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Undertale Oc (Gram) by StantheSpider Undertale Oc (Gram) by StantheSpider
Undertale Oc Sheet.

Name: Gram

Monster Species: Skeleton/???

Age: 26

Height: 7'8"

Eye color: "I'm a skeleton"

Hair color: "Again, a skeleton"


Gender: "Male, isn't that hard"

Font Type: Gram

Magic Color: Red & Yellow

Accent: English (British)

Dating?: "My Fiancé Saint~"

Siblings?: His "Brother" Chiller

Parents: "It's a...touchy subject to say the least" He has adopted parents, which are Chillers parents.

Magic: It depends on either Pacifist or Genocide.

Special Attack?:

-Turns soul orange where you can't stop jumping.
-Red Bones deal 2x damage


1.) Basic Skeleton attacks
2.) Draco Blast
3.) Lasers
4.) Chemistry based stuff
5.) Robot Stuff
6.) ??????????

Bio: Gram was the child of a teenage skeleton, who's name is unknown at the moment, who got pregnant after sleeping with one of the Royal Guard members. She soon got rid of the baby skeleton by sending him down the river as to..."Hide the Evidence", Soon being found on the banks of the river by Chiller, who was 6 at the time. Chillers father soon took in the baby bones as he was raised as if he was one of theirs.

When gram was in his Early 20's, Him, Chiller, and a Unknown Monster wanted to create the strongest Royal Guardsman in the Underground. The project was dubbed "Project AX" as the 3 scientists went off to create the robotic guard. The project was 5 months in when disaster struck...One of the machines exploded when the coding for the "DETERMINATION" code was entered into the machines data base. Vials of chemicals, which some were determination, got onto the scientist. He could feel every bone in his being begin to snap and break down, he felt his soul begin to crack under the pressure, he could feel his own hands starting to melt into paste. He screamed in pure agony as soon...everything went blurry as he yelled at the Unknown scientist to run and finish the project, the plans in the drawer as he did just that, soon...he blacked out.

Gram would gasp as he pushed his hand through the darkness, every inch he moved he felt more and more in pain. Gram would push and pull, soon regaining his form as he screamed in such a way, it sounded like a dying creature. Gram would shiver and shake as he gasps for air, his soul shaking as its cracks began to close up. He soon slowly, but shakily, got up. He looked around as he slowly got up...and began to gain his memory and breath back.

The rest, well, you have to ask him yourself..."

Behavior: Calm and rather father like



-He occasionally smokes

-He has two adopted human daughters, Alice and Soulina

-His rib cage is fucked up.

-He can melt on will and reform, but it's super painful.
Nyanbonecrush Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If Gram does jokes, would that make him a GRAM CRACKER?
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gram: "Haha, like I haven't heard that one before"
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