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Rocky Rebel Troops #2 by StantheSpider Rocky Rebel Troops #2 by StantheSpider
A few more Rocky Rebel Troops~

Artillery Citron: "This citron is brothers with the RailGun Citron, his Artillery Cannon can fire arching long missiles that cause extreme damage if hit directly! They're shots have a major knock back if hit with the splash damage, and they're capable of firing 2 shots at a time!"

RailGun Citron: "This citron is brothers with the Artillery Citron, his RailGun can fire RailRoad spikes at a alarming rate, pumping out 50 spikes per clip! His spikes can puncture through enemies and if they're vanquished next to a wall, their body will stick to it! It's great for crowd control and tight areas!"

Sprayers: "These humans are trained in the ways of close combat, and knowing how to work the sprayer! The sprayers are capable of spraying a number of substances, ranging from slick ice fluids, to acidic citrus juice! They can perform Parkour, run fast, and are basically kickass!"

Juggernauts: "These zombies are the result of scraps Zomboss trying to make a super Brainz, they were kicked out after constant failures, and were taken in by scraps over time. Their armor is highly durable and can take damage like a thirsty sponge, they're given heavy machine guns or heavy weapons, and if they're feeling defensive, they can also carry a shield with, if they want to strike fear, a captured imp chained to the shield!"

Mech Ridas: "Mech Ridas are especially dangerous, these mechs are made from various parts that were cleaned, repaired, and refurbished for their use! The mech you see is called the RR-RM, or the "Rocky Rebels-Runnin Mech", this mech has a large machine gun, 4-5 Missile pods, 1 large cannon towards the front (hidden behind a panel) and are capable of gaining great speed!"
RageToaster Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
The juggernaut's shield is inspired by Borderlands, right?
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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