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AETHER - Chapter 1 Cover



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Aether takes place in Kalos during the 1980s. Technology is booming, and there's been some weird natural phenomenon appearing all over the region... Several investigators have been called from all over the world, with the hope that at least one of them can make sense of everything and help restore order to Kalos.

After half a year of work it begins!!! I'm going to take pretty big liberties with rearranging plot points and game mechanics to fit the narrative, so be prepared for a wild ride :,D

This comic is likely to contain mature content in the future. All mature content will be tagged with appropriate content warnings.

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Really getting into this story *got caught up just now* but I was wondering what are the rules and such for this story I have beem trying to find out if the rules are anywhere...but i haven't seen it ^^;