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Kisses Turn Sharp
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Published: February 8, 2010
© 2010 - 2019 Star-Seal
Inspired by a line from [link]

Originally the background was white, but since FAKEALERT wasn't letting me use anything ever, I couldn't get the scanner up. So I pouted and bawwwed for a few hours, and then I added more stripes on the idol, painted the background with India ink, and all around fiddled for some time.
Very stylized; lots of symbolism in this one. Originally the idol had a mask with a big smile over it, but I changed it several times and ended with what you see up there.
I like it when leg anatomy makes no sense whatsoever.
I've been shovin' broken glass into people's mouths since I read Nightmares and Fairy Tales. It's a disease.
Fairly happy with this one c:
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randomly found this while deviant-surfing and I must say THIS IS AWESOME.
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Oh-Mrs-OProfessional Filmographer
Oh snap, I love this... Those deer make me feel a little bit manic just looking at them.... @_@
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This really makes me want to wear my moose hat.
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Dude. Moose hats are awesome.
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My face is blocky and manly.
And I have a beard.
Mousy-Vegetable's avatar
;A; I want your face. I need testosterone to grow a beard, which I don't start for a few more months. I WANT TO SHAVE MY FACE
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And of course you want my face. Everyone wants my face.
*flaunts face*
Mousy-Vegetable's avatar
Everyone wants MY LEGS. I love my manly legs. They have LEG HAIR (with the exception of random places that just won't grow hair at all)!
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Lol. People want my hair, for the most part... but I've always liked my hands.
And my teeth. But I'd be happy with anyone's teeth.
Teeth are great.
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s-iRONProfessional Digital Artist
deer reminds me of the god in princess mononoke

also...this is extreme win <3
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XD I thought of him because I was starting to go nuts with the antlers... but wanted to keep them simplish.
Thanks, love.
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AkiAmekoProfessional General Artist
:o Symbolism!! me like!
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fniiudshvklfdga SO EPIC
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<3 Thanks.
XD I figured you in particular would enjoy this one.
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Kate and I like this very much. Kate wants a print. kthx.
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TheBuggiestHobbyist Writer
Your scary demon deer are win.
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Oh, I didn't even talk about deer.
About six years ago, I made up this race of carnivorous deer-like animals called 'kildeer'. Creative, I know.
About five years ago, a deer caused the graphic death of my dog.

Deer have never really been my picture of gentle tranquility, oh ho ho ho.
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TheBuggiestHobbyist Writer
Sorry about your dog. :(

Your kildeer are pretty flipping sweet. Isn't it funny how people think cute furry animals like them are cuddly and sometimes even helpless? It makes me giggle every time I see someone's gerbils cannibalize each other or, well, you know.
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Hehehehe. Yes.
I've always been more likely to play with Godzilla toys over pretty ponies, but what most people can't seem to fathom is that I'd still play with both. I have nothing against cutesie, but it needs a bit of creepy to make the cute really count, without just rotting your teeth.
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