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Rocky Rebels BrainzBall Team! (The Rust Devils!) by StantheSpider Rocky Rebels BrainzBall Team! (The Rust Devils!) by StantheSpider
{Edit!: Added Color}

Because of the destruction of St.Louis, the Rocky Rebels had to find a new place to play BrainzBall, and thankfully they found it! After negotiating with the Plant Republic, they're allowed to own a ruined area within the south! After talking with the RNF, boatman gave scraps a few hundred of his engineers to help build the stadium, and darn do they build quick!

Within the dry south, the new "Rebel Dome" is now built! And now with the stadium and small town built, it's time to announce the team!

Team name: The Rust Devils!

Their Theme:…


Scraps: Using his quick wits, fighting spirit, and explosive personality, he'll lead his team to the goal and give the opponents one explosive round! Special: {Boom Ball!} Scraps can slide in and snag the ball, leaving a random explosive plant or object in its place, it's a gamble on what you get!

Side Players:

BullDozer: Scraps Right Hand Man, his triceratops helmet will help clear the way for his team!

Mace: This Citron is a special version of the Iron Citron, his armor is light weight and can protect him from harm, and can also push out spikes if anyone tries to tackle him!
Special: {Junk Cannon} This Cannon will launch a BrainzBall...but in reality, it's a bowling ball! This bowling ball will confuse any opponent and once they kick it, WHAM! There goes your toes!

RazorBack: This Corn is one prickly foe! This corn can run fast, play hard, and use his thorny leaves to keep people away!
Special: {Nail Spray} He can fire a whole cob of rusty nails into the ground, and can even fire the entire cob to cause even more damage! Step on them and OUCH!


Princess Junk SunFlower: The Royal Princess of Junk, her large size and protective armor will keep the goal safe!
Special: {Razor Enchantment} This enchantment will cause the ball to be covered with sharp blades, and if you don't have any protective gloves or boots, prepare for a messy game!

Play style: They play aggressively, and use tricks to gain the upper hand.

Enemy Team: The Zog and Yogul Bruisers

Nyanbonecrush Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nyan: "Using gadgets to your advantage. I am digging it, scraps!"

*Zog stares on, intensely.*
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Scraps: *He stares at Zog and drags his finger against his neck, and points at him*
NamelessZea Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Vivian: *claps for them* just view me as if I was a cheerleader.
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