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PvZ Conflicts!Au Character/ AU Info! by StantheSpider PvZ Conflicts!Au Character/ AU Info! by StantheSpider
PvZ Conflicts!Au

Ladies and Gentlemen, or what ever you wished to be called! I'm here to tell you all about the big AU me and Boatman have been working on!

"7 years ago in Modern Day, a era of a very rocky truce between humans, plants, and zombies was in effect. Humans have grown tired of the constant war, as zombies and plants still grind against each other, humans begin to blame both for the damage that has been caused. Z-Tech is still a problem, causing more humans to lash out, and as well as plants. During the events of GW 2, the time of the universe shifted, causing the plants and zombies of PvZ 2 to combine into the world of GW 2. The two eras now intersected, causing more damage to be done.

10 Years later, All Eras of our world are now a mess. Society has been left to fend for themselves as Zomboss used this newly made carnage to his own advantage, and taking refuge in the Far Future...all other eras cannot be fixed, but maybe they can be stopped from causing even more mayhem?....

Well, that's what I thought really, my name is Skyler, a Human that lives in suburbia, well I mostly sleep in abandoned homes. I didn't lose my family, but I had to leave them as the only safe haven for them could only allow family's of 4 to live in the protected cities made for refugees like humans, plants, and and redeemed zombies. I miss them, but I had to do it, mostly because I couldn't bare seeing them struggle...I know I can't do much alone...but maybe, I can get some help from few friends....

Brandon...Zack...And Hana"

This AU tells a story of 2-4 friends: Skyler, Brandon, Zach, and

They know they have to help prevent more chaos in the eras, but they know this task will not be easy, and will need to use more than violence to stop this chaos...they need to either Learn compassion and understanding....or become the things that people wish them not to be...

The AU is very heavily inspired by many games, this AU is heavy with lore, character developments, and characters that'll leave you in awe!

Now before I explain the nitty gritty, let me put this as a disclaimer!:


Before people start mentioning specific factions, I'm setting this in stone alright? The only two are LEAF and Z-Tech

Another disclaimer! The Z-Tech colors are Green and Purple, not Orange and Black, just for your information!

Now, here's how every Era is set up, (following Chinese version) and some extra locations! Prepare those brains for this info! :P

Ancient Egypt/ Zygpt: A distopian Society and empire built on the leaders and gods we know today (King Zut, Enubis, Yzma Etc.)

Pirate Seas: A savageous seas, of beautiful Islands, but also on a contrast of Brutful Pirates and man maid pirate city's. Leaded by Captain Clara, and Daren the depressed

Wild West: A post apoptilictic Wasteland, with Junkertown inspired towns and city's full of bums, slums, Busty chicks and Gambling.

Far Future: Zomboss landed here. he made it Z-Techs Personal Core base. All Known factions couldn't make a dent in their real estates, not to their walls. it's a super base where zomboss keeps his most wanted

Dark Ages: A Dark and hopeless time, full of dark arts and Fantasy. lead by Wizards, kings and Huge Baddies

Big Wave Beach: Vaporwave is king, the mountains are half Graphics and rock, and the seas are beautiful. Time shares are booming here, but the Lavakin Tribe are bugging Kore and more

The Lost City: Teams apon squadrents of Explorers, greedy men and Leaders come into this hell of a jungle to find riches not even dreams can compare to. The Risk is as big as the treasure, because whoever goes in, ultimately never comes out.

Frostbite Caves:.A baroness and snow loaded wasteland, toxicated by Mutanious Fumes and radiation, The Males and Females are ripped to hell here, and survive in the fire they make and find

The Neon Mix tape Tour: A city of Brits and Music, its both a New York and a Bad side of town, but times 1000000%. Dark ally ways, Vaporwave and nightcore, all forms of music are Here. and people manifest themselves because of it.

Jurassic Marsh: "This once wonderful jungle of dinosaurs, is now the newest experimentation center for ShardenFroid and Z-Tech, Experimenting on the Zombies, Plants, Dinosaurs, and prehistoric Humans of this era!"

Modern Day: Like the one we have today, but with our clsuterfuck of zombies and plants in it.

(Other Areas)

Sharden-City: Red and black, A monsterous city indeed, the buildings are tall and safety is not assured, the minefield of people willing to capture you is unreal. forget hope. and never think you are who you are here.

Z-Perion Enterprises: A massive city of robots and factories, Handzome Jacob is found here being the greedy zombie he is...

Plant Mythomia: A haven for plants, where the plant gods hang. This is the Safe zone.

Space Falls: A beautiful Scenery of A magestic waterfall, lots of waterfalls are here exactly,

The Interdimensional Multi-Port: A hustling bustling Transport to all plains of exsitance, have you'd ticket, cause security is tight here.

