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Feathers~Chapter 8: An Old Friend
Chapter 8: An Old Friend
I wake up and go through the boring school day, still wearing the necklace my mother gave me.  It’s worse than Edgewater.  Band and choir are about two levels down, so those aren’t even a challenge.   When the last bell finally rings, I’m free to fix my hair, but where?
I wander around town with my head down and hood up, looking for some salon with a hidden message.  Please tell me places still do that, Eglewing did, I think Featherly Treats Cafe was something like that, please still be that way.  And why did I bring my backpack.  It’s heavy and hurts my wings.
I reach a salon called, Swan Salon.  Bird reference to angels?  Angel hair can react weird to bleach and dye, so I hope this works.  I walk in and pull down my hood, and sit in a chair waiting.  Please be an angel reference or I’m doomed.
A lady walks up to me and says, “Let me guess, you dyed your hair an
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Feathers~Chapter 7 part 2: Angel Thief (part2of2)
Chapter 7: Angel Thief (Part 2)
    "You done now, or do you need all day?" I ask.
    “Well aren’t you a little drop of sunshine,” Axel says.  The sarcasm is strong in both of them.
    “WHY THANK YOU VERY MUCH, GOOD SIR. I’LL JUST TURN ON THE HAPPY SWITCH NOW, OH WAIT!” they yell.  Is sarcasm a language I can learn? Being part angel means I can understand any language, but for some reason it doesn't cover sarcasm. :3
    “Can both of you stop?” I ask.  It’s like they are speaking in some type of code. Come on a
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Feathers~Chapter 7 part 1:Angel Theif
Chapter 7: Angel Thief
    We walk outside and Axel starts laughing. Uh oh. What now?  “What?” I ask.  Please don’t be my hair glowing.  Please don’t be my hair glowing. “Your hair is glowing, like the ten-year olds,” Axel half laughs, half speaks. I remember the first time it happened to me. Very blinding. Great. I quickly put my hood on. I am more and more thankful for this hoodie every day.  “Ok we can go out now,” I say. Second date here we go.
    “Where to?” Axel asks. The heck? “I thought you had a plan,” “I just transferred here like you,” Axel replies.  Right.
    “Then we can just wander,” I say.  Wonder if there's anything to do here.
    “Ok, but avoid alleys, my roommate keeps freaking out about this” He puts his fingers up and mimics quotations
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A Kawii Chan new outfit  by Star-Flute A Kawii Chan new outfit :iconstar-flute:Star-Flute 13 2
Chapter 6: Lies
Chapter 6: Lies
    I’m caught completely off guard.  Why would he kiss me?  He actually likes me? I never want this feeling to stop.
    I feel my glory on the edge of coming out, and try to stop it, but it takes more will to stop glory than use it, and I end up being surrounded in my light pink and broken glory.  At the same time, I see a bit of sorrow, and then our powers clash. An explosion of dark and light happens, and it’s almost beautiful, and then both of us are thrown to other sides of the room.  I hit my wing on the bookshelf, and quickly and discreetly heal it. I’m not going to wait and heal it to cause any more damage, I already can’t fly.
    Axel half laughs, “How will we ever make this work, Princess?”  How does he know?  That must mean he really is who I refused to let myself believe… Prince Axel Eclipse of The Below.
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Feathers~Chapter 5: New School
Chapter 5: New School
    When I get up, I see that Julie got back late, as she is currently curled up sleeping on her bed seemingly have a little bit of a nightmare. I get up to go to the bathroom and see a letter on the floor from the mail shoot.  It’s too dark to read it, but if I turn the light on Julie will wake up.  Maybe I could make a glory light? No, it will wake Julie too… or will it? I glance at Julie who is still tossing and muttering but seemingly asleep. I make a glory light and look at the letter.  No name, but I know it’s for me when I see the family royal seal closing the envelope. How old-fashioned.  
    I open and read the letter, and only the key idea manages to get through to me, “Notice blackwings at school… tried to attack kingdom… switch to Meadows Ridge High and leave Edgewater today…. Avoid trouble… Sincerely, Dad.”  Sincerely, Dad?  I do
