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Scraps and Co. In: Salt and Rust for Ms.Wheelie! by StantheSpider Scraps and Co. In: Salt and Rust for Ms.Wheelie! by StantheSpider
Scraps and Co. in:

"Salt and Rust for Ms.Wheelie!"

It was a blistering hot day in the Diesel Barrens, the first race of the day was a match between Ms.Wheelie and a couple of rebel punks. Before the race began, a deep and piercing horn would be heard as Ms.Wheelie turned around. "What's making that noise!!" She yelled as she saw none other than the Pain Train rolling up to the Starting Line. "Hello Ms.Wheelie..." Scraps said as he looked at her, his furrowed brow hidden behind his hockey mask. "You better get out of here little boy, this race is for Adults only!" Ms.Wheelie remarked as she laughed, she was trying to antagonize him as she soon heard another sound, the music of Jazz to be exact. She looked to her right as she saw The VaporWaver, Boatmans Personal Vehicle that was the definition of Smooth. Boatman would stare at her and smirk. "You said she was threatening scraps, she don't look like a racer, looks more like a Loser" Boatman said mockingly as scraps laughed, causing Ms.Wheelie to growl. The Race track would be a flat and curvy land, but in the middle of the massive track was a man made canyon that had traps galore. As the racers prepared for the race, Ms.Wheelie yelled out:


The zombie racers roared as Scraps and Boatman looked at each other and smirked. "And if we win, we get ALL of your vehicles..." He soon looked at Ms.Wheelie. "Yours too...could use a artillery cannon like that..." Ms.Wheelie looked at the mounted cannon she added a while back and growls. "In your dream Rust Devil..." The count down soon commenced:




All the Drivers barreled down the track as a few were trying to take down the Pain Train, bullets hit the massive vehicle, but none could penetrate its Hull. "Hey Little Red!" Scraps yelled out as the young girl popped her head out from behind a seat. "Yea Pops?" She asked as she was tinkering with something. "Shake those Z-Tech ScumBags off our tail!" He asked as she grinned, soon grabbing a bag as she ran towards one of the windows. She opened it as she pulled up a windup cymbal monkey, that had a makeshift bomb attached to it. "Special Monkey Prizes for y'all!" She yelled out as she armed and threw the monkeys out the window, most landing in some cars. "Ooo! Monkey!" A Driver in the SplitFace said in glee as he soon saw it clap it's cymbals, and explode, destroying the car as he flew up, still in his seat with the steering wheel still in is hands. The other cars were damaged, as 3 were now personally out of the race, but they soon collected their car seats to watch the race instead!

Scraps would barrel down the lane as The Vapor Wave came right beside him. "Do you see her Boatman?" He asked as boatman shook his head. "Nah, but I did shake off some of the drivers back there!" Boatman mentioned as scraps looked at his side mirror to see the zombies listening to some sweet jazz, and some of their cars were gone but still sitting in their car seats. "Nice, now let's catch up to Ms.Wheelie!" Scraps exclaimed as the two picked up the pace to catch up with their rival. Ms.Wheelie was laughing as she and 4 other cars were going down the track. The 5 cars soon heard the familiar sound of a bus honking and train whistling. Ms.Wheelie turned her head to see what made that sound, and soon saw the pain train and vapor waver going RIGHT at her! "What!" She yelled out as she decided to deal with the problem herself, she soon climbed into the top part of the car as she entered the artillery cannon, as she aimed, she would try to pick out a spot between the two, until one of the drivers yelled out:


She turned her head to see the massive buildings covered in scrap metal to form a "Canyon", soon one of the Z-Tech Cars, a Jogger, Was caught in a fire trap! The fire melted the Vehicles legs as the Pain Train barreled past it. "Ah darn it..." The driver said as the car laid next to the road, and finally decided to kick back and wait for the rest. Ms.Wheelie swerved past some of the traps as Scraps was gaining speed right next to her, Another Driver was caught in a spike trap as all four of their tires were popped, and a spike went through the drivers burger. "This gave me idea!" The driver exclaimed as he wrote down "Spike Burger" on a notepad. The last Two Z-Tech drivers were being more careful, and slowing down to dodge the traps as The Vapor Waver was swerving past traps left and right. Ms.Wheelie growled more as she yelled for the Browncoat in the back to drive. The BrownCoat took the wheel as she climbed out of the vehicle and got a ZPG. "I'll deal with this Rust Devil myself!" She soon rocket jumped right onto the Pain Train.

