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Are you ready for our MASSIVE Summer event?!

Welcome to the first Star-Trekking Original Tournament! Do you have a Star Trek OC? Do you want to make one up? Do you want to win lots of awesome prizes, including subscriptions, art requests, TRIBBLES, and a custom-made plush doll of your character?! Then read this journal for all the details:…

Auditions begin now, and will continue until June 27 2010. We are looking for 112 contestants in the first round, so please enter! This competition is not about elite art - it is about participation, creativity and most of all having fun!
Hello, friends and neighbors!  Long time no see!  It's been a pretty crazy month or so-- is it just me, or does time really seem to fly these days?  (I'm probably just getting old, oh ho ho!)

At any rate, with TOT mostly over with (although certainly NOT forgotten, what with all that art I still have to do!), I figured I would make good on my promise to gauge the interest in some sort of contest for writers.

If you are a writer, I know that sadly you had to be left out of the TOT fun-- or at least thrust into drawing, which was not your natural element.  (Though I thought you did a bang-up job, all of you writers-turned-artists!)  

So this is your chance to voice your opinions and let me see if there is any interest in having a WRITERS contest.  Writing only-- no comics, no art (except fan art, which is ALWAYS okay!)...  Just the lovely written word. <3  Ahh.  Sorry.  I get so emotional.

Now, I have two plans.
Which one I do will be based mostly on the amount of interest this draws.  Obviously if there are a ton of writers interested in entering (AND CONSISTENTLY PARTICIPATING), we can do a tournament, like TOT was.
OR, if there are a handful of people but not enough to really make rounds worth while, I can come up with something shorter that would simply be more of a 'Here's the prompt, write, and I with a couple of judges will pick a winner' deal.

But, mostly, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE comment if you are a writer and would LEGITIMATELY be interested in joining a writing tournament/contest!  Despite this blog, anything wouldn't be started until sometime in May at least.  So don't worry about school and whatnot-- WE'RE NOT STARTING ANYTHING YET!  THIS IS JUST INTEREST.

Thanks again, and I hope to hear from you writers!
Best, LL&P,
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