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PvZ: The Midway (Diesel Barrens) Rust Rider Zea! by StantheSpider PvZ: The Midway (Diesel Barrens) Rust Rider Zea! by StantheSpider

"In the Diesel barrens, the Rocky rebels have claimed a small sliver of land, but they know to get more area back, they're going to need help...scraps soon turned to the person that can help them claim back this territory...Zea!"

Rusty Rider Zea is the newest rider in the diesel barrens, his main equipment includes:

The Scrap-Shot: Chuck any scrap and garbage in this gun and fire it back out! This weapon can fire different bits of scrap and can also fire 2 large balls of scrap! Both of which are hot to the touch!

Cinder Sledge: This SledgeHammer is basically Zea's main choice for a fight, it's heavy weight is easy when you can lift heavy objects and the edges are covered in thick nails, this can leave more than a dent!

Claw Gauntlets: These Gauntlets can push out 2 sharpened pieces of metal out from the top, and when you also have claws on your hands that's like! A bunch of sharp objects!

(Not shown) The Forge: The Forge is a sniper based weapon that can fire hot molten bullets that'll chew through armor and objects! This thing is best used when long distance and the ammo is basically anything metal!

With him are a crew of 5 rough characters!

Jacob, the Fire Pea: Jacob is scraps most fiercest fire heads, he leaves a smoldering pile of ash everywhere he's gone and has 2 drills on his pods that'll drill into anything it can puncture! He also carries a "Ghost Chili Bean" that'll explode in a massive AOE of Fire, and can destroy the toughest of opponents! Granted it does take slightly longer to explode, but the funny part is that it'll slow down enemies before exploding!

The Constructor, a Wielder: This Wielder has more than a fiery temper! His Wielder can be used as a flame thrower (with some adjustments) and can repair any vehicle with given parts! He also is the largest engineer based driver and has 2 jackhammers on his back that can be used as a weapon! His Big Bolts Turret can be placed down and is programmed to target onto cars if needed!

Centurion, the Pops Corn: This Pops Corn isn't just dishing out buttery kernals, he's ready to dish them out in a angry fury! This Pops Corn can provide backup, fire a burst shot of kernals and has something more dangerous than a Butter Barrage, he has the "BNS" (Butter Napalm Squad), throw a red potato and this will summon a Rocky Rebel Bomber Air Craft to drop burning Butter! If hit, it deals more damage, lasts even longer, and can come in a Big version! Centurion wears a salvaged Centurion helmet and dons the shield of the slain FootSoldier on his back, that has blades on it, oh, and did I mention it can ricochet?

Mark, the Sharp Shooter and Demolitionist: Remember that guy that was captured by Jukie? Well Scraps raided the prison bus he was on and got him freed! Now he's back on the road and ready to cause havoc long range to close!

Ms.Bunny, the Sunflower: Remember the sunflower too? Well she was freed also! She's the best soldier for both support and defense, and she's loaded with a Buzz Saw Launcher on one of her hands and can heal faster than most!
NamelessZea Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist

These weapons are like the ones I normally use, which means I know how to use them. Thanks Scraps, I would use my normal weapons, but I don't want to lose them in this fight.
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