The Fractured: A broken, and Fractured plain. chunks of land float, as all who or is forgotten, or want to be alone, come here....

The Infinity: Like our infinity, but comes a stalemate of the century.

The Gnome Palace: Gnomus is here and you find out he both has caused the Multiversal Breakdown, and your suffering too. he's been playing you since the beginning..

End: Its the end. and some say when your here, you forget who you fought or even why. its just that place where you realize the people around you, can be your biggest strengths...

Kung Fu World: A Futuristic Version of China, this is the combination of Old Futuristic Japanese movies and Kung Fu movies mixed into one! Speed, Stealth, and many skills are needed!

Sky City: "This Era is filled with high flying peril, giant floating cities, and massive scale air battles! Only the best planes, blimps, and more can only survive here!"

Now, how our heroes will be evaluated with different tests, such as:

Test #1 (Who do you save?) Penny asks you a simple question, who do you save? The PeaShooter in the Pot, or the Browncoat with no arm?


This test will determine your preference between the two or if you like both or not!

Skylers Pick: Both

Test #2 (What do you consider yourself as?)

This will determine your class, such as:

- Offense
- Defensive

Then after you pick it, she will ask "What is your side preference?" Same options are given, and that'll be your class! After that she'll tally up your results and give you your info!

Skylers Class: Leader & Offense

Evaluation results:
"Skyler, your an Offensive Leader. Meaning you charge in front, dealing damage and lead your team into battle. You lead, and help do most of the main damage."

After your class has been picked, you are told to pick 2 weapons from a selection of guns and weapons to be your "Starting Weapons". Each selection has 4 guns, and each section deals with a class.

Weapon choice Examples:

- FlameThrower
- Knives
- Shotguns

-Rocket launchers
-Smoke Bombs
- Explosives Lobber
- Ak-47

-Machine Gun
-Tactical Solidial Ray
-Duel Slow Machine guns
- A huge ass melee weapon

-Healing staff
-med kit
-Healing Aura
-Healing beam

-Your choice, but only 1.

Skylers Choice: Shotgun and Power Fists

Test #3 ( do you consider yourself as a Stonecold Killer or a Softie?) you just tell her what you consider yourself as.

Skylers Answer: "I will have mercy to those who deserve it, and those who require my help, but I won't think twice if one threatens everything I love"

The next question will determine your rank!
Test #4 (The Shooting Range)
Penny brings you to a shooting range, and tells you to shoot three things, but doesn't specify what to shoot! In the range their are Plants, Zombies, Animals, and some mean looking guys and humans, if you decide not to shoot anyone, you're told that you won't fight unless confronted! That'll make you a Lover Rank

If you shoot a plant or zombie, you're ranked as a fighter

If you shoot both, you're considered a Killer

If you think no lives matter and shoot anything you wish, including the humans and're classified as a M O N S T E R....

Ranks determine how boss fights go!

Lover: Easy/Normal
Fighter: Normal/Hard
Killer: Hard

Now the rest such as Skills and abilities are in the character info below!

Anyways, here are one of the characters that'll be our main heroes for this quest!

Name: Skyler
Class: Leader & Offense
Rank: Lover
Age: 17-18
Height: 5'8
Personality: Kind, Caring, Stubborn at times, Planner, protective, friendly, quick-learner

Bio: Born to a very working class family, he mostly took care of his younger sisters while his parents worked to try to even get by, after the battles of GW 2 his family had to go to the few safe havens left in society, but he had to leave them so they can live there, mostly due to the lack of space in the camps.

His only friends were Brandon, Zach, and Hana, soon the 4 met the man known as Crazy Dave, who showed them Penny, a Super Intelligent Camper that has also gained a bit of a character arch, she will be their mentor and be their guide to going to these many adventures that await!"

"Skills are three things that can help with the group, and are very important!"


-Leaders Charm: "When it comes to dialog, the leader has an easier time getting the best out of discussions! Makes persuasion and bargaining much easier, could even slip out of a pickle!"

-Caring Heart: "Every soul you save, makes you more determined to save those in danger, reduced damage from all sources, buffs allies with the same ability for a long amount of time, but the team buff doesn't last forever"

-Inspirational War Cry: "Inspire your friends and strike fear into your foes! Buffs allies Health, Damage Resistance, and abilities, decrease enemies will to fight, small chance of enemies running away, doesn't effect bosses"

"Abilities come from who you save during the "Who do you Save?" Question! Choosing the zombie gives you only zombie abilities, choosing plant gives you only plant abilities, but choosing both gives you a small bit of both!"


-Mini-Cannon: "Create a Mini-Cannon that can provide cover for your team and provide some extra damage to large groups with its splash damage!"

