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Zea's Komodo Dragon (Vehicle) by StantheSpider Zea's Komodo Dragon (Vehicle) by StantheSpider
Zea's "Komodo Dragon"

This is Zea's vehicle! From the salvaged junkyards of the diesel barrens, Motoroy found a large supply of old Z-Jeeps and told scraps about the find, soon scraps told his men to salvage anything that cant be fixed, and repair anything that can. Zea's Jeep is the first Jeep to roll onto the barren fields! It's lightweight and fast speed make up for its lack of armor, and comes with a slew of gadgets!

On top of the jeep is a Rocky rebels triple barreled Machine Gun, and it also carries different supplies such as food, water, a spare gas tank of the one outside is taken, and can fit up to 6 people in the back! The driver seat is protected by a protective glass and bar system that allows Zea to take more damage on the top of the vehicle. The tires are a special kind that can grip onto surfaces! The outside of the tires can grip onto lose sand, and also have the ability to, drive on WALLS! You heard me right! These tires can push out small claw like objects and grip onto a surface in a instant!

The Komodo Dragon also has the ability to drop small make shift mines and bombs that are proximity triggered (after a 3 second priming) and can spill a oil slick that can be lit on fire! On the front under the jeep are two salvaged rocket Blasters from rocket bots, these rockets can target vehicles and cause damage to the rear end! And one last thing is that those blades on the front can puncture cars and damage the insides! Great for ramming into cars that decide to be slow!

NamelessZea (I couldn't draw a motorcycle-)
megalon1337 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018
I want one!
NamelessZea Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Riding up walls! Woo!
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