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Please help me save my favorite show! (Redirect)


Please help me save my favorite show! (Redirect)



What happened to Infinity Train and Glitch Techs?


What happened to Infinity Train and Glitch Techs?


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Please help me save my favorite show!

Please help me save my favorite show!

The post I wanted to publish was too long to fit into a DeviantArt Journal: there's a certain limit when it comes to how long DeviantArt Journals can be, and the whole post didn't fit here (I didn't want to separate it into multiple Journals or continue it in the comments), but did fit on Tumblr, so to learn more, please check this post out on Tumblr! Although it's a pretty long read, there's a summary at the end, and the post is also separated into multiple sections (talking about what the show is and what exactly happened to it as well as why I think it

Wander Over Yonder is now available on Hulu!

Wander Over Yonder is now available on Hulu!

The following information is about "Wander Over Yonder", a TV show that was cancelled a few years ago, but is attempted to be brought back by fans who are dedicated to spreading awareness about it, myself included. To learn more, please go to the following post: ___ As of December 1st, Wander Over Yonder can be watched on Hulu! This is great news, because not only does it show that WOY hasn’t been forgotten, but it also provides an opportunity to introduce it to more people and to finally have it renewed for season 3 if we can show that it’s in demand and that there’s a market for it, so if you can, please watch it there if you haven’t already, and/or share this information as much as you can so as many people as possible can learn about this! _ And if you’re wondering about other similar ways you can support the

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This is a unique one in that it combines two different brands of building set pieces and that I just made it up on my own using images of actual destroyers. Literally took years of to get it to it's current form.

Custom Built Navy Destroyer

That's really impressive! I admire your dedication. Did the brands make their building set pieces compatible with that of others on purpose?

Not that I am aware of. The upper 2\3rds of the ship are made out of Megablok pieces and the red below the waterline part are old Lego parts. They were similar enough to combine together.

Keeping you up to date on my latest projects, the brand new German Pocket Battleship Scharnhorst.

New Warship Build: The Scharnhorst

It looks really cool! Lots of detail, I like it.

In an attempt to do something different, I posted this on Halloween. Since you have in your bio that you like writing stories, you can see what you think.

Very spooky! I love these kinds of stories.