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So, I have this sketchbook, and I decided that I kind of want to fill it up in 2013, so that is what I am going to do. I'll post some pages from it here.
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I really haven't even been on DA in quite a while. But I decided to come back and I remembered why I love it so much!
It is just such a great place for inspiration!

I keep seeing a bunch of links on the Google+ page and am always in love with what I see.

Does this mean I will post a bunch here? Not sure... probably not, I have for that. But does it mean I will come back and look at all your amazing stuff? Definitely!
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So, I decided to not post anymore Project 21 pics on Deviant Art. Updating on the 3 other sites I have is enough, I want to bring more attention to since I officially got it working now. The only real reason I kept doing it on here was because I was getting the most feedback from here, which I am looking now and I am only getting feedback from a few people (thanks you guys.) But if you want to keep following it, please do at and click Project 21, there is even a link to RSS feed it.
Just to clarify, I AM still doing Project 21, just not uploading to DA.
See you guys at!
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. . : PROJECT21 : . .

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 19, 2009, 10:45 AM

"Every Era Needs its Hero, You can quote me on that" -Guy from Fable

I'm sure you few followers of mine are wondering wtf just happened? Why did my Deviant Page blow up with a bunch of Photography. Well its quite simple. Starting July 2nd I started something called Project 21:

"Project 21 is a 365 day journey of me doing one artistic shot of myself every single day over the course of my 21st year of life. The project will started on July 2nd, my 21st birthday and will end July 1st 2010. Hopefully I can keep on top of it and bring you some amazing shots. This will definitely be a challenge for me to stay artistic..."

And so, since it is a personal art project, I decided to share it with you guys. I'll keep it updated here as much as on my website, blog, and flickr. If you wanna subscribe, its easiest to do it at

The Project can also be viewed on &

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. . : GODS APU EVENT : . .

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 26, 2009, 1:11 PM

"Now oh so easily you're over me, gone is love, its me that aught to be, moving on your not adorable, I want something unignorible" -The Ting Tings

I want to tell you a story, a story that paints a picture of what Community really should be.

Late last night, or this morning (whichever you prefer) all was quiet. It had been a lazy day for most everyone at school, and the weekend itself had been a little gloomy, the weather tends to do that to people in Southern California.
Myself, I was asleep, and had been for the good part of two hours, having to wake up to an early day. However, there was much more that I was supposed to do that night than simply frolic through the levels of REM.
I was awakened by the rain, which had been going off and on all night, light trickles and what not. But this was different. The sound grew and grew like a monster bearing down on us. My eyes flickered open to see my room mate hop down from the top bunk and look out the window, all the while the clatter outside grew louder and louder. I jumped up to see what all the commotion was about and saw the sky throw what can only be described as a temper tantrum. The rain was going like mad, and suddenly, each tear shaped raindrop converted its molecular structure in the cold weather to small ice balls. The hail, as they call it, was crashing and bouncing all around our building. Then the lightning and thunder crashed right above us, louder than I have ever heard it before. I would have been a little scared had I not seen the two girls across the street standing around and giggling outside as the ice fell down atop the blankets they held above them.
This went on for close to 10 minutes, and just as suddenly as it came, it went away.  As soon as it was gone, University Village came alive. People were running out of their apartments to slide in the ice which was the closest to snow we would ever get. Everything was white, something I had never in the 20 years I have lived in California.
I made a comment to my roommate about how every Southern Californian was freaking out, not knowing what to do, and he agreed, being from Northern California and having seen this kind of thing before.
The noise from the awakened student body grew louder and louder and thus I could not stay inside any longer. I threw on my snowboarding pants, my snow jacket, and my snowboarding boots, and dashed outside to join everyone.
Everyone outside was in merry spirits, some were throwing soft ice balls, some were making hail angels, and I heard tell of one kid hanging on the back of a truck on a snowboard driving down the street. It was well past 1 am, but no one cared. Most everyone was outside enjoying themselves and coming together in an amazing display of community.
I thought about it as I went back to sleep half an hour later and realized that that right there was God's all APU Event. He didn't plan it,  put up posters, text or facebook everyone, he just, spur of the moment, woke us all up with an amazing display of power and brought us together to simply hang out with him and each other.
It made me think of when Jesus was talking to Mary and Martha. Martha was like an RA who is trying to get everything perfect for an event, food, games, music, everything having to be perfect, but Mary decided to be the resident as Jesus showed that you don't need all that stuff to have an successful event, you just need to have community, and that's the whole point of an event anyways, just to spend time with each other. You don't need a waffle iron, or a couch, a rubber ducky, or a ping pong paddle, you just need to give your time, a smile, maybe a story or two, and a heart willing to give and receive, not that food doesn't help, all that other stuff is definitely a bonus.
So props to God on the best event of 2009 so far! May the rest be just as joyful!

