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Scars Old Assistants (Alex and Lucia) by StantheSpider Scars Old Assistants (Alex and Lucia) by StantheSpider
Name: Alex Mayer

Age: 22

Height: 5' 7"

Nationality: German American

Hair Color: Red (He's a Ginger :v)

Eye Color: Green

Fun Fact: The Small tree on his back is sentient, just don't piss it off.

Bio: At the age of 16 he got his first job at a Plants Genetics and Robotics Corporation called "Universal Plants Corp.", it was a lab dedicated to study and experiment on plant genetics and to help build prosthetics and possibly new body parts and organs for humans. Their head Professor was a man by the name "Scar J. Einstein"

Scar hired the young lad after a recent science fair Scar had at the local high school. The main focus was to higher the brightest minds and the most creative ones. Alex made a project on the growth and genetics of a rare species of flowers, he won 2nd Place behind a Indian girl named Lucia Varma with her Robotics/Cybernetics Project.

Name: Lucia Varma

Age: 23

Height: 5' 7"

Nationality: Indian

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Fun Fact: She was born without a right hand.

Bio: When she was 17 Years old she got hired to work at a Plant Genetics and Robotics corporation named "Universal Plants Corp.", she was hired after a science fair hosted at the highschool by her future professor at the lab "Scar J. Einstein".

Her Project at the science fair won first place and she and a boy named Alex Mayer were approached by the scientist offering them both jobs and free lessons at the labs, they both accepted the offer.
ElishebisZPR Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh hello there
NamelessZea Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
It's nice to meet you 2. I wouldn't say I'm a friends of Scars, but we aren't rivals or any form of enemies.
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