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UPDF P.O.H. Falcon Unit by StantheSpider UPDF P.O.H. Falcon Unit by StantheSpider
Ladies and Gentlemen, The UPDF has made the newest form of aircraft transportation, meet the newest P.O.H. unit, the Falcon!

The idea of the P.O.H., or the Plant Operated Helicopter came from the mind of Argon, one of Scars admirals. After a few schematics were drawn and thrown away, this beauty is in the skies and ready to transport troops and goods to destinations! This variation of the Falcon is the "Troop Transporter", it can hold 15 troops and has 2 mounted Kernal Machine guns and also has a Kernal Machine gun on the front of the Aircraft! It's second variation is similar to the Plant Republics Albatros POP unit, it can carry a massive amount of cargo, Military vehicles, over 200 troops, and its armed to the TEETH! Also, it can carry special Nitro Carrot striker missiles (not to be confused with the C.A.R.R.O.T Missiles the Plant Republic has) that'll explode in a MUCH wider radius, and will only explode if it impacts the ground. The Turbines of the Falcon can actually turn and help do pretty complex maneuvers, it's rather fast and is always seem picking up injured troops, or transporting troops and goods to places! The wood used to make these beautiful aircrafts is called "CloudBirch", the wood is very flexible, when carved and shaped it'll stay that way no matter how damp it gets, and it even turns colors depending on the cloud formations! If it's thundering it'll help keep these birds from getting struck with lightning and help camouflage the aircrafts. The wood can also absorb massive amounts of water and can also be dried off quickly with the pop of a Heating Citrus fuel rod into the Citrus Engine

To the Stars!

MKBrony the man behind the idea


MegaboatmaN "Ayy looks like theirs a RNF tank down there"

Snarzer "Is that a First Halo vehicle I See?"

ElishebisZPR Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
A falcon!!
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