Shout Out</u>
Today goes to Gia by
Gia by WarrenLouw
Currently, this is the background on my iphone,
I love looking at it. Good job!
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. . : SILENT STILL : . .

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 31, 2008, 9:30 PM

"If you can't respect that, Your Whole perspective is Wack!" -Jay-Z

I Finally, finallyFINALLY! Finished
The World Ends With You
Such an exciting ending. I really quite enjoyed it...
Had a lot of questions in the end though, but
I feel like they can be answered in time.

In other news, It is New Years Eve, and I am
sitting on grandma's Couch watching a
Spiderman the Animated Series on Jetix marathon,
and I couldn't be more contempt. I think it
is best that I am here. I remember being so tempted to go
find alcohol and getting effed up after the argument
with my friends mom last year... sigh :(
But right now, I feel completely relaxed... and tomorrow
I am up real early to go Snowboarding (FINALLY)
and Saturday I am going in to visit Grandpa,
Sunday (hopefully) I am going to the Zoo with Jay Z and Jenny,
Monday I might go back to the slopes or something, and Tuesday
I am back in California, back to regular life. Back to tough decisions...
and School... and Work... and Track...Ugh.
The only thing that brings
me pleasure in all this is the fact that I have another whole semester
to plan fun events for my residents.

So Long 2k8, Hello 2K9!!

Shout Out</u>
So in other news, I finished Brisingr, and it was AMAZING! And
so I went around looking for some Eragon art, and the only
Good one I found was this...
Eragon Dragon by psycho-kitty
Good job Stephanie Moorin, aka psycho-kitty
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. . : YA'LL NIGGAS IS GAY! : . .

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 21, 2008, 9:43 PM

"Ok, we have had our fun for the day. Now lets go dance." -Papa Logan

Well well WELL
It has been quite a while, quite a
long while since I have posted a journal.

But I have posted some new finished artwork and it
looks like I have had a few people checkin' it out.
NICE! good work people, way to look at my stuff.

Well, A bit about what I'm doing, I am presently in Aurora, CO
with my grandma, just chillin for the holidayz.
Pretty much, my plan in this was to get away from
EVERYTHING! Get away from all the stress of CA and
just relax here (and maybe do a little snowboarding ;))
So yeah, thats me, just bored and having time to work on a lot of
different things. Look forward to some Dragon's Age soon.

If anyone wants to play Halo 3 with me, just hit me up,
my xbox 360 gamertag is Ridonckulous
I've been playing the last week since I got an Xbox, so yeah.

Ok, thats all. I'm tired now. So i'll check ya'll laterz!

Shout Out</u>
Ok, I found this new person, and I must say, she is amazing
Just look for yourself!
Wow Bakanekonei, you Rock my socks!
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. . : GOODBYE TOBY : . .

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 9, 2008, 9:15 AM

"They Found me, I don't know how, but they found me! RUN FOR IT MARTY!" -Dr. Emit Brown

Man it has been a while!
Well, I don't have too much to report actually, Art
classes are still pretty crazy :crazy:

I have the Goodbye Toby song from the office stuck in my head, guess
it doesn't help its the ringtone on Chloe (my iPhone.)

I have this gnarly idea for a new work, I'll work on it this weekend.

Has anyone seen any of Takashi Murakami's Work? It soo good! I love it
I wanna do some stuff like that soon, so keep an eye out, and look him up
if you have no idea what I am talking about. I found someone who I am now
watching who has a similar style... :iconperca: (<<check this out too!)

Man I got SOOO Much to finish... crazykins

My iPod finally died too much for me to actually function right, so I bought a new
one. iPod Classic 160g SUCKAS!!!!
160GB iPod Classic by erikhana

Oh, and I a building a robot for my 3D design class, pretty bomb, I'll throw up some
pictures when I finish.

Shout Out</u>
Check this! Awesome Pic of Fran from FF12, best I have seen.
FFXII: Fran by chesterocampo
Good job Elpinoy
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. . : A R T : . .

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 13, 2008, 12:10 AM

"Who are you? What is your Purpose? What difference does it make?" -John Wallace

Art classes are so crazy. I
am starting to think it was
a mistake to take 4 studio art
classes, but so far I am able
to keep up well enough, and
I just get a tad bit tired,
nothing too extreme, practice is
what is really taking its toll on my

So i still feel like Deviant Art forgot
me, hopefully with that Superman picture
I just put up, I should have some
people coming back to check me out.
If not, aw well, I guess I will survive.