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Feathers~Chapter 4: Already Discoverd
Chapter 4: Already Discovered
    I wake up in the morning with practically no sleep, and Julie got up before me for the first time.  She is sitting on her bed, with dark circles under her eyes. She notices me waking up and frowns. Then goes back to texting. She clearly got no sleep whatsoever.  I can’t even get out of bed before my phone blows up with notifications.  It is six a.m. what could update now?  I roll my eyes and grab the buzzing human contraption.
     I put in the password and look at the screen in shock.  “Angel Bloods discovered on Earth,” the school blog posts.  How? We were so careful. Multiple classes and I click on the link to see what was found out, and it’s worse than I imagined.  The government knows, and is studying captured angelbloods. How could they even capture them? We have glory and sorrow! Wait, I don’t want to know, that will end bad for me.
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Feathers~Chapter 3: Dating?
Chapter 3: Dating?
    I walk into the cafeteria and look around.  Great.  Everyone is already in their own clicks.  There is the popular kids, the invisible ones, what people call “geeks” and “nerds,” and all the social groups I learned about in class.  I don't know which one I fit into. After a minute of looking around, I still can't figure out where to go, so I look for Julie. Unfortunately, she is nowhere to be found. She probably overslept. Her fault not mine.  I look around for Axel, since he is the only other person I know, but he isn't here either and none of his gang either.  I decide to get breakfast while I debate where to sit. I know that social groups are important on Earth, but I honestly hope they aren’t because otherwise I'll be lost.  Even more lost than I already am, that is.  I get my food, which looks really unhealthy for a school that cost ten thousand dollars to get into,
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Feathers~Chapter 2: Axel
Chapter 2: Axel
    I spent two (boring) hours in a prep class before going to Earth. I could probably teach the basics myself. This could be learned in five minutes.  All I needed to know was that I will, most likely, be dorming with a human, I have to make shure to act like them, and don't do anything stupid, something drilled in my brain that you would never know was there by how I acted most of the time.  It also turns out that I am “too smart”(whatever THAT means) for my ages normal classes, so I am skipping two grades, and in all advanced classes like college prep, but it doesn't really matter because I probably can’t stay that long anyway.  
    “It’s time to go!” I hear one of the guards yell.  Great, Dad’s so mad that he won’t even say goodbye.  I really messed up this time asking to go to Earth.
    “Coming!” I yell back.
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Feathers~Chapter 1: A New Day
Chapter 1: A New Day
    “The war lasted fifty years, and only got worse as time went on,” I say.  I have no idea how to teach a group of seven year olds about the War of Changes without being boring or bloody. Why did I have to do this?  Some kids are already starting to fall asleep.  Seriously?  Well this is just great, I have responsibilities as princess and I can’t even manage to teach a group of first graders.  I continued on, “And we all know it was between the three lands, The Above, The Below, and Earth.  This war started because of a common fear among the humans, the fear of all Angels because of our power.”
    “We all already know this stuff get to the explosions already!” shouts a kid who clearly didn’t care about school even though he has been selected as one of the few angels to go to Earth.
    “You are a jerk, Billy!  It is a nec
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Airborne Hi everyone!  I am making changes to Feathers to make it non fanfic, so I'll delete the old chapters and repost them soon.  Also, I now have a YouTube channel called Kat Starlight that will post my original songs so that will come soon.  Lastley, my possible story oc will have a story soon, but some formatting I'm not shure about and it's more of a side project with Feathers, Memories, and now my music channel.Airborne 
HI!  So I posted the first page thing of my comic Memories on here, but since I can't find a way for it not to be blurry all the other episodes/pages will be on Webtoons.:D (Big Grin) 


