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Fantasy Characters Part 1 by StantheSpider Fantasy Characters Part 1 by StantheSpider

Name: Markus Tyne

Species: Skeleton

Age: Died in late 50's, around 58?

Height: 5' 9

Faction: N/A

Place of Origin: Graveyard of the Kingdom of The GrayBeards

Class: Warrior, Ex-Knight, Undead

Weapon(s): The Blade of Alexander

Weapon Class: Bastard Sword (Literal Name)

Sharp or Blunt?: Sharp

Battle Music:…

Famous Line: "I'm getting Better with Age"

Personality: Rough around the edges, Fatherly, grouchy at times, kind, faithful, believes in you at times.


-His sword is quite heavy, disarming him is truthfully impossible unless you want to risk breaking your wrist.

-He's a skilled Swordsman and when he was alive he's worked with almost every sword and knows any tricks that someone might use when fighting with swords.

-He can breath underwater, because he has no LUNGS-

-Immune to Poisons and such, because he's already dead-


-Aggressive at times.

-Because he was risen from the dead, he cannot rest again until to one who made him rise is dead, and the one that did that is the most POWERFUL dark wizard in all the lands, and the wizard works for the Frost King, a ruthless undead brute of a enemy.

-It takes a lot of energy to swing his sword, but because he doesn't really need to worry about aching muscles, he sometimes forgets he can still run out of steam.

-Will literally be a dad and even say "You're grounded" if you piss him off.

-He's Old, but Skilled.


Name: Ruth Caster

Species: Human/Vampire

Age: 20's

Height: 6' 9

Faction: Council of Magic/Vampires

Place of Origin: The Kingdom of The Sea

Class: Vampire/Necromancer/Assassin


Staff of Resurrection: The staff has capabilities of Raising the Dead for a few minutes and creating Golems and Entity's.

Blood Dagger: This sacrificial knife is used to draw blood from foes and animals, it has a 0.01% chance to instantly kill a foe, which hasn't happened yet-

Weapon Classes: Staff & Dagger

Sharp or Blunt?: Both

Battle Music:…

Famous Line: "Even though I'm a vampire, it wouldn't hurt to be friends with others!"

Personality: Shy, Chatterbox when you get him on a topic he likes, Sweet as Heck, vengeful, sort of scary if you get him angry.


Raise Golem/Entity
Light (lights up the room and area)
Leech (Leeches the foes health)


-He wears a lot of blue, because he's from a city near the ocean coast.

-He was BORN a vampire, his mother was a vampire as his father was a Mage.

-He drinks animal blood instead of human, he says animal blood is much more...delectable.

-His staff placed a curse on his eye, but the curse wasn't bad, it made him able to see the ghost realm and see the auras of anyone.


-Because he's a vampire, he has to wear a special necklace that prevents the sun from burning him alive.

-His staff needs to be charged before a spell happens.

-Any resurrected creatures die after a while, Golems are mostly made out of clay and will melt down when the spell wears off.

-He's shy around humans as he's scared he might hurt them.


(What do you think? I'm working on bios so, here's character sheets, and ask questions Y'all)
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