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Scarecrow Applejack - Did I Skeered Ya?

By star-burn
:wave: Hi there! I hope while you're dropping by you decide to leave a comment! :wave:

The concept screenie of this was from the episode Luna Eclipsed. I know it's a bit late for "Halloween" but I wanted to try my hand at something a little more complicated. (Aside from [link]). Enjoy! :)

Use of this image in a non-commercial fashion is permitted to those that wish to use it. I ask that you please leave a comment below telling me of your endeavors if you do so. Credit is always appreciated, and if you do use this image, please share alike and place a link back to here! My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is copyrighted to Hasbro. Respect the pony!

:love::+fav: All comments and favorites are welcome and appreciated! :+fav::love:
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using as a personal halloween icon on my tumblr blog lesbianapplejack :) ty!

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This looks really great! Thanks for sharing! :iconapplejackclapplz:
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Can I use that image for a Scarecrow AJ collage?
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Sure. Link me if you would!: )
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I tried but I can't....

Thanks anyways.
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When she realized she did have a brain after all, she burst into flames and reemerged drom the fountain as a skeleton
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looks like you didn't compensate the color change on applejack's coustume, but lucky for you you can get a screenshot of applejack in costume without the nighttime filter from the hub's official castle creator game: [link] I wish I had that luxury when I vectored the mayor and a background filly
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Great pic as always, keep up the awesome job. :peace::aww:
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Thank you! It was quite a hefty project considering my sleep deprivation. :P
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