Chapter 8: An Old Friend

I wake up and go through the boring school day, still wearing the necklace my mother gave me.  It’s worse than Edgewater.  Band and choir are about two levels down, so those aren’t even a challenge.   When the last bell finally rings, I’m free to fix my hair, but where?

I wander around town with my head down and hood up, looking for some salon with a hidden message.  Please tell me places still do that, Eglewing did, I think Featherly Treats Cafe was something like that, please still be that way.  And why did I bring my backpack.  It’s heavy and hurts my wings.

I reach a salon called, Swan Salon.  Bird reference to angels?  Angel hair can react weird to bleach and dye, so I hope this works.  I walk in and pull down my hood, and sit in a chair waiting.  Please be an angel reference or I’m doomed.

A lady walks up to me and says, “Let me guess, you dyed your hair and now you want it back to normal?”

“Something like that,” I answer.

The lady stares at me like she is trying to figure something out.  Does that mean it was an angel reference?  

“What color do you want it?” she asks, still looking at me strangely.

“A golden blonde if possible,” I answer.  Please work.

“Just a minute please,” she says as she walks into a back room.

I listen in, to see if it really was an angel reference.

    “I can’t tell if a customer is an angel or not,” I hear a voice say.  Probably the lady.  

    “We will just take the customer the the back room where the angels get their hair done,” another voice says.

    “But what if she’s human?” I’m guessing the lady asks since she was the only one to see me.

    “True,” either the same as before, or a different voice says.

    “Well, if she’s an angel she might be listening in, so if she can hear us she can say so,” a voice says, clearly trying to get me to tell them. No way, for all I know they could be humans trying to get money for exposing an angel.  

    “Are you an idiot?  Who will ever believe that? That’s not how you gain trust,” a voice says.  Wow, argue much?

    “Just bring her to the back room,” another voice says.

    The lady walks back out and says, “Follow me please.”

    I follow her, still suspicious of them.  “Golden blonde right?” a person who I think is the stylist asks.

    “Yes, if that’s possible,” I answer.

    I spend two hours of sitting there with bleach in my hair, them washing a strip, and bleaching it again before they say, “I don’t think this is going to work.”

    “That’s fine, I wasn’t shure if it would either,” I say.  I really wanted that to work.  Oh well, let’s see how much I’ll need to pay.

    They wash the bleach out and dry my hair, and only charge me half price for the bleach not working.  I look in the mirror to see that my hair is the same dark pink on top, but it fades into a very light pink at the bottom.  It looks nice at least.

    I head back to campus, and walk by a field with a few trees, thank goodness the bleach stopped the glowing.  I look at one of them and see a person sitting in it.

    Are they spying on me?  That’s completely illogical. Only one way to find out.  “I can see you’re up there,” I call up.  If they don’t reply it means they are spying on me, and I can use angelic to make them come down.  If they are human I can always play dumb. They just say nothing.  Definitely a spy.

    Here goes nothing.  Reveal thyself,” I say, in angelic.

    A teen wearing all black falls from the tree.  Then, their wings spread out revealing the black with white spots and swirls.  That is an interesting way for wings to lighten.

    “Uhhh,” they mumble to themself.  They’re an angel, so no need to play dumb about angelic.  That’s good, since I have no idea how to do that.

    “You might want to hide your wings again, then you could start explaining,” I say, trying to sound intimidating.  

    They quickly hide their wings, into that magic void.  Ok, dimidius or less.  “What if I chose no to explain, Princess?” they ask.  HOW DO THEY KNOW?  Do I have a sign on my forehead reading, “Princess of the above,”?  Or maybe I know them. They kinda look like a friend from middle school.  No, it can’t be.

    “Well… you could start by your name,” I say.  “Since you seem to already know mine,” I think, mumble? I have no idea if I said that last part out loud, but it doesn't matter either way.

    “I’m not telling you my name,” they say.  They could’ve lied an just said Billy Bob or something, that’s just more suspicious.

    “Fine, no name then.  Why were you watching me?” I ask.  Just tell me why so I can not be a target.  I don’t need to be spied on.

    “Why did you make me fall out of a tree?” they ask.  Now they are playing games with me.  If they didn’t want to be suspicious they should've answered something like I was drawing, or I was taking a nap.  

    “Fair point, but you were the one spying, so you answer my question,” I say.  Two can play at the stubbornness game.  

