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Prodigy Love - Chapter 2
Anya walked out of her last class quickly to avoid potential trouble with classmates. Just like in the past two years, Anya's commanders praised her for her intelligence. And just like in the past two years, most of Anya's peers stared at her with shock or with hatred. After every class, Anya made sure that she left as quickly as possible. When she was far away from the classroom, Anya stopped to catch her breath for a few minutes before proceeding to her next class.
As Anya left her final class, however, two twin girls with glossy black hair and piercing black eyes grabbed her and shoved her against the wall. One of the girls held Anya down while the other took her bag and dumped its contents on the floor.
"Vhat do jou vant from me, Andrea and Alcina?" Anya said angrily.
Andrea and Alcina had been Anya's enemies from the get-go. The feud between the two sides started shortly after they took their first exam. As usual, Anya had received a perfect score. Because of this, the commander r
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Prodigy Love - Prologue
August 31, 2256 AD/CE
Saint Petersburg, Russia
9:02 PM
The streets of Saint Petersburg were brightly shining as people and aliens alike were making their way back to their homes or hotel rooms. Some of the building windows were still lit--a sign that the city was not yet asleep.
One such window came from a two-story house near the Neva River. The house looked out at the Winter Palace and the Hermitage Museum, which were situated on the other side of the river. Inside the house, Nikolay Turetsky sat in a chair near the fireplace. Nikolay looked at the small, crackling fire, then up at the mantlepiece, which was full of family photographs.
One photograph in particular caught his eye. Nikolay got up from his chair, took the picture off the mantlepiece, and sat down, his eyes focused on the picture.
The picture was of Nikolay holding his daughter, Anastasia, with Saint Basil's Cathedral in the background. Nikolay was wearing his Starfleet uniform--black pants, black boots, and yellow
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Prodigy Love - Chapter 1
September 2, 2258 AD/CE
San Francisco, California, United States of America
Starfleet Academy
8:30 AM
Anya woke to the buzzing of her clock's alarm. Groaning, Anya sat up, picked up her clock, and set the alarm on snooze. She fell back on her bed and stared up at the ceiling of her dormitory.
Two years had passed since Anya had joined Starfleet Academy. In those two years, the number of accomplishments that Anya had made increased in number. She passed all of her classes with flying colors. She sent shockwaves of astonishment through the commanders with her intelligence. And she received constant praise from her family, both at home and over her PADD.
In spite of her achievements, however, Anya still had problems. All of the good grades, potential recommendations, and familial encouragement could not replace Anya's lack of friends. Just as it had happened in her past, Anya was frequently being snubbed by most of, if not all of, the girls at Starfleet Academy. Nearly every day aft
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Prodigy Love - Chapter 3
"Hikaru! Hikaru!"
Pavel Andreievich Chekov burst into the dorm that he shared with his best friend and fellow crew member Hikaru Sulu.
"Whoa, slow down, Pavel; I've got hybrids being worked on here," Hikaru said, gesturing to his latest botany project on a nearby desk.
"Sorry," Pavel said quickly. "But jou'we got to help me; I--"
"Don't tell me. Someone threatened you with violence if you didn't give them the answers to an upcoming test."
"Not today; I--"
"You got another high score on an exam."
"Zhe scores hawen't ewen been handed out; I--"
"You cracked yet another theorem."
"Nyet; I--"
"Okay, you weren't threatened with violence, you don't know your test scores yet, and you didn't crack any theorems..."
Hikaru looked at his friend, whose cheeks were getting pinker by the second.
"Oh no. The impossible has probably happened to you, hasn't it?" Hikaru said, a look of shock on his face.
"Vhat...vhat are jou saying?" Pavel asked.
"I'm saying that if you weren't threatened by anyone, don'
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Prodigy Love - Chapter 4
September 20, 2258 AD/CE
San Francisco, California, United States of America
Starfleet Academy
8:00 AM
At the sound of her roommate's voice, Anya's eyes shot open.
Joanna was standing nearby, already dressed in her cadet uniform, her hair done in a ponytail and her eyes accented with the usual heavy makeup.
