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PVZ Faction: Z-Perion Enterprises by StantheSpider PVZ Faction: Z-Perion Enterprises by StantheSpider
"There's not many armies that can get things completely done, in wars there is only a true hero....who has the most control and the most powerful are the winners....

Handzome Jacob is that zombie in his universe, and has come here because he's on the look out for missing "Bandits" on earth....

He struck a deal with Zomboss and was given 8 billion dollars and the moon bases, and over the time he had has become a full on military force and production line.

When Arizona found out about this faction, he jumped and decided to destroy them before they became big, when the C.A.R.R.O.T missiles fired at the moon, Jacob grinned as he pressed a button, and soon a laser blasted the missiles, destroying them on impact....

This may be a bigger problem than everyone thought...."

Faction Name: Z-Perion Enterprises

Leader name: Handzome Jacob

-General Green


-The Dual Blasters: These wrist weapons can fired charged bolts of energy, and can cause plants to die in one hit if hit with a over charged shot!

-Hologram device: Can create holograms to cause major confusion

-Sharp Wits: He's very strategic yet cocky.

-He has a shit ton of money, he even has a solid gold Pegasus named Pretty girl, like a Winged horse made out of SOLID GOLD, ITS ALIVE DAMN IT---

Land owned: The. Moon.

Technology?: Advanced as Hell, could even rival Z-Tech....

Army Size: A limitless supply of LoaderZ, special robots that can't be E.M.Peached...and their tough armor make plant weapons used against him seem nothing but through pebbles at a titanium wall...Special zombie and engineer troops are there as well!

Zombie Species: Unknown

How did he die?: Unknown...

Anyone with Him?: Had a wife...but she died...

How did they meet?: He rather not say right now...


General Green: He's not really fully zombie, he's a cyborg that he programmed to be a general for him, and he's the deadliest when it comes to fighting...

Zomboss was intimidated at first, but after the battle of Australia...he had no other choice but to work with him...

Though Jacob is capable of collapsing even the toughest of armies...


-He's a pussy, he won't fight you head on unless you really pissed him off!

-His machines are special, as they're programmed to only fight for him, and they're deadly loyal to their leader.

-He's rich, and has a space cannon that can fire at the earth and cause havoc from far away!

-This guy can fuck. You. Up. Don't try to face him head on dammit!

-also don't try the ball pushing shit, he disconnected that shit a while back! The shit was fucking stupid and didn't know why Zomboss made it that way.

(Designs based off ideas from MegaboatmaN )

Co-owner ship with MKBrony

Have suggestions, drop some!

-Rocky Rebels
-All plant based organizations

Nyanbonecrush "Olympus isn't with the gnomes anymore...."

MegaboatmaN Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
boatman: "At least he has a sense for the ball thing..."
NamelessZea Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
*with Scraps and Scar* So, this is the guy that's been screwing all our stuff?
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December 22, 2017
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