    “Maybe I wasn’t spying.  Maybe I was just up in a tree,” they say, clearly coming up with excuses.

    “Likely story, if you would’ve said something before I used angelic to make you fall out of the tree,” I say.  They are really bad at lying.  Is this their first time spying?  I can do better just from sneaking around the castle.  

    “Maybe…” they start, and sit up, but they don’t stand up.  They continue, “...Maybe I’m just shy.”

    “If you were shy you would be stuttering, barley talking, or not talking to me at all, and the pause before maybes clearly was you making up an excuse.  So, why were you watching me?” I ask. Did they really think the shy excuse would work?  I’m observant, so they could’ve noticed it when watching me, or they didn’t care.

    “Maybe I just feel like it,” they say.  More excuses?  They got to be kidding.

    “Really?” I ask.  

    “Maybe I just sit an watch everybody.  Maybe pickup fashion tips or something,” they say while looking down at their outfit.  Like somebody in a black emo outfit goes to a fancy high school to get fashion tips.  They continue, “Or, make fun of people’s outfit choices.”  They are still at it?  They are just as annoying when Andy, from middle school, was trying to deny being in trouble.

    “Now you’re just listing things you could be doing while watching people, so why watch me?” I ask.  They really are getting on my nerve.

    “What makes you think your special?” they ask in a harsh tone.  That would hurt if I didn’t know that they are just trying to distract me to get away.  Unless if you mention I care, or cared, about you’re not going to get what you want. Why is this person avoiding my questions anyway?

    Oh right, there question.  I answer, “Because there is nobody else hear right now, so people watching means watching me.”  They probably think I’m a paranoid weirdo, but I am anyway so that doesn’t matter.

    “No, there are other people over there,” they say while pointing behind me.  Nice try to get me to look away.

    “Ok, but why did you call me ‘Princess’ earlier?  And don’t say sarcasm, I know what it sounds like,” I say.  That hysterical sarcasm battle in the alley taught me a lot.

    “Sarcasm,” they say, grinning.  Haha, very funny.

    “Ok then, whoever you are, I have better things to do so I’ll go then,” I say.  I’ll just do my two seconds left of homework, then unpack I guess.

    “Haha, I wish I could,” I hear them whisper under their breath.  Wait a second…

    “Wait, that mean you were watching me since people are free to move around campus, so if you can’t go, somebody told you to watch me!” I say as I figure it all out.  I could be a good detective.  

    “Wait no, I didn’t say anything,” they say franticly.  You’re only giving yourself away more by doing that.

    “Yes you did, so who made you watch me, and why?” I ask, knowing I finally go the upper hand.

    They don’t answer.  Then, they whip out their wings, push off the ground, get a few feet into the air, and then they faceplant.  “Great,” they mumble.

    I try not to smile or laugh at what I just saw.  “That’s higher than most blackwings, yet your wings are different than most.  Anyway, answers… Please?” I ask, trying the polite, or good cop, approach.

    “So funny, I can’t fly anymore.  Hahahaha, so hilarious. I’m going to climb back up this tree now,” they sarcastly claim.  No, I still need answers.

    “No your not.  At least not until I get your name, who ordered you to watch me, and why,” I demand.  I grab the person’s sweatshirt sleeve to stop them from climbing up the tree.

    “Maybe I’m a doughboy who thinks your hot,” they say, clearly getting desperate.

    “Nice try, I already have a boyfriend, and nobody calls themself a doughboy, so answers,” I demand again.  

    “Maybe I’m weird,” they say.  Everybody is weird.  I’m probably weirder then them.

    “Answers,” I demand once more, using my annoyed Princess voice this time.  It’s worth a shot, it has worked before… not often, but it has.  

    “No,” they say.  Maybe the stubborn game wasn’t a good idea.

    “Why can’t you answer me then?” I ask, trying to get any information.

    “Why do I have to then,” they say, acting like this whole situation is funny.  It’s not funny person.

    “Just answer one of my questions!” I snap.  Well, there goes the stubborn game.

