gone. “You will bring me to this object, and then we shall discuss the rest of the deal. I will not discuss money until I can see it in front of me.” “Woah, listen here, I’m the one who’s got what you want. This is on my terms or I’ll just find another person to sell it to.” He said. “Maybe I’ll go find that other person you were talking about.” Herman said, Vila scoffed. “Trust me, that wouldn’t be smart Mr. Drilks. Neither is testing your luck with me, you may have what I want but I have what you need.” Herman looked confused for a second. “Look lady if you’re talking about money, I could find about 15 other clients just from one night at a cantina, and probably finesse them for even more money.” Vila could feel Herman’s thoughts start to drift as he looked into the air after he spoke. “No, not money but reputation. Think about it Mr. Drilks, we basically are the leaders of the new underworld and the movements are already being set-up as we speak to create a new trade federation with my crew at the center of it all. Imagine if Vila of the Trade Federation put in a good word for you amongst our clients.” She spoke confidently, her finger still sitting in the air. Herman looked as if a new thought sparked inside of his head, and he spoke quickly. “Yeah, sure you got a point there.” He sat quietly for a second, mulling it over. Then he smiled. “You got yourself a deal. I’ll head back to the ship now and get her prepped for takeoff, we leave in an hour.” He said standing up as he finished the sentence. She nodded back and watched as he took off on the speeder. She waited until he was out of sight, and then got up and mounted hers, driving off into the swampy lands. ******* He got back to Avalanche, which was a black and gold ship that resembled the old Naboo Cruisers that people used in the Clone Wars. Herman sat in the cockpit checking up on the entire ship before takeoff. After making sure his hyperdrive was charged, he set up communications and sent a signal outbound to Tatooine. A Gamorean hologram appeared. “Ah reporting back so soon, well at least you’re alive.” “Look Trett, we ran into a little bit of a problem but don’t worry I’ve got it all figured out.” He said confidently. “Look, the Vila chick is coming back with m-“ he was cutoff by Trett, who spoke frantically. “You what? Are you stupid you know what they say about her.” “Listen to me for a damn second, she’s not going to know that we’re going to set her up.” Herman said gesturing at his friend to calm down. “She thinks she’s all high and mighty, she’ll never suspect that I’m gonna try something. Probably thinks I’m afraid of her or something. So we’ll take her hostage and send a message to who crew that if they want her and the stupid triangle thing then it’s going to cost a lot more.” Trett look shocked and then started shaking his head. “It sounds like a decent plan, but I don’t know, I got a bad feeling about this.” He said. “Don’t worry, all I need you to do is have that stupid thing ready to go. I’m going to take us straight to you. Pick an open spot, setup snipers on the roof and a crew of 25 guards at each entrance. Don’t be afraid to get creative either.” Herman said as he saluted his friend and ended the call. He turned to stare out into the rainy swamp lands that were basically the entire planet of Nal Hutta, he couldn’t wait to get back home.
Festival del Fumetto 2019 - 2 by Enry500
The Sith Path - ancient text, book box by RFabiano
The Rebellion
Gold Coast Supanova 2021 by JUMBOLA
X-Wing Pilot Leia by SciFiZone
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The Galactic Empire
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Female Stormtrooper Squad by SciFiZone
Femtrooper Squad by SciFiZone
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Padme Amidala Cosplay from SW the Clone Wars by kreatingkosplay
Clone Wars - Anakin Skywalker's Team by Sonjo-Kishi
Padme Amidala 2 by Sonjo-Kishi
SVCC19 - Padme Amidala by BlizzardTerrak
Clone Troopers
501st Clone Trooper by ViperMk1SC
Comic Con-2015-30 Captain Rex by ViperMk1SC
Stormtroopergirls by BlackFurya
Clone Trooper by Neville6000
Mandalorians Bounty Hunters
Keldabe Kiss by Keldabe92
The mandalorian: cosplay hemet by CrafterFold
Orange Mandalorian by Keldabe92
Mandalorian - Beskar (season 1) Costume by FoxHound1984
EU or Misc Costumes
Bastila Shan Sneak Peak Cosplay by kreatingkosplay
Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka Djo - Young Jedi Knights by zhobot
Star Wars at Lucca Comics 2019 by Enry500
Twi'lek by Mircalla-Tepez
Custom props and WIP
The Lost Dyad Papers - Star Wars by RFabiano
The mandalorian: cosplay hemet by CrafterFold
The mandalorian: cosplay hemet by CrafterFold
Book of the Force - ancient text, book box by RFabiano


Star Wars Darth Vader and Storm Trooper by gregorionegaard Star Wars Darth Vader and Storm Trooper :icongregorionegaard:gregorionegaard 4 1 The Forest Moon of Endor by bulleblue The Forest Moon of Endor :iconbulleblue:bulleblue 27 13 Female Poe Dameron Cosplay by Amberainbow Female Poe Dameron Cosplay :iconamberainbow:Amberainbow 4 0 Leia senatorial by WhiteCatblueyes Leia senatorial :iconwhitecatblueyes:WhiteCatblueyes 5 0 X-Wing Cockpit 001 by jaycebrasil X-Wing Cockpit 001 :iconjaycebrasil:jaycebrasil 12 0 Darth Vader and STAR WARS Comic Book in my hand by jaycebrasil Darth Vader and STAR WARS Comic Book in my hand :iconjaycebrasil:jaycebrasil 4 4 Mara Jade in Turin 2 by Darthsandr Mara Jade in Turin 2 :icondarthsandr:Darthsandr 100 9 Jedi Knight Inara Jinn by Dragoness-of-Night Jedi Knight Inara Jinn :icondragoness-of-night:Dragoness-of-Night 0 3 fighting over the price by Kriegerprinz fighting over the price :iconkriegerprinz:Kriegerprinz 1 1 Darkside Standoff by Kriegerprinz Darkside Standoff :iconkriegerprinz:Kriegerprinz 2 3 a different battle by Kriegerprinz a different battle :iconkriegerprinz:Kriegerprinz 5 9 The Duel Part 2 by Skyeranger The Duel Part 2 :iconskyeranger:Skyeranger 1 0 The Sith Sorcerer by Skyeranger The Sith Sorcerer :iconskyeranger:Skyeranger 3 3 Don't give in to anger by Kriegerprinz Don't give in to anger :iconkriegerprinz:Kriegerprinz 1 3 A simple matter of trust by Kriegerprinz A simple matter of trust :iconkriegerprinz:Kriegerprinz 1 1 This is NOT part of the training by Kriegerprinz This is NOT part of the training :iconkriegerprinz:Kriegerprinz 1 1
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