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Scraps Crazy Dave (PvZ) {Rocky Rebels} by StantheSpider Scraps Crazy Dave (PvZ) {Rocky Rebels} by StantheSpider
Here he is,

Scraps Crazy Dave

Leader of what once was LEAF, which is now called "The BloodShots"

Using the remnants of the Plant Republics Guns and other various objects, they are a 90% plant based faction and are very, very aggressive against anything that bears the name "Z-Tech"

Scraps Crazy Dave was one of very few survivors of the blast, and survived the fallout Long enough by eating a radioactive taco, which also made him big and buff, but with a gut. He soon crawled out of his home and looked on of what was suburbia, and soon began to build it up again...Zomboss has been trying to kill him ever since

What became of Patricia and her Friend? Well...Patricia became one of the Rocky rebels main gals in teaching the humans to drive, and changed her name to "Scarlet", and her friend became a violent sub faction leader called "Slugger",

"what about Nyan? He's in this AU right??" I hear you all already typing away, yes, but...he's changed

Nyan changed when the bombs dropped, and after the time during the fallout, he forgot who he was, what he stood for, and soon changed into something...more he's on the road as a bounty hunter, a good bounty hunter at that. Scraps feels bad that his Nyan used to be the hero of the world, now the world was reduced to rubble, and people either died and remembered who they were...or forgot who they were to survive in this hellish world.

Scraps plants are more, "Interesting", PeaShooters became rugged, main soldiers in the wastelands as time went on, and soon became the main variants for raider factions.

Sunflowers became less happy, some even snapped under the pressure of the world, sunflowers can still heal, but others can cause more more ways than one

Chompers became feral creatures in the wastelands, some stayed normal, others mutated because of the radiation, some even were made to fight, Chompers from scraps world can't especially talk, some can, but many don't

Cacti became lethal in the world, and became the main choice for assassin factions and snipers, some are even used to beat creatures down with thorns...

Kernal Corns became more dangerous as many began upgrading their cobs with evolution, some even having the same lethality as bullets, corns became a great choice for the BloodShots because of their obsession with guns.

Roses became rare and highly valuable, during Zombosses rule, he began massive hunting parties that hunted down and slaughtered roses, some for fun, others for a sick pleasure of seeing a rose die, roses that are found are either kept, or sold on a disgusting black market that scraps has been trying to stomp out since his rise, and many roses thank him for this, and scraps hopes that with the help of his newfound allies, he can atleast get some comfort that the blackmarket will stop.

Citrons became even more scarce, after the bombs, citron technology became obsolete after Zomboss created a device that'll completely destroy plant technology and plant based tech of any kind (including vehicles), soon citrons became vicious tanks for factions, or others were..."Experimented On"

Weeds are the main supply of vicious attackers in factions, some kept their cool, as many others snapped and became the vicious "Psycho Weeds", weeds that carry either axes or swords and attack in angry outbursts and rip their opponents to shreds.

TorchWoods have also mutated, thick spike covered vines cover their bodies and tough mushrooms have grown on them too, spikes began to grow on their bodies and their fire burns more...

Penny has also been changed as well, her AI became aware and soon, decided to change who she was, now she's the deadliest car in the wasteland and the only car that can take flight and use portals, and she's packing serious fire power.

The two that became the worst, were Olympus and Torque, the two mutated into the most unspeakably terrifying creatures in the wastelands, and stay hidden underground in the Rocky Mountains...

candiipineappl Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Student General Artist
Hoooolllyyyy shit-
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yep, Scraps world is crazy as hell-
candiipineappl Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018  Student General Artist
I can't stop thinking about this dude it's spooky-
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