    “Ok then, the answer to why is because,” they say.  AHHHH!  Compose yourself!  I need to focus on answers.

    “That doesn’t count,” I say.  I never asked why alone, do it doesn’t.

    “It WAS one of your questions,” they say, yanking away their sleeve, ripping it. They continue, “And I answered it.  Goodbye.” Then the figure climbs back into the tree, and left me with a piece of their sweatshirt in my hand. Well, they have no respect for the work people do to make clothes, even if sometime factories make clothes, people still have to run the factories.

    “Fine like I said I have better things to do,” I say, while starting to walk away.  I only take a few steps and I can hear the person jump out of the tree. Are they even trying?  “I know you’re following me,” I say.

    “Well, I hope so by now.  I’m not the quietest,” they say, like this is just a game now.

    “Seriously why would anyone want you to spy on me if you’re so bad at hiding, and sneaking too?” I ask.  Maybe they don’t care about secrets anymore since they’re acting somewhat friendly.

    “I’m not even trying anymore,” they say.  That makes more sense.

    “Can you stop, if you’re not answering any of my questions, and I’m not doing anything interesting, why still follow me?” I ask.  

    “Oh I KNOW you’re not doing anything interesting,” they say.  I must resist the urge to yell at them.  Must resist.

    “If I tell you what I’m going to be doing will you leave me alone?” I ask.  Maybe my schedule will bore them to death.

    “Maybe,” they say.  Just say no, it’s obvious when you say maybe.

    “I’m taking that as a no,” I say.

    “Eh.  You could still tell me,” they say.

    “I have homework, then I will unpack, if I have time read, and most importantly, I will get you to leave me alone,” I say.  Unpacking will have to wait until they leave though.

    “Good luck with that Princess,” they say.  Do they want the angel race to get exposed?  If they keep calling me princess people would get suspicious.

    “Stop calling me princess,” I say, while sitting down at one of the picnic tables and start to do my homework.  Know I’m glad I accidentally brought my backpack to the salon.

    “I never have stopped before,” they say.  Wait, they’re no a whitewings so it’s not a formality.  They only other person the call me Princess would be, Andy.  

    “Wait… are you Andy from middle school?” I ask.  How?  It’s been two years.  How? I’m glad, but how?

    “No my name is… Jack,” Andy says, and then pauses.  Andy finally continues, “Yeah, Jack.”

    “Yeah right, you’re Andy.  You did the same thing in detention,” I say.  Those were the good days, until… I’m not thinking about that right now.

    Andy sits on top of the table.  Really?  How mature.  “Yeah. So I tried to find you because I wanted to find out if you've heard anything from the duckabeling lately. I'm a little worried,” Andy says.  He awkwardly laughs and then says, “Ok, a lot worried.”

    “I haven’t spoken to her since I got here,” I answer.  Is something wrong with Lily?  Well more than usual.

    “What did she say? Did she say anything weird? Do anything weird? Well….she's weird we're all weird but I mean like unnatural? I don't know I'm rambling sorry,” Andy says, clearly very worried.  Andy puts his head in his hands. What happened that I don’t know about?

    “I haven’t spoken to her in months, so sorry.  What happened that I should be concerned about?” I ask, showing my worry to hopefully make Andy feel better.

    “Nothing. Just…trying to…help I guess. Well I gotta go. Sorry. I was just checking if you heard….anything,” Andy says, while standing up on the table.  Was he really trying to conceal the worry.  I can hear it in his voice.

    “Wait a minute, something clearly happened, especially since I haven't heard from you in years, so what is wrong with Lily?” I ask.

    “After...winter break. When she was… shock? I'm scared she……hasn't left it,” Andy admits.  She has left the shock phase, but how do I say she still looks like she has an empty void in her heart?

    “I know she still hasn’t gotten over it, neither have I, but why come all this way to ask if she was ok?” I ask.  Why is Andy bringing up Jill?  It hurts to think about her.

    “Well, I can't exactly go to the Above to check on her,” Andy bluntly states.  Is that a type of sarcasm?  I’m not good at reading sarcastic people when they have a hood over their face.