"Hey Pops! Someone's on the roof!" Little Red Yelled as scraps turned to see the shimmer of light that went in from the roof was being blocked. "Dammit, I wish I taught you how to drive Red, if only Cla-" then suddenly Claude Appeared, seemed he might've been there the ENTIRE RACE NAPPING. "Claude! I thought you were at the base!" Claude shook his head, and scraps sighed. "Anyways, you mind driving? Driving this thing is like driving a car, except it's a super dangerous bus/train of destruction!" Before Claude could fully answer, scraps put him in the driver seat as he pats his shoulder. "Thanks Mate!" Scraps soon walked towards the back of the vehicle as he climbed out, and onto the roof of the Pain Train. "You Rust Devil! I ain't going to let you win!" Ms.Wheelie Yelled as scraps glared at her. "And I ain't going to let a Z-Tech Zombie like you win looks like only one of us can.." Ms.Wheelie pulled out her gun and fired a round right at scraps, who dodged it narrowly as he kept his balance on the bouncing vehicle. Ms.Wheelie ran at him and began swinging a pipe at him, scraps dodged and blocked the strikes with his Oak Shields as he attacked as well. Ms.Wheelie got one good swing at his face as the mask on his face cracked along the side. Scraps growled as he grabbed his Pick-Axe, and swung at her, the axe blade cut her on the arm as she grunts in pain. "You dirty rust devil! Zomboss will be happy when I have your head on a plate!" She Yelled as she charged at scraps, but stopped as the cars shook.

"We're over the bridge scraps! Don't fall off!" Boatman yelled as scraps looked around, and saw they were over a bridge, and the man made cavern was filled with molten steel. "The Steel River..." Ms.Wheelie said as scraps took this chance to strike, causing her to be knocked back as her footing slipped, almost making her fall off as she grabbed onto the Pain Trains Roof Railing. "AH! Help! Please!" She yelled as she saw the bubbling molten steel below her as the railing began to creak, it's rust was starting to give away as it broke slightly, before snapping entirely...before she fell to her doom, a hand grabbed her wrist as scraps held her! "You ain't dying! You don't die until I say so!" He grunts as he soon pulled her up, not before wrapping two thick roots around her wrists. "Ms.Wheelie, you're now under arrest..." Ms.Wheelie sighs as scraps pulled her into the pain train, and closed the back door. Claude would be trying hard to concentrate on the bridge and it's road as scraps soon tapped his shoulder. "I'll take over now" Claude exhales in relief as scraps took back over the steering wheel. The BrownCoat was almost near the end of the bridge, until the Pain Train and VaperWaver passed them, soon the finish line was crossed, and the two were victorious!

After the race was over, a crowd of people began crowding them as they asked for autographs and congratulating them, even some of the Zombie Drivers were being good sports! Ms.Wheelie sighed as she was approached by scraps. "What do you want Rust Devil?" She mumbled as scraps pulled her out of the bus. "You ain't getting arrested, but you're being offered a proposition. Work for me, you keep your car, and I'll only take the artillery cannon and replace yours with a tank cannon. Also, give us this territory, and you'll be able to lead the racers here to a better future of freedom. What do you say?" Scraps looked at her as Ms.Wheelie growled, but looked at the options in her head. She was scared of Zombosses rage, but was also slightly angry over the threats he once made to take away her car because it used tank parts. She looked at scraps and sighed. "Fine..." Scraps soon took away the roots as she rubbed her wrists. "You'll be glad you made this choice, but it'll take more than just saying you'll join...destroy every bit of Z-Tech here! Destroy the flags!" The people were confused as they noticed Little Red was breaking their Z-Belts on their bodies, as the fell to the ground, the people free began to break the cameras off the buildings as they began to destroy every object of Z-Tech in the area, even boatman created weapons and objects for the people to take back this land as their own...The Rocky Rebels has now taken a small portion of the Diesel Barrens...

"The Flag of Freedom will fly over the shining mountains! We the Rocky Rebels will shatter the Shackles of Z-Tech, and restore freedom! All Races deserve freedom, Humans, Plants, Zombies, and More!"

-Transcript in the Rocky Rebels Writing "The Shining Mountains"

Claude belongs to AlanMarsters

Zomboss ain't happy about this! Nyanbonecrush

Boatman belongs to MegaboatmaN
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AlanMarsters Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love it you're getting my character right! keep going man!
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Truthfully I winged it! XD I thought "Would Claude actually pass out in his bus? Ah I guy as well wing it!"
MegaboatmaN Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Easily one of the best stories I've read.

And I aint joking either.
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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