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Rocky Rebel Boss: Mr.Scrap! by StantheSpider Rocky Rebel Boss: Mr.Scrap! by StantheSpider
Rocky Rebel Boss:

Name: Mr.Scrap

Difficulty: BOSS HUNT!!!

"They laughed at him, ridiculed him, even laughed at his machines! Mr.Scrap was a inventive imp that made his mech out of scrap, but was laughed out of the Imp Force when he offered to build them some! Soon he joined the Rocky rebels, and got his revenge...his mech is protected by a force field of electricity, no matter how much you fire at him, NOTHING can damage him! His multiple guns and missile launchers make him dangerous and deadly. His missiles have a chance to track down an enemy and his mutilple Gatling guns can chew up shields like they were Soggy CardBoard. The only way you can damage him is if you collect a "Z-Tech Brand Water Gun" and squirt him, this'll cause the electricity to go out and can be damaged, BUT he will do something most bosses won't, RUN. This guy is annoying as he's been told to book it if he looses his protection, and is awarded "The Most BullShit Boss in History" award. His main form of reinforcements are Mech Ridas, Armored Plants, and of course, Juggernauts. He also cam repair himself if he isn't found fast enough, and can repair his damage for 30% of his health back, higher difficulties will make him heal more OR even heal all the way."

Recording from a S.H.R.Imp unit, found in a pile of wreckage.

{Recording Begins}

*Gun fire and explosions are heard*


Scientist: "I Got Y-" *The voice was cut off by an explosion*

S.H.R.Imp: "Dr.Bandaid!" *Soon following, the mechs ejection was heard, followed by heavy footsteps*

S.H.R.Imp: "Why you work for Bad People!"

Mr.Scrap: "You laughed at me! And gave me the boot! So I'm just simply returning the favor!" *Sounds of the mech getting closer are heard, and soon the screams from the S.H.R.Imp are cut off from the sounds of something heavy stomping on them..."

{Recording Ends}


-Mr.Scrap is very gentlemanly, when he isn't in his mech crushing skulls atleast...

-His Mech is made from scrapped car, bumper car, and tank parts, it even has a radio!

-he drinks a lot of Soda, I mean, ALOT

-He has a chance to summon random turret bots to assist him.
NamelessZea Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Huh, you act like a gentleman, outside of battle? Well, it's nice to more people who have manners and can fight.
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