    “Why are you twice as worried though, she’s gotten… a bit better,” I asks with concern.  

    “I would have no way of knowing that. I haven't seen her since Jil died,” Andy says.  Why does it still hurt me when Jill and died are in the same sentence?

    “Where were you for two years anyway?” I ask, changing the subject.   

    “Home,” Andy says, sounding sad about it.  

    ““What about your roommate, Julie?  It’s weird since I had a roommate this year named Julie, but from what I saw of her, the Julie from middle school would never dye her hair blue,” I ask.  And that Julie would never have it in a bob cut either.

    “I haven't heard from Jasper or Julie,” Andy says.  I almost forgot about Jasper.

    “Strange, I thought you would…” I start before Andy cuts me off.

    “I'm not keeping touch with Julie thank you but no thank you, very rude. And Jasper… we were never that close anyway,” Andy interrupts.  

    “Oh.  Well something's clearly wrong with Lily, so I’ll text her if that will make you feel better,” I say, trying to change the subject again.  I text Lily, “Are you ok?”

    “Thanks it will,” Andy says, putting on a fake reassured face.

    “Cell service is terrible, so what have you been up to?” I ask.  Shortest time it would take to get to her is ten minutes, so I have to occupy myself, and that’s if the text got through.

    “I went...home. There was not much for me there but some... dust. I… haven't been doing much,” Andy admits.  Cleaning is something, but I thought he was going to say something like visiting family.

    “Umm, ok.  I have just been in human school, so I’m not doing much either,” I say.  Even though I’m not learning anything, it is better than being stuck at home.

    “So have you…. met anybody?” Andy asks. Clearly trying to end the conversation.  I’m not going to clam up and end the conversation, I haven’t seen Andy in two years, and I have nothing better to do anymore.  Andy leans forward and rest his chin is his hands.

    “I was going to say I've met lots of people, but you weren’t asking that, were you?” I ask.  Ok on the list of languages to learn I now have sarcasm and body language, oh and whatever that Shadowian thingy was.

    “Nope,” Andy says.  Great.

    “So now you’re talking about boys with me?” I ask.

    “Yup. I would think that's was obvious by my tone but yeah,” Andy says.  Ok also add tone in voice to that list.

    “I have meet somebody.  But, why do you want to know?” I ask.  Wait, I already said that I have a boyfriend earlier.  

    “Who's the lucky person?” Andy asks, ignoring the second half of my question.  No use giving up now.

    “Axel, and you don’t know him, so why does it matter?” I question.

    “Cause your being nosy so I can too,” Andy says.  True.

    “Fair point, but now I told you something, so you tell me something that matters,” I say.  

    “Like what princess?” Andy asks.  Why call me princess.  I have a name!

    “I don’t know, who are your friends right now works,” I say, trying to give a simply answer.  Andy gives such a fake smile that’s its sad.

    “I haven't had friends since I dropped from Eaglewing,” Andy admits.  

    “Oh… what about what you do, cleaning counts as something,” I say.  I gave a fair amount of information, just say stare at a wall or something.

    “Then something,” Andy somewhat jokes.

    “That doesn’t count, tell me what that something is,” I say.  Daydreaming counts too, just give me an activity or something.

    “So how many dates have you two been on?” Andy asks, trying to change the subject.  No way, a fair exchange of information is necessary.

    “I’m not answering your question until you answer mine,” I say.

    “I've been lonely, okay? There's you fricking answer. I eat every once in awhile. I'm still here but scarcely! I work a low reward job and miss Jil,” Andy explodes.  Then he sits down and continues, “I miss her a lot. That's practically all I do, okay? Screw off if you want a better answer cause that's the god**** truth.” Well, that escalated quickly.

    “Language!  And I didn’t mean to pry that far.  I’m sorry,” I say, apologetically. I really didn’t want to pry that far, but can anybody keep their langue clean?

    “You never mean to pry or be rude, that's why I keep you around,” Andy says, then frowns and corrects himself, “Kept.”