-StockPile: "Create a large pile of ammunition for your friends! Can even use on yourself!"

-Charge: "Because of your padded hoodie, you can now be able to charge as hard as a All-Star and cause some MAJOR knock back!"

-Armored Spike Weed: "These are the little devils that can tear through even the toughest of armor, these things can slice through pure steel with their extra sharp barbs and tough skin!"

Now, this is where Respect, Reputation, and FRIENDS happen!

Respect is on a scale from -10 to +10

If you do some good stuff for people, you gain Respect! You do bad stuff, you lose respect!

+10= Mad respect. Enemy's won't attack you often, and if they do, their damage is effected a ton. They will skip attacks, and they do less damage.

0= neutral. They won't hunt you down, but they also won't think of sparing you.

-10: Blacklist. Enemys, side bosses, the big guys, they want you DEAD. They will hunt you down until your deader than a door knob.

Reputation depends on your respect in the era, once you go to a different world, word will spread about you to all the Eras!


You can gain FRIENDS by gaining and doing good stuff! If you have a lot of respect and spare an enemy, you can make them your FRIEND! If you complete the world without fucking up, you can get an Era Friend! Era friends are humans that you get to meet on the way, each FRIEND and Era Friend having a unique quest to help them be redeemed!

Respect is also counted with groups, if you have 2 people, it'll be -20 or + 20, and so forth.

Now, you can also store FRIENDS and Era Friends in the Gnome Estate! If you bargain or save rux, you can get this place!

Gnome Estate: "This Estate is Rux's second home, it has a unlimited amount of food, water, and other supplies (like movies, TV Shows, and other things) and can act as a Safe House and a Place where your Team, FRIENDS, and Era FRIENDS can stay if they need to relax!"

This is still a bit WIP, but I hope every single one of you will love this AU!!!

Hana belongs to OmegaKaijuScorpioBat

Zach belongs to NamelessZea

Brandon and Co-Owner of this AU: MegaboatmaN

Nyanbonecrush megalon1337 NamelessZea HumbleCherry OmegaKaijuScorpioBat Canvasbirdie MKBrony CaptainPlasmaPea PipeZilla DingDongAnalog Eagleandfluffy candiipineappl 61EMB16

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StarDustQueen42 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me likey! It’s very creative!
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you ^^ it's very dense with stuff but when the story comes out it'll be pretty good! Me and Boatman are happy people like our AU ^^
StarDustQueen42 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well I like it too!

(Star is totally Lover Rank Support and Offense Softie, btw)
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(If you wanted, we could add you as one of the FRIENDS in the story ^^)
StarDustQueen42 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I’d love that!
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you ever get the time, you could do a rough sketch on how your character looks like and their perks and such ^^ if you don't we understand, you're a busy artist!
MegaboatmaN Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well wowie,

If any if you got questions, just reply here!
megalon1337 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 6, 2018
Question.I didn't understand fully the text.Can we be apart of this world or is it all based around Skyler and his friends?
MegaboatmaN Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well whos to say you ARENT part of me and his friends?
megalon1337 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018
Omg!This is amazing!!I read everything in the text but I'm not sure if I understand it all.
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well if their is any questions you can ask!
megalon1337 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 6, 2018
Did what I wrote make any sense?If it did just still ignore it.
megalon1337 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018
I don't get the part with respect,I was reading the text about skyler and then the text changed to bein game like,trying to explain as if we can be part of this worlds and proggres,fight,gain and lose respect.I didn't understand that quite,sry.
MegaboatmaN Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Respect is basically this,

If you do a good deed, per say, you get +1 respect.

If you are at 0 (which you start With) you will have +1 respect.

Meaning when the story's begin, and you do a good deed, when you Gert into fights, it will be less hard.

If you do a bad deed, that means when a battle commenses, it gets harder.
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah it's alright! Yes it's confusing BUT you will understand when the stories come out! ^u^;
megalon1337 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018
Oh. :O
candiipineappl Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018  Student General Artist
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
candiipineappl Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Student General Artist
OOFF <33333 I LOVE YOU FAM <33333333333
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

would you want to be apart of this? 
candiipineappl Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Student General Artist
WHAT KINDA QUESTION IS THAT ALDJW JSJJDOWKD J OFC OFC !!! <333 I thought it was just for you guys AAAAA I hecking would!!! <33333 I want to be able to talk to me number one family on here, which is you guys! <3333
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There are however rules though, and others characters might not be mentioned AS much but will be attempted to be mentioned ^^;
candiipineappl Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Student General Artist
Ofc ofc I know that silly uwu <3 I respect that haha <3
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Alright ^^; I'll have to discuss this with boatman later
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