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Hipster Dash

So I like Rainbow Dash like this. She looks cute o3o

Heavily based on the design of Cy4GSanta because I liked it

Hope y'all like it!
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Clip ribbon spotted:redalert: 

Anyway, despite preferring badass Dash, this looks pretty damn cool. I always protected 'model setters'. You can put something together, but you need to know something to make this something look good. :P
Just wondering, did you try adding another backlight behind her butt? Nothing strong, just enough to bring out the shape. When you look directly you can see it, but when you just glance at entire thing it gets lost in low contrast.
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The picture was made pretty quick.There are a lot of errors I myself have seen to be honest. There are mistakes on the model because of a couple things.

1. I just got a little lazy. I admit that. I should be on top of things. Yush.

2. Map I was using. I forgot how the map exposes the mesh under the pony so badly and that takes up a lot of editing time. There's still some smudge mistakes in the picture.

I did forget to light some things like behind her butt because of the focus on the front end. Bah. It was just me having a not so good day. Though still my bad for making the errors I did.

Thank you for the input~ I'll be sure to pay attention to things next time.

Oh and looking at your DA page, I really like your art style~ Yush!
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Yea, I myself forget about things, I think whenever I "'ll do it later" I'll just write it down somewhere xD

I do have SFM, even had some fun in Blender, but I have no idea what you mean with this map mumbo jumbo :D I guess I'll learn in time.

And don't worry, I'm so lazy myself I doubt you could beat me. :3 (Which is actually nothing to brag about. :P) I've been a mess lately, but I'll get to work once exam season's over.
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where do I get the models on her? I love hipster dash!
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I forget exactly where I got some of the things. Try SFMPonies group.

The ear piercings and socks come from love-mist. Look her up and get them there~
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ok, thanks , I will try and find her ^ ^
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So cute an' beaute'ful at the same time. Heart 
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this is epic X3 x
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d'aww so cute!!! >w<
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Eee~ so CUTE La la la la 
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Why nerds looks cool and cute sometimes i dont get it how this world working <3
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Hipster dash: yep, I did sonic rainboom's before they were mainstream.
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is kawai!~ >w</)
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Noice, and cute :meow:
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Socks...Socks never change
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