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South Park Oc (Orin Taogashi) by StantheSpider South Park Oc (Orin Taogashi) by StantheSpider
South Park Oc

Name: Orin Taogashi

Nationality: American/Japanese

Age: 13 (In normal) 17 (In Natgasher's High school AU)

Sexuality: Straight or Bi, haven't decided.

Clothing style: Japanese inspired and a bit of American clothing, always wears the black fingerless gloves.

Fantasy Character name: The Thieving Monk (Monk Clothing and Hat)

SuperHero name: The Oni Samurai (Literal Samurai armor)

Height: 4' 5 (13) 5'9 (17)

Eye color: Green

Weight: 105 (13) 189 (17)

Body type: Large

Bio: Born in Japan, he was raised by his Japanese mother as his father was an American soldier, the two finally made it to America when his father came back and picked them up after almost 13 years. The family soon moved to South Park as a peaceful town.

Fantasy Character: He was more of a "I'm going to break your god damn legs with this sledge hammer" kind of monk, he was known for stealing any thing the other kid dropped and would basically horde it and sell it to both sides, only being a merchant type of character.

SuperHero: The Oni Samurai is said to be purely a natural force of good, he's more Chaotic Good than Lawful good. He's resistant to many forms of manipulation (even being talked to seductivly) and is just going around nearly breaking skulls for good. He's nearly snapped someone's spine with his weapon (which is a sledgehammer that has Japanese writing on the handle)

Likes: Sushi, Food, actually he exercises, just not much. His few friends.

Dislikes: A lot of other people, being bothered when he's clearly annoyed, trying to pick a fight with him.


Cartman- It's a bit of a rocky friendship. Nearly gave him a bloody nose one time when he pushed his limits.

Butters- Close friends, finds butters a little obnoxious at times but he's grown to live with it.

Kenny- Actually they talk a lot, the only person he really speaks English to.


-Despite his large size, he's as strong as an Ox, capable of knocking out a even bigger and more built kid than him in one well placed swing.

- He found his weapons in construction areas and that ninja weapon stall during the fair.

-His armor is actual grade samurai armour, so punching it ain't gonna feel good.

-He's fought the Black Widow once, finds her rather annoying to fight and almost chucked her off the construction area they were fighting on.

-Many rumors have been that Orin has the power a Japanese demon, but he usually tells them off and isn't a demon...right? Hell if I know *shrugs*

-The gloves he wears protect his hands when he punches something, usually some A--hole or some bimbo

(South Park High School AU belongs to Natgasher and I hope I didn't screw up anything!)
Natgasher Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Student General Artist
This is Awesome! I'm glad that I've inspired you to make this OC have a role in my AU. He seems really interesting! I might put him in my AU ^^
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That would be awesome! And I'm glad you like it :P he also has Kenny translate certain things to others if he doesn't feel like speaking in English, and the Japanese inspiration is actually from the character I made for the Stick of Truth game XD
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