Anya looked at her roommate, a slightly exasperated look on her face.
"Sorry, Anya, but I don't get to go to class at 10:00 in the morning like you do. Oh, by the way, I got you something."
Joanna handed Anya a small, leather-bound journal with a picture of Saint Basil's Cathedral worked into the leather on the front cover.
"Zhanks Joanna," Anya said, marveling at the leather handiwork.
"You bet, birthday girl," Joanna said, grabbing her bag. "Well, class starts soon; I've gotta go. See you soon."
After Joanna shut the door, Anya fell back on her bed, her eyes still fixed on the journal.
Ever since Anya was able to write well, she had kept a
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Prodigy Love - Chapter 7
On her way to the main building, Anya had confidence radiating from every inch of her being. As she walked, Anya heard whispers from the male cadets that she passed.
"Hey, check out the hot new science officer..."
"Whoa, look at her!"
"Who is she?"
"Where is she from?"
"What crew is she in?"
"...have you heard of her before?"
"...never heard of her; heck, I've never even SEEN her."
Anya kept walking towards the main building, the whispers growing in number. After a while, a few of the male cadets worked up their guts to ask Anya her name. Anya responded by turning around and smiling before saying, "I'm Anastazia Nikolayevna Turetsky."
Upon hearing the name "Turetsky," the whispers began spreading like wildfire.
"No way! She's a prodigy..."
"...Russian whiz kid..."
"...latest in a BLOODLINE of Starfleet officers..."
"...her dad's the captain of the Kepler..."
"...a CAPTAIN'S daughter!"
"...checked out her profile; she's on the Enterprise..."
"...lucky to be in the Enterprise crew..."
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Prodigy Love - Chapter 9
Anya followed Saavik and Pavel out of the shuttlebay and into the deck where engineering was located.
"HAE!!" a heavy Scottish accent yelled from behind a corridor. "We've been through this before; ye can have one and ye're finished!"
"Mr. Scott?" Saavik inquired. "Mr. Scott?"
"In a minute, Lieutenant," the Scottish accent said. "I'm just having a discussion with--GET DOWN FROM THERE!!!!"
A few minutes later, a burly male engineer with brown hair and blue eyes walked out from behind a few pipes.
"Sorry about that, Lieutenant; Ensign," the man said to Saavik and Pavel. Then, noticing Anya, the man asked, "And who's this that ye've brought with ye?"
"This, Mr. Scott," Saavik said, gesturing to her friend, "is Ensign Anastasia Nikolayevna Turetsky. Ensign Turetsky, meet Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott."
"A TURETSKY!" Montgomery exclaimed. "Ye wouldn't be related to Captain Turetsky of the Kepler, would ye lass?"
"I am, Mr. Scott," Anya replied, shaking Montgomery's hand. "He ees my fazzer
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Prodigy Love - Chapter 10
Anya stomped down the corridors of the upper decks of the Enterprise, resentment boiling inside of her. When she reached the entrance to her quarters, Anya angrily typed in the access code; the door slid open and Anya stepped in. Once the door slid behind her, Anya leaned against the door.
'How could jou be so STUPID??' Anya thought. 'Pavel doesn't understand ANYZHING about vhat jou go zhrough; eenstead, jou are only anozzer prize to be von!!'
Anya's eyes fell on the ring on her finger. Anya's initials loomed up at her, telling her that no matter how hard she tried, she could not escape people's judgements. Enraged, Anya took off the ring and threw it onto her bed. Just as the ring hit the pillow, Anya heard a knock on the door.
"Anastazia?" a voice timidly asked.
"GO AVAY!!" Anya yelled.
"Anastazia, vhat ees eet?"
Furious, Anya opened the door, startling Pavel.
"Jou know quvite vell vhat EET ees!" Anya retorted, her eyes flashing with rage.
Startled at her anger, Pavel stepped back.
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Well, I was thinking, why not make an icon for this group?
First and only reason, I suck with image manipulation(simple, no XD?) But then I thought of making an icon contest.
This is just an idea, there's nothing official yet, but I'd like to know how many of you, my dear audience, would like to join..

Short update. That's all for now folks~!
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