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Rocky Rebel Plants #2 by StantheSpider Rocky Rebel Plants #2 by StantheSpider
4 main (and special) GW brand units the Rocky Rebels have made!

Hub Flower: "The Hub Flower is the Rocky rebels sunflower, using the seeds from a flower based medicine plant back in scraps world, scraps combined its pollen with a sunflower seed to make the Hub Flower! The Hub Flower is capable of healing 2x more effectively and 1.5x faster than regular sunflowers, it's prickly stem and limbs make grabbing them impossible. It's health is about 200 thanks to the Hub Flowers resistance in its Genes, and is capable of withstanding harsh radioactivity, almost making them immune to the deadly waves! All Hub Flowers are given a syringe weapon, it can fire off a syringe filled with a substance, be it helpful or not helpful, at both friends and foes! Some syringe weapons are filled with a specific ammo, and Hub Flowers are assigned different rolls, some are to be long range healers, while others are asked to be deadly attack healers. It's also 1 foot taller than sunflowers, it's said that these flowers thrive in dry harsh areas of land!"

Prickly Pear Cactus: "Even if she is shorter than her GW cousins, she can still prove her worth with her skills! Using the seeds from a Regular Cactus and the pollen of Prickly Pear Cacti, scraps soon made this fiery little ball of...pricks. Their height is rather short, making some tasks difficult, but this also helps them with stealth! Their shots are more damaging when they get criticals and instead of potatoe mines they have 4 Prickly Pear Bombs ready to be thrown! The bombs have a shrapnel effect and can cause damage even if they dodge the main blast! Their quite fast on their feet, and have slightly to normal health to their GW Cacti Cousins! Some Prickly Pear Cacti carry a sniper like weapon with them, the weapon is loaded with sharp thorns, and laced with poisonous NightShade berries, so if a zombie is hit, they're poisoned!"

Chomp-Guai: "Now, most Chompers from scraps world are...mutated. Zomboss wanted to create a biological weapon, and started stealing Chompers from the lands and began mutating their DNA, this is the result of combining Mutant Bear DNA with Chomper DNA, the seeds produce these plants and they begin to go either feral, or trained. Chomp-Guais are the 2nd most dangerous Chomper Hybrids, the first being the DeathClaw Chomper, or Chomp-Claw for like strands began appearing on patches as two large arms grew on the stem of the Chomper, its strength is enough to flip a car over if needed, and can burrow through extremely tough soil and rock. It can chomp harder and it's so large that, it can chomp 2 zombies at once if needed. It's much bigger than most Chompers, but it's not as large as the Chomp-Claws...they can still reproduce, but their spawn is limited to 10 seeds..."

Jala-PeaShooter: "This peashooter is a more unique variant to the Fire Peashooter, it can fire peas that are laced with Jalapeño seeds, that if you're hit, can cause a fiery mess! The seeds pop out and go everywhere, the seeds are on fire and if you're hit, you'll be too! The seeds also take the place for the Gatling ability, this helps with serious crowds! They're given 2 Pepper Popper shotguns on their pods, and also given Peppers instead of chili beans, but they do the same thing, just with more fire~"

NamelessZea Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Those chomp-gauis look interesting.
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