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Shark vs Diver

By StaplesART
Short process video: [link]

I wanted to paint a shark but wanted to make it a bit more interesting.

Took about 10 hours over a long period of time. Probably more if I account for all the screwing around. If i'm honest, I got a bit bored towards the end of the painting.
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HI I am just starting out on Youtube and I was wondering if I could use this for channel art thx
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Erm.....I wouldn`t bet on the diver.
Awesome work on the sharks. Their skin looks so realistic. What is growing under the chin of the shark in the front?
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mutant sharks would be pretty bad to be around :3
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That's really amazing!! Nice touch of comedy there XD!
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Serious business...
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I hope the few minutes playing dolly with a crab was worth the eternity of therapy you'll be receiving in the afterlife!!!
So many sharks, the teeth, my blood!!!  THE HORROR!!!
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Nice designs of these sharks! :D
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woah.... i have no words for that... AWESOME!
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Coolest shark design I have seen in long time, saw your vid of it on your youtube channel :)
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Thanks heaps, 1ulf!
omg! its too awesome!
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Cool, and also what's the guy doing to that poor crab?  ha ha
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It's called Karma!!!  And it bites back harder than crab pinch!!!
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If you allow me I would like to feature your artwork on

Of course your name and link back to your deviantART profile will be in the post.

Lukas B.
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Megalodon, youre welcome.
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You are awesome man, so impressiv great job !
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