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Rocky Rebel Weeds #1 by StantheSpider Rocky Rebel Weeds #1 by StantheSpider
As a gift, Nyan has given scraps better ways to grow and produce more plant troops (Mostly because there isn't a lot of plants that can grown in Rocky rebels territory, well a lot of dry plants) and that gift is, Green Houses! With these green houses, scraps has begun to grow the first basic troops to his newly found plant troops!)

Rocky Rebel Weeds: "These weeds maybe small, but they ain't pushovers!"

Demo-Weed: The demo weed is the Rocky rebels "Explosives Expert", these weeds carry a Sash of 3 Grape-Nades, which if the weed is vanquish, the explosives will detach and become active, and after 3 seconds, explode! These weeds are also equipped with Spicy Cherry-Bombs, that when they explode they leave a large pool of fire, which burns pretty bad. These weeds are handed a variety of explosive weapons, some being:

-The Grape-Nade Launcher
-Cob Cannons
- and the Coconut Hand Cannon

Heavy Weed AKA "Junk Weed": This weed is the more defensive weed in the arsenal, these weeds were given prickly stems and needle covered leaves to defend against Super Brainz that thing it'll be an easy target! They're equipped with a backpack full of junk and equipment, are are also equipped with salvaged All-Star helmets. Their main form of weaponry are:

-Junk Launchers
-and other Heavy Guns

Trapper/Tracking Weeds: These weeds are completely trained in the ways of hunting and engineering, these weeds have access to various tech and can create some pretty cool stuff! They carry a backpack full of different devices, ranging from remote controlled RC cars to full on Bot Turrets! They're also armed with various traps and mines and can control a Tracking Garlic Drone that has 2 tracking snipers that, if an enemy or vehicle is shot, will track them down! They are given salvaged engineer helmets and their bottom leaves are grown to be armor plated! Their main forms of weapons are:

-Goopers (Salvaged Scientist Gun)
-Trap Cannons
-and the simple Nuts n' Bolts Blaster

Hammer Weeds: What do you get when you have 1 weed, 1 trash can, and a whole lot of hammers? This guy! This weed is more durable than the Ceramic Weeds, carry damaging hammers and also have a short scrap skirt that protects the vulnerable leaves by 80%!

The Rocky rebels also have invested in using Primal Potato Mines, they take slightly longer to get ready, but their damaging explosion can take out an entire squad of zombies in one go!

Some of the Pot Turrets the Rocky rebels have include:

-Cold SnapDragons
Range: Close
"Freeze enemies over time!"

Range: Long
"Can damage enemies through screen doors and dummy's!"

Range: Medium
"Can heal from a distance!"

Range: Long
"Pult Melons from long distances to get heavy damage!"

(And some Rocky Rebel Turrets are):

-Grenade Bots
Range: Medium
"Lobs explosive grenades at enemies!"

Range: Close
"Spew acidic acid on enemies!"

-The Chopping Block
Range: Close
"Enemies that get to close get the sharp end of the knife!

Range: Long
"Fire ricochetting Buzz Saws at enemies!

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megalon1337 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018
My favorite is the hammer weed.:)
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you ^^
megalon1337 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018
No prob,bob!.........XD What did I just say?CRINGE 
AlanMarsters Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooo that Rp got me interested
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really? That's quite nice to hear ^^
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