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UPDF's Newest General and Admiral (PvZ) by StantheSpider UPDF's Newest General and Admiral (PvZ) by StantheSpider
Meet the newest Admiral and General to the UPDF ranks!

Admiral Orbital and General StarCrusher

Admiral Orbital:
"The first ever High Ranking Officer/Scientist, he proved his worth by being the one to fight against the Storm of Steel and to come out alive, he was granted the rank Admiral for his bravery and has proven his worth by being one of few zombie soldiers to get the most Intel on Z-Techs plans. He commands a Star BattleShip called the "Comets Fury" and is capable of downing many ships in its way. It has 2 HAAC's (Heavy Akee Artillery Cannons) on the top and bottom of the ship and has over 16 heavy Freezer Cannons (8 on each side) that fires extremely cold comet shots and has a heavy Cryo-Laser that can freeze a Ships engines and the ship itself! His weapons are a specially modified Moon Rock Launcher that can fire multiple elemental rocks ranging from Burning Meteorites to Freezing Comet Rocks. His healing ability is also enhanced and able to heal more people at a time, his teleportation is upgraded to the max to where he can teleport to specific locations, teleport to his ship, and teleport a lot more often! His Sticky Grenades are replaced with the ability to create bubble shields and provide even ships and vehicles with some shielding! Then, we have his secret ability, he can order an Artillery strike from the Comets Fury...or use the UPDF's Newly made S.O.L.A.R beam which is attached to the Comets fury and rain pure solar energy to obliterate foes! It can come in one massive beam or in smaller but still as dangerous multiple beams. Why did he join the UPDF? Well he joined because he lost a dear friend who was launched to the moon and never returned, he joined hoping he could find her and prove to Z-Tech that making him scrub the entire rocket fuel tankards for spending most of the NAZA budget on trying to find his friend was a BAD idea!"

General StarCrusher: "Being the first ever SuperBrainz to reach General status, This General is the man that will train you until your body ACHES, he will make sure every soldier fights hard and has the dedication and loyalty so strong, he would die defending the UPDF and its allies. General StarCrusher gained his title general after proving countless times his determination to fight for what's right. He helped defend the UPDF on their few assaults on the Moon Base and has defeated countless Z-Tech soldiers in his path, losing his eye to an Imp called "Marshal". Because of his variation of being a Cosmic Brainz, he was given upgraded and remade versions of his weapons. The Star Striker Gauntlets have the same ability as the Cosmic Gloves, but they charge faster and allow him to swing faster and enhanced his strength ten fold! Also, if he charges it long enough, if he vanquishes a foe with the'll ATOMIZE them! His "Nebula Lasers" can fire rapid fire and burning nebula blasts that'll act as a secondary defense. He also carries a First Halo "B5-J" which is a large machine gun based weapon that has the best Fire Rate, Best Damage, and Best Recharge rate...the only downside? It's heavy, but to him it's like picking up a pistol! His abilities were also altered, instead of the Heroic kick, he was given Gravitation Manipulator Boots that can create a AOE that paralyzes foes and make them think the ground is shaking. His Plasma Orbs ability was replaced with the ability to hyper charge his lasers and create a powerful beam attack that goes through both barricades and enemies! His Heroic spin was replaced with a more practical use, and can create 3 UPDF Plant Tech Garlic Drones that can fire heavy damaging thorns and last longer than any drone out there, and have the most health. His secret weapon is a very...unique one, he found this blade when exploring an ancient temple on the Jungle Planet, and after using it, he likes to use this a lot. It's magic properties make the blade bound to him, and any foes vanquished by this blade are either disintegrated or transported into the same place the Cosmic Fists send their vanquishes! Why did he join the UPDF? After be found out he wasn't in a movie, and he wasn't made by a collapsing star, he left before the world was taken over by Z-Tech, he was found by scar sitting in a bar and was promised to give him back the honor and glory he lost, and in his own words:

"Glory and Honor were found that day..." "

UPDF agents, greet our new general and Admiral with Open arms!
NamelessZea Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
*goes to greet General Starcrusher* greetings, Starcrusher. It’s nice to see that the first super brains to be a General is on our side.
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
General StarCrusher: "Pleased to meet you as well"
NamelessZea Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
*reaches his hand out for a handshake* Zea, Commander of the Clankers, by the way.
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