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Fantasy Characters part 2 by StantheSpider Fantasy Characters part 2 by StantheSpider
(Got lazy with the stuff here :v)


Name: Th'gan G'roc (Th-Gan Gr-Rock) {Roll the R}

Species: Orc/Troll

Age: 37 in human years.

Height: 9' 7

Faction: Ex-Leader of the Troll Pack "Gr'anklo"

Place of Origin: The Icy Mountains of the North Ice Caps

Class: Brawler/Tank/Scavenger


His. Bare. FISTS-

Weapon Class: Unarmed

Sharp or Blunt?: Blunt

Battle Music:… (Start at 5:26)

Famous Line: "There's a Lines between Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, and Ogres...and those lines are our Humanity)

Personality: Quiet, thoughtful, Caring, smart, wise, and overall kind.


-His strength and height are the main factors that keep bandits from even getting close, his size alone scares a lot of foes away.

-His SteamPunk arm was created as a replacement for his lost arm.

-The only family he has is this small group of Chaotic Good people.

-His horn was cut off as a sign of banishment from the pack of trolls he lead, he still wishes to gain back his honor...

-He's the cook of the group, making one mean BloodLurker Stew.


-His Size and him being a Orc/Troll causes a lot of unwanted attention, sometimes causing some fights with the knights and guards in the area.

-He's more of a PeaceMaker than a fighter, only fighting when he really needs too.

-He can't fit through a lot of doors and caves, causing some problems at times.


Name: Yule Bengan

Species: Dwarf/Human

Age: 27

Height: 5' 1

Faction: Dwarves

Place of Origin: Dwarf city of the Molten Mountain.

Class: Engineer/ClockWork/Steampunk

Weapon(s): She doesn't carry much, but she has the freaking uncanny ability to scrap and build a machine to fight for her, though she can't build absolutely anything out of anything, only certain things.

A Wrench

Weapon Class: Wrench

Sharp or Blunt: Blunt

Battle Music:…

Famous Line: "You may say I'm short, but you shouldn't underestimate me!"

Personality: Charismatic, Cheery, Bit of a party animal, intelligent, and Witty.


-She's quick to learn and quick on her feet.

-She has excellent Reaction timing.

-She carries tools with her no matter what.

-She can scrap a abandoned machine in under 5 minutes depending on how big it is.


-She's hot headed at times.

-She's a bit of a drunk, as she is part dwarf and they're known to be heavy drinkers.

-she gets rather jealous at times, especially if someone out smarts her.

-Her Fasion Sense is gosh awful.

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megalon1337 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017
I like G'rocs story also music is really well chosen.
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you ^^ these guys shall be drawn more when I think up stuff
megalon1337 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017
Good to know!:D 

I wonder if his meals taste good.
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
BloodLurker soup is actually quite rich in protein and iron, so it's great for long trips as it's very filling
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