    We wait in silence until Andy continues, “But seriously. How many dates have you been on? Do I need to threaten him not to break your heart? Eh, I'm gonna do that anyway. How deep is your love?” Andy asks, and lays on my backpack, smirking.  How dare he hold my backpack hostage!  I should answer though, I pryed to far then the simple little questions Andy asks me.

    “First, two dates, one that kinda worked out normally, and the second being a disaster.  Second, don’t threaten him. Third, we have only been on two dates, so we care but still need to get to know each other.  And lastly, please get off my backpack,” I answer. Don’t threaten him, I have seen him try to fight somebody.

    “Fine. Only if you tell me about the dates,” Andy says, keeping my backpack hostage still.

    “The first one was a coffee shop date, and it turns out neither of us like coffee.  It was still fun though. And the second one was supposed to be a hangout, then we were supposed to unpack, but we just chatted, stuff happened, we ended up kissing, more stuff happened, we went to get cupcakes but someone stole my necklace, more stuff happened, I got it back, even more stuff happened, we got back to school and parted ways,” I answer, covering up the angel stuff.

    “That's fun. Wait, have you seen him since?” Andy asks, while sitting up.

    “Not yet,” I admit.

    “You gotta go see him then! Go find him!” Andy orders, while winking and shoving my backpack into my hands.

    “I thought we were catchi-” I start before getting interrupted by a kid running in with short black hair.

    “Hey Andy! Andy! Andrew? Wait is Andy short for Andrew? Anyway ANDY! I got my first mission! Julie wants me as her backup when she's going to expose these two angelbloods… uh what's there names...Dart and Lily!” the kid interrupts.  And Andy said he hasn’t seem Lily.  What other lies were told?

    “LILY?!?” Andy yell in disbelief.  That’s why he was so worried about Lily.

    “Yea! Julie told me not to tell you but I just couldn't help it! Julie is so hot! I just had to tell you. Hey, who's the new recruit?” he says, while pointing a me.  What is going on?  I look over at Andy and he looks like he is about to murder somebody.

    “Didn’t you just say you weren’t in contact with Julie?  And what does he mean by new recruit?” I ask.   Why is my life so full of lies?

    “We go around and change everyone's fashion sense, duh,” the kid say sarcastically, or I think it’s sarcasm, and continues, “Wow, you're even more stupid than me! We're working for Queen Julie so she can take over all three worlds! I think that sums it up!” All three worlds?  Not on my watch.

    “Andy, you have a lot of explaining to do,” I say.

    “Lily…can't believe Julie…would believe…kinda thing she…JOSH,” Andy says, currently not mentally in this world.

    “Yeah Andy?” Josh asks, almost like he has to listen.

    “When is this happening?” Andy asks.

    “Right I think! Shoot I'm late!” the kid that is apparently named Josh exclaims, and then disappears.

    “Andy, explain what’s going on!” I basically yell through all of my confusion.  I am really confuzzeld.

    “Julie,” Andy while pulling out a dagger from a belt.  Is that blood still on it!?!   Then he stops were Josh was and runs off.

    “I guess I’ll just find answers myself,” I say to myself.  Maybe Axel can help.  Considering Josh said “Queen Julie” I’m assuming his sister is at fault.

    “Are you busy?” I text.

    “No why?” he texts back.

    “Do you have a sister named Julie?” I ask, making shure I’m right about my idea.

    “Yeah, why?” he texts back.

    “Well I think she is either going to expose or kill two angelblood kids I know, An old friend from middle school just ran off with a dagger that has dried blood on it, and she was chasing a kid that vanished that spilled whatever secret this is, and I need to chase my friend with the knife to try and save those angelbloods, so care to join me?” I ask.  

    “What a fun third date,” he replies.  Was he being sarcastic through text messaging?

    “Are you going to help me or not?” I ask.

    “Where are you?” he asks me back.

    “School yard, at the picnic tables,” I answer.

    “OMW,” he texts back.  That means on my way, right?  Hopefully it is.

    Now, I just wait for Axel to get here so we can hopefully take down his sister.

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