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Rocky Rebels vehicles (For The Midway!) by StantheSpider Rocky Rebels vehicles (For The Midway!) by StantheSpider
I tried drawing cars lol

The Diesel Barrens

A sandy and deserted place for racing, and only the toughest of the roughest cars can survive this wasteland....

A large sandstorm is coming this way...and it isn't from the wind, it's from the Rocky Rebels racing and destruction machines!!

In the words of scraps:

"If I can scrap vehicles, why not have some fun with them?"

So, using any junked vehicle, Plant or Zombie made, he now has these vehicles and more to use!

(Small Cars)

-The Digga: This Car has a unique design, capable of going through mounds and such. It's tracks are specially made to grip sand and rough terrain and it's drill can go through the deepest of mounds. It's fast and it has 2 Rapid Fire Guns on the front and 2 Turbo jets that can give them a boost, but it only lasts for 6 seconds.

-The Garbage Grabber: This car is made for collecting scrap on the go! Your car got messed up? You want it back? To bad bud, when this thing grabs your wrecked car it's Rocky Rebel Property now. It's medium speed and slow reflexes make it very handy for after race clean up.

The Rip n' Tear: This Dune Buggy is the Road Killer of all races, these things have 3 flavors: Kernal Machine Gun, Shuck Shot Missile Gun, and Saw Blades. This is the most used and the saw blades can have rose enchanted engines, making them have various effects. It's speedy and is capable of doing a "Bunny hop" and those tires can really tear into weaker armored cars!

(Not Shown)
The Imp-Possible: You know those little air crafts imps fly in? Wanna know where those things go if they're destroyed or wrecked? Well they get turned into literal Explosives! The hull is designed with a weak platting and can even cause itself to self destruct to cause the explosives (it's a gamble on what's inside) to scatter and cause damage! The drivers of course are suicide imps but they're wearing explosion proof armor! I they'll be fine, they're Rocky rebel imps so they'll re-spawn at the base.

{Medium Vehicles}

-The Mound-Crawler: This Monster truck like vehicle is a terror in the race track and a monster in the demolition derbies! This creation was when scraps found a POT Tank without any tracks, and decided to "Borrow" it and add his own wheels, making this thing a danger to cars and trucks! It's wheels are capable of climbing and driving through tough terrain and can be used to spin the tank around to make opponents back off. The tank can fire a explosive pistachio shell or an Explosive barrel, depending on the tanks barrel size.

-The Smashing Delivery: This Truck is basically used for mainly destruction. It's tough armor and front ramp can cause damage and flip cars over if they aren't paying attention! The trucks storage hull is capable of having a zombie or plant designated to throwing explosive barrels at cars and vehicles if they're trying to tail gate the smashing delivery!

(Not Shown)
The Grave Digger: This monster truck is basically the Grave Digger monster truck, but with a has 2 large cannons, a mine deploying mechanism and a few other attachments that'll be discussed later~

{Big Vehicles}

-The Pain Train: This is Scraps vehicle, and man does he love just smashing into stuff. If you get in his way he'll have no problem smashing you with his bus/train combo and has no worry if you fire at him. The armor on this vehicle is made to be a pain in the ass for anyone to destroy, even a Rocky rebel diver can't damage this care past a few cracks and dents! This Bus/Train Combo has a machine gun on the top, 4 people in the bus part armed with weapons if someone tries to breech the driving seat and the back of the vehicle is a cart. The train cart was "Borrowed" from the Drivers train when he left it behind by accident on one of his runs. The train part is meant to be a Distraction and to soak up a lot of damage from behind, if scraps sees there's a lot of A-Holes following him, he'll gladly let that sucker go and cause a few cars to get smashed! If he wants to, he can have explosives be in it and once it's unattached you have 5 seconds to run before this thing explodes! Causing major damage!

more will be made~

Scraps: "You may have a lot of stuff Zomboss, but we're here to make sure you remember what happens when you mess with us!"

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megalon1337 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2017
Pain train is my favorite!
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you!
Nyanbonecrush Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now we're cooking!
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Scraps: "Sorry for borrowing one of your tanks, or 20 to be exact-"

Nyan: "It's fi- Wait 20?!"
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