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PvZ Faction: C.P.R.R by StantheSpider PvZ Faction: C.P.R.R by StantheSpider
PvZ Faction: C.P.R.R

Full Name: "Communistic Plants of the Russian Resistance"

Leader: Vladium (Vlad for short)

Admiral: Admiral PopFire

General: General QuickShot

(Quick stuff)

Name: Vladium ??? (Last name unknown)

Age: 40's

Nationality: Russian

Height: 6'0

Gender: Male


Hand Cannon: Thing packs a freaking punch.

Automatic Kernal Browning: Fires over 100 kernals per clip

His fists: He will fight you with his bare fists, don't test him-

Bio: "A Old War Soldier, he wanted to enjoy the rest of his days in relaxation, but because of Z-Techs takeover in Russia, he had to put down the drinks and pick up his weapons! He may be old, but he's still ready to fight!"

Name: PopFire

Plant Species: Kernal Corn

Variant: Popcorn/BBQ

Special stuff: His Kernals Puncture and Burn!

Height: 6' 3"

Gender: Male

Age: 30's?

Bio: "Raised in Russia, he was appointed Admiral status after his bravery in the Battle of the YetiSquanch, and given the badge of Bravery. The wound on his eye doesn't make him a badass, it's his dedication and bravery that defines it. As he always says "I'm not a hero, I'm just doing what anyone would do, regain their homeland." He doesn't really deserve the medal, as he thinks his comrade QuickFire deserved it as She sacrificed more than him. He soon gave her the badge and medal as a token of gratitude and thanks."

Name: QuickShot

Plant Species: Peashooter

Variant: Sheriff

Special: She has a 10 shot clip instead of the 6. Oh and Yetis are naturally scared of her because of the battle of the YetiSquach.

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 7"

Age: 30's?

Bio: "She was grown in the mountainous regions of Russia, her quick firing and excellent aim and skill made her a fine soldier. She was one of the Peashooters to see and participate in the Battle of the YetiSquach and by God...that day was gruesome... She usually doesn't talk about it but the scars on her face tell the tale. She defended everything she could, Yeti imps lashing out and scratching her face. A fireball struck her in the cheek as the burn mark tells, and the YetiSquach himself slashed at the poor peashooter defending her comrade PopFire... She was rather upset that he was given the medals but, was soon handed them by PopFire himself with him saying: "You my Comrade, deserve these, you were much more a hero than I was, let this not break our friendship comrade"

She soon was appointed general of the army, and is the finest general in the Resistance."

Location: "Deep in the mountains of Russia shall you find their protected headquarters..."

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September 12, 2017
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