Shout Out</u>
:iconendling: for

Mature Content

Quickie Portrait: CC by Endling
So awesome!
:iconsakimichan: for :thumb97583276: Lookin good!
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. . : S T A R T I N G * the * Y E A R : . .

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2008, 10:07 AM

"...but you don't really care for music do ya?"
-Lyric from "Hallelujah"

So, the year has started, well, not the school year, but
everyone moved in this weekend. It has been pure
insanity. I need to take a break from getting around to
do everything because I am exhausted. I was in the
main clubhouse all day yesterday making posters and
painting a mural of a phoenix (I will take a picture of that
and upload it after it gets hung up) and yeah, I just volunteered
for a lot of things, I guess I am trying to make a good impression
or prove my worth before I don't have time for things.

But something awesome happened. I designed and got my first shirt
printed. I made it for the Trinity Dorm on my campus and they liked
the design and its the best selling shirt at the school right
now, everyone is wearing it, 250 sold in 2 days and there is
a list of new orders for the sizes that ran out, and THAT list is
full too! I could not help feeling a little smug about the whole thing,
seeing something I designed being worn ALL OVER CAMPUS was completely AWESOME!.

I have also made a few other shirts, one for our Red Fox
walkabout team and
one for Young Life.

In girl news, I am really annoyed at girls right now because none of them
make sense, so I am not really perusing anything in that area...
I think I need more sleep...

Kite Army Chat died...

Shout Out</u>
No shout outs today, haven't talked to anyone, kinda
got forgotten here on deviant art...
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. . : B A C K . H O E : . .

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 15, 2008, 9:44 AM

"How about a magic trick..."
-The Joker

Wow, so it has been a little over
10 days since I have been...around
a computer even.

I was gone out to Walk About, which
is part of my RA training for school.
It was a 10 day wilderness training
and I got so duuurty but got to see the most
interesting places and lakes, so beautiful.
I didn't bring my sketch book, but I'm not
into drawing scenery anyways, but it was
very cool. I had an amazing group that I
got to work with in my group (RED FOX! WOOT!)

2 days we were by our selves on Solo which
was so great, 2 days all by my self to just chill
with God and my thoughts. Really awesome experience.

However, I have not really been inspired to draw anything in
a while...but I did work on Dragon's Age, wrote like most
of the way through chapter 4! so that will be updated

Ok, sitting in training now... woot.

OH AND I AM EXCITED FOR BRISINGRE! Sept 20! According to my Bro.

RIP Bernie Mac

Oh and I am on a search for an IPHONE BITCH! 1st gen unlocked
gonna use with t-mobile.

Kite army Chat!…
justflyakite - Kite Army by shadowed-light-waves

Shout Out</u>
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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 18, 2008, 10:56 AM

"How about a magic trick..."
-The Joker

Ok, first of all, I just want to say...

Batman was awesome!
The movie was absolutely brilliant. I really
enjoyed it, very well made. Heath Ledger was
amazing and it was just :excited: so good!

In other news.

I finally did a successful line art. Its over
<<< there. :D
I was super excited when I was able to do it
correctly and get good results, I'm excited
to do more stuff along those lines now.

Over all, I would say that the week went quite well.
This weekend I am going to Temecula to visit a
friend, should be a fun day, not looking forward to the drive though, specially since I am so bad with directions.

So, generally I am wondering when :iconcachi-fauxtographic:
is going to put something up, she is insanely hot and
:iconjustflyakite: vouched for her, so I'm just waiting
and all I have to say is "Dudette, I'm getting impatient."

A Happy Birthday goes out to my mom on the 15th,
I am giving her her present today when I go home.
Hmm, Maybe I can get her on deviantart...

Oh, and finished 2 backgrounds for kite, Looks like
he has seen only one of them so far... eh...

Oh and I got a new Icon, you like?

Kite army Chat!…
justflyakite - Kite Army by shadowed-light-waves

Shout Out</u>
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. . : P U R P O S E ? : . .

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 16, 2008, 10:57 AM

"I think today was meant to get to tomorrow?
But only you know what tomorrow is..."

-Staphon Arnold

Why is it only Wednesday?
I mean honestly, did time fall
down and get a concussion? Eff...

Well, I uploaded a bunch of new art...well
old stuff that I had lying in a sketch book...
It doesn't seem to be catching anyone's eyes.
Guess I have to learn how to color...or at least
line art right so the coloring looks good.

I tried yesterday for like 2 hours and I just could not
get it... ^^;

Well, in other news, I bought a new/used guitar
yesterday. I have used it before over the years, its
my friends old one, and its really nice, I like it.

I am so burnt out on working for IMT though, it is not
even remotely interesting anymore. Every time I try
to do anything to make it better, I get shot down
some how. Everyone is so one sided and doesn't see anything
the way I see it. They make everything so
difficult, I've just given up. I'm not
going to try and make anything better anymore,
I'm just going to do what I am told, even if I
don't agree.

