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RoofTop talking by StantheSpider RoofTop talking by StantheSpider
Camo sat on top of the building next to NightCap, the two watching over the city was Camo soon spoke.

Camo soon spoke "Hey, Shroom"

"Hm?" NightCap turned his head to look at him. "What is it?

Camo replied with a smirk. "Who's pants do you get in more, Roses or Green Shadows?" He laughed as Nightcap became flustered, soon telling him shut up in Japanese.

Camo laughed as he finally sighed, soon looking down at the city as he said lowly:

"Do you despise me?"

NightCap lifted a non existent eyebrow as he looked at Camo. "What?"

Camo growls as he looked at him. "Do you, Despise me..." Camo sighed as he lowered his head, the smoke from his cigar swirling in the air. "I'd Understand if you did...I'd despise myself also...after what I've done" Nightcap shifted himself a bit closer, before Camo spoke with rage in my voice.

"I've done so much shit...I've killed so many people...I've wasted most of my life and Unlife in anger! I can't lie to myself and say I never did all of that...I can't pretend it never happened! Not like some of those plants...some of those plants hate my guts...some of them even want me dead...I understand that...what I don't that they think all zombies can be heartless...every single one thought that until...Solar Flare. She really opened my eyes...even loved after all I've done to plants! I've mutilated, slaughtered, hell even killed my own species! I never understood that...never will really..."

Nightcap sat in silence as he sighs. "Forgiveness will come in time...many will forgive, but many will never forget"

Camo looked at him before looking down and smiling... (Read the pictures text to get the rest)
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it's kinda hard to read the text.
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