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Diablo 3 Anniversary - Gargantuan Witch Doctor

Full process video at:

This one was such a struggle. Did not like how this was going for the majority of the time.
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I think the struggle was worth it, because the image did come out great in the end! ^_^
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This painting is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours, the composition and the effects.
Amazing work!
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Very cool picture, Staples~ 
Sorry to say, I found this thanks to an art thief- but I was luckily directed to your work. 
I really love the purple glow- it really highlights everything nicely... The colour scheme is amazing~ <3 

So sorry that it's been nicked though- that really sucks. I'm sure it'll be taken down asap though. 
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Thank you, Cold-Creature. I'm glad you like it.
I've already contacting the DeviantArt mods so it will hopefully be sorted out soon.
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You're very welcome~
Btw, are you planning on entering the Diablo III contest? I think you'd do very well~ ;D 

I hope it's sorted quickly too. You've already got a few deviants telling this guy to take it down- so here's to hoping! 
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Yeah, I might enter that if I have time. I've been brainstorming some ideas.
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Fantastic. I'll keep an eye out, in case you find the time enter! ; ) 
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awesome! i like it
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I love those gargantuans! their anatomy and walk is just perfekt =) nicely done here.
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I really like how the purple is on both the doc and the gargantuan.
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awesome work!
very good man ur someone I can learn from
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I'm glad. Hope you enjoy my videos.
Caught the Gargantuian really well. My highest is a witch doctor so I have seen it many times!
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Cheers, mate. It was an effort, that's for sure.
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Wow this is so cool! Doc is my fav and it is just whoaaa! :D Nice work!
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Man this is awesome!!! Totally speechless...
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Thanks very much!
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This is sick! nice work man.
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