Ugh...why did I wake up today...

Whats the Purpose...

I finished my banner for Kite, its in my scraps...
Kite army Chat!…
justflyakite - Kite Army by shadowed-light-waves

Shout Out</u>
To Mah Boy Petros for finishing his first Deviation!
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. . : W A T C H M E : . .

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 9, 2008, 11:45 AM

So, I am really very hungry today...:hungry:
Lunch isn't coming fast enough.
In other news, I am :heart:ing
this whole being subscribed
thing. Its so awesome, Deviantart is SOO
clean when you are subscribed, I highly
recommend it.

I am a little sad, however, that I only have
3 watchers... I need to do some more cool
art to attract people...

More Messing with code...

Oh, and Kite army Chat!…
justflyakite - Kite Army by shadowed-light-waves

Shout Out
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. . : V I D E O G A M E S : . .

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 8, 2008, 3:10 PM

Ok, So as you may or may not already know,
I have quite a bit of games that I need to
beat, so I decided to make a list so.
Wish Me luck!


   :damphyr:Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core


   :damphyr:Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
   :damphyr:Final Fantasy XII


   :damphyr:Final Fantasy VIII
   :damphyr:Chrono Cross




   :damphyr:The World Ends With You
   :damphyr:Final Fantasy III
   :damphyr:Final Fantasy Tactics A2

Holy Cow... :dead:

[I was also playing with code :p]
[Props for the CODE GENERATOR!]

Oh and I am part of Kites Army...
Guess I gotta deal with it...

justflyakite - Kite Army by shadowed-light-waves
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Man, Anime expo was awesome, I am still "Hungover"
from all the festivities. We got there hella early
and got to see some people in line, and Kakashi Sensei
put his roller blades on, that was awesome.
When we got into the exhibit hall, man was it
and overload, I felt like a little kid in Willy Wonka's candy
store. There was so much cool stuff.
And I got like 12 gaia gold fliers.
and at the deviantart booth, I went looking
for Kite (:iconjustflyakite:) but he wasn't there
so i checked back like 7 times.
AND I got to meet :iconmoonbeam13: who was really
cool and flattered me by saying she recognized my SN and
my art.
OH AND at the Astro Boy Booth, I was the first one to get
a shirt cause the guy just couldn't wait any longer because
I was just too AWESOME!!!

AND I SAW MY FRIEND CHRISTINA!!! :iconrogueymu: and that was
something I half expected but was still suprised about.
Happily, i did NOT see any fat men dressed like sailor moon, nor man fay, but I DID sadly see 2 vaginas and a butt load of
half naked ugly peeps, but hey, I expected it and there
was so much awesome that I didn't even care!

OMG! AND I bought an OMG and had Lanzer (creator of GAia online) Sign it! Booya.

Pictures are here…

I will remember anime expo 08 forever!!
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I'm going!

It will be my first time, I don't know what to
expect at all...I'm a little scared...
But I have one little friend that is coming with me.

Guess I will just have to soak it all in and
look for :iconjustflyakite: while I'm there
for some free gum, haha.

ps: To day I am Two Zero! Decade Three begins at 3:00pm!
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So, :yawnstretch:
its been a while since I blogged
here, but I decided I should update.
But I don't know what to tell you...
So I will just say...
"Why you eyein' mah lemon drink?"
Haha, the Happening was happenin' until
the last 10 minutes, then it wasn't happenin'
so much, good movie though.
"Days without Incident: 0"
Incredible Hulk was Incredible.
ITSM is broken (what we use at work now for work
orders) and Still no Gold Fish, but I'm
not worried about it. Every seemingly perfect
one has had something that ruin's them. But I
think if I wait patiently, She will come.

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When I learned that we would be going over the 7 deadly sins in Kaleo, I was a little excited. I had always learned little things about it, but never in depth and I always figured it was something that I would never actually do, that it was just so deadly and horrible that I wouldn't ever wind up in that situation. But as we started learning about it, I realized that it is a very common problem that people, including me, deal with on a daily basis. As I realized this, I thought of every way that I commit these sins in everyday life and I wanted to express that in a way that I could show myself and bring it to reality and become more aware of what I am doing, and also I wanted to have fun with photoshop. :-D
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Yeah, I left my other one at home, but It doesn't matte cause I didn't really like the paper in there, but I got this really cool new one that I broke in today with a picture of my Gaia avatar.

Anyways, I also found out that my room mate has had a scanner in his room this whole year...yeah, imagine my surprise. Now I just have to find time to use it and actually do something with it...oh boy I rather hate having a life...I miss being able to draw